Why Gene Truono–Guest Post

Why Gene Truono?

The founders whose wisdom gave them the ability to form the Constitution had an understanding of human nature. When reading the Federalist papers we can see that these great writers and leaders of the time laid out in their writings what was in their heart, mind, soul, and that included their personal and historical Biblical knowledge. It’s amazing how the formulation of the Constitution made this country a Republic and not a Democracy and gave us freedom with responsibilities. It was also noted by Benjamin Franklin how delicate such a government is and how easily it can be destroyed, and that fear drives me to work within the system of political parties.

One should not seek out candidates just to win on name, gender, or financial status. It is not ethical to do so and I have only supported candidates that I believe in. Not all have won, but I thought they should have been elected considering the alternatives. History has proven me right. History has also shown me some who stood head and shoulder above because of their wisdom, ethics, and love of country. Within my lifetime, Pres. Eisenhower, Sen. Goldwater, Pres. Reagan, Gov. DuPont, and Sen. Roth demonstrated what I admire, and seek within leaders. There are many others that belong on my list, but these selected few are recognizable and have walked the line of the Constitution. They didn’t vote the whims of the general populace who elected them, but by the rule of law as set by the Constitution. We should look for these values in leadership; the (governing) electoral process shouldn’t be based on whims, but on our prayers that those we elect will do what is right for country, state, and the people.

Herein lay my reasons to support Gene Truono as our next U.S. Senator. I see Gene Truono as a Constitutionalist and this is very important to me. The Federal government has damn near taken all States’ Rights away. The bigger central government becomes the less power the people have over themselves. And that my friends is where your say about religion, education, security, speech, social virtues, and the right to assemble diminishes to the point of nonexistence. Gene knows the importance of a strong nation, strong economy, and owing no favors to anyone inside the beltway.

Gene, a native Delawarean, wants less regulation by government. Having thirty years of national and international finance experience, has had interaction with the U.S. Treasury, and experience in the global markets. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from U of D, Juris Doctorate degree from Delaware Law School of Widener University, and is a member of the Delaware Bar. Gene is known around the Delaware’s largest population concentration in New Castle County and the City of Wilmington by serving on non-profit organizations for affordable housing.

I believe that Gene is in favor of states’ rights and that means a lot to me.

The best way to know Gene Truono is to converse with an open mind and heart about his vision, dream, and goals. Our constitutional form of government is tilting toward total collapse. My hope of righting our government is hiring the right candidates that have the resources of wisdom, without the need of political grandeur, and have proven their ability to succeed in private life. This to me is a recognizable force needed for the righting of our nation and state. I have sat at the table with Gene and I feel I can say that he is looking toward a better life for our Country. Gene’s byline states, “Principles Not Promises” and to me that is more of a pledge than frivolous words.

John Foltz, Republican

11th RD Chairman