Will Obama Stand Behind The Party’s Presumptive Indictee

Sanders refuses to back down, vowing to take this fight to the Democratic Convention

While Clinton has accumulated enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination without the “super-delegates, Sanders refuses to yield defeat. Can the hatred and differences between the two candidates be that strong?

It would be interesting to be present at the upcoming private meeting between Obama and Sanders next week. Will Obama subtly threaten Sanders political career for failing to yield and endorse the host of the Benghazi Butchery? Oh, that’s right, Obama was the “Top Dog” on that call.

Challenging Hillary for any position after she has become the presumptive nominee could be dangerous to Sanders. Many people have seemingly committed “suicide” around the Clintons. Just coincidences I’m sure!

Politics has become an increasingly dangerous business in America as well as Delaware. The stakes have become exceedingly high in this election cycle. On the Hillary left, America as we know it will collapse into a socialist state, and the First and Second Amendments will be the first to disappear forever from the “fruited plains.” Without the Second Amendment in place, Americans only will have the liberty that the reigning government allows them. {A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.}

On the other hand, should Trump be elected, America will strengthen both economically and militarily, and once again gain respect with world leaders, while gaining new and more advantageous trade deals. Trumps energetic persona will lead Americans and America to greatness once again. For the patriotic American this decision should not be a difficult one.

It will be the choice of America at the polls in November that will decide which course America decides to take. It would seem to be an easy choice, however with the last seven-and-a-half years of encroaching socialism with the Obama Administration, people have become accustomed to not working for a living. Free goods and services for Obama supporters became a great incentive to keep the current debauchery in place.

I say, stand up and be counted. Let’s help Trump “make America great again.” Let’s show the world that America is, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Our ancestors gave us the gift of freedom, hard fought with their blood and many American men and women have fought to safeguard that freedom. It is now our turn to take up that mantle of responsibility with our vote at the polls in November. Don’t let the lies of the left deceive you, vote for freedom!

“A nation can only be disgraced by the failure of its citizenry to take action in the face of tyranny”

Donald Raleigh Ayotte, August 2010

8 thoughts on “Will Obama Stand Behind The Party’s Presumptive Indictee”

  1. Another question is:

    Will Bernie Sanders choose to run as an Independent if he does not get sufficient concessions in the Democratic National Convention?

  2. I don’t think so, Obama and Clinton will probably offer him VP or something in the cabinet.
    It would be wise of Trump to get Sanders as VP. He would assuredly win the presidency.

  3. So Obama’s Justice Department is going to investigate a candidate that Obama has endorsed? How is that going to work?

  4. fbh
    We both know that won’t happen. Obama has to endorse her. However, as Obama becomes weaker, as his lame duck administration moves to the final stages, Hillary will become a easier target for the FBI and justice system.

  5. Hillary really had no pressing motivation to lie about the Benghazi siege in the late stages of the 2012 election, but Obama did.
    I think what we are seeing is a Mexican standoff between Hillary and Obama…. Hillary won’t reveal that the Benghazi stand down directive ,and follow up lies, came from the top; and Obama in kind, won’t allow the justice department to pursue an indictment of Hillary for her email and Clinton Global Initiative discrepancies.

  6. Well, it’s not exactly a Mexican standoff but, Hillary and Obama are linked together. If one takes a nosedive, the other will do the same. Thay have backed one another up on the Bengqhazi debacle so much that neither can escape damage.
    Hillary will never admit to anything. She believes that Bill and herself are American royalty and they are above everyone in America.

  7. I guess the obvious conclusion would be that Bernie had a meeting with Obama, and Obama assured Bernie that Hillary is not going to be indicted , so he should just drop out of the race sooner rather than later….Seems a bit too obvious though.

  8. After the Bernie/Obama meeting, Obama met with the AG and probably ordered that office not to indict, then lied to the press via a statement by his press secretary that he would in no way interfere with the FBI investigation or prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

    What galls me about this is, he expects the American people to believe his crap, and why not. They’ve believed most everything that comes out of his mouth.

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