3 thoughts on “Will it work?”

  1. Obama using a tax the rich scheme, to solve the nation’s woes is simply a smoke screen that has no chance of passing and becoming law and he knows it. He simply is attempting to throw the problem on republican shoulders to improve his re-election opportunities in 2012.
    He makes speech after speech, saying nothing that will create jobs or bring down the deficit. The problem is not more taxes, but instead less spending.

  2. Don, all we are saying is go back to the Reagan era rates and pay for the wars. The Gipper had it just about right. We even got to the point where the budget eventually was balanced. Not sure why you are so against the Reagan rates.

    You know this is the first time in history we have funded long expensive wars with borrowed money instead of raising a tax to pay for the war. Maybe it has to do with the “me” generation, or the free lunch generation. War? Sure. And give me a tax cut too. Greed can be good. But greed and stupidity is a bad combo.

    During Vietnam. LBJ tried to do the “guns and butter” deal for awhile – expensive war, no tax to pay for it, but Congress and LBJ finally decided war costs must be paid for. They got a 10% income tax and corporate tax surcharge to cover war costs.

    The United States has a tradition of wartime fiscal sacrifice stretching back to the nation’s founding. From James Madison to Lyndon Johnson, presidents have asked the American people to foot the bill for national defense. As Franklin Roosevelt declared in 1942, “When so many Americans are contributing all their energies and even their lives to the nation’s great task, I am confident that all Americans will be proud to contribute their utmost in taxes.” How corny a sentiment in the Tea world. A world where the excuse for not kicking in is “the government sucks”. That way we can sleep at night spending $10 billion a month for war while at the same time demanding no taxes.

    The Revenue and Expenditure Control Act of 1968, signed by Johnson on June 28, 1968, imposed a 10 percent surcharge on individual and corporate income taxes to cover Vietnam.

    Don, now we are something like $1 trillion into the two wars that began in 2001 with the surprise attack on America. Why is it you are so opposed to paying the cost in dollars. Our brave fighting men and women pay with the lives and limbs, but we here at home not only resist the dollar cost, we cut our taxes, then borrowed for the war. This is a fundamental transformation of the traditional way America does things.

  3. It’s the usual leftist class-warfare shtick, and it won’t work. Look at the polls; nobody except his hysterical far-left quislings are listening.

    “Twinkle, twinkle,
    Little Red Star,
    A boring, pedantic ideologue-
    That’s what you are;

    Standing on your stage so high,
    Promise everyone the sky,
    Now a crater at your feet,
    Keep on digging, digging deep;

    Twinkle, twinkle,
    Little Red Star,
    Nobody cares just where you are”

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