Why Women Should Not Be Drafted

The U. S. Senate wants women to register for the Selective Service just like men do. It makes sense because the only reason the High Court gave for not drafting women was that they were not allowed into combat when the draft was challenged during the Vietnam war. There is another reason not discussed because it is not politically correct.

A draft should be about national survival. We should not compel people into a war unless it is necessary for national survival. While everyone is important, a nation can survive the mass loss of its young men but not of its young women. Women of child bearing age are vital to the continuation of a nation. You can allow multiple spouses for a time to replenish a population, but that would not work if you lose massive numbers of young women. Frankly, we cannot afford to put millions and millions of young women in combat.

Women who are properly trained are great warriors. Still it is likely that in certain combat roles women would have lower rates of survival than men. If you discriminate and put men primarily in dangerous roles and allow women to choose, you will hurt morale of draftees. Either way will hurt the war effort.

In a volunteer military, you do not have the same issues. In a draft, it would be a different world. Drafting women is not good for national survival and we need an honest conversation about it.

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  1. Drafting women is not good for national survival and we need an honest conversation about it.

    Speech codes, transgender bathrooms, media depravity, a biased press, dumbed-down schools, open borders and a $19-trillion debt aren’t good for “national survival,” either.

    Rome collapsed, and so will the United States. The real question is whether the Heartland will have the courage to secede- and thus- survive.

  2. Israel, David. Israel. Look at how Israel has handled the question of national service for all (well, except for certain Orthodox draft dodgers). When your feared neo-Apocalypse arrives, I think you’d like to have the IDF on your side, and nearby.

  3. That is an interesting way to characterize it. We have faced wars of national survival before and I would hardly call them Apocalyptic. World War 2 is the closest to being so on a global scale and the Civil War must have seemed so to those involved. The War of 1812 started looking pretty bad for us until Baltimore.

    Now, as for Israel, is it better today than in 2000 when the equality amendment for Military service passed and open up most combat roles to women? There is a serious debate.

    I personally think in most roles, women can do fine. I do think that drafting women is a bad idea. If we have a draft, it will be because things get very bad like WW2. If you draft women, who will run the industries? Who will take care of the children, the grandparents? Will we be faced with war orphans with both parents being casualties? Israel exempts married women with children. Are we going to do the same or rip mothers from their babies? Those are questions that need to be answered.

    By the way, few nations draft women, Norway and Israel are the only western nations that draft women, Sudan, Chad, North Korea, Bolivia, and Mozambique are the other nations and not all them have women in most combat positions.

    Women can do things with proper training with that men can. The experience with most of the dozen nations including the U. S. that allow women in combat roles is that they choose not to in large numbers. The women who are attracted to combat do very well. It is not what most women want to do. If we let women be drafted and do what they want, but tell men what to do, what will that do to morale?

  4. Do you want to address the issue or make weird claims? I raised question that have been faced before. Will we seek to answer them? Will you?

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