Why does Delaware have such a budget issue?

Health Care is a major driver of the state budget issues. It cries out for fundamental reform. An approach worthy of study is the health pact approach.  It forms networks of doctors who deal directly with patients at an affordable flat rate instead of having the middle men of big insurance.  For $212 a month a family can have 99% of its medical needs met.

Health Pact could be a boon for people with pre-existing conditions in our state exchange because it would one, cover them and two be attractive enough to bring healthy people into it.  We need to take the exchange and make it a market based approach.  Frankly, I believe that we should integrate Medicaid into such an approach as an option with Medicaid serving as a catastrophic and paying for medicine.  It would have the benefit of controlling costs and expanding the universe voluntarily of the exchange.  We could automatically enroll people who participate in my Dover Health card and get them vision care, $25 eye glasses, and pay for the $100 a year Aetna dental plan as an inducement.

We need to understand that health insurance is an important part of the picture, but not the entire picture.  Yes, we need more transparency and to actively recruit new insurance companies into our market.   Still what we really need to recognize is that the key is health care access not just insurance reform.  One of my friends  Hope clinic which serves people who do not have insurance or have Medicaid.  We should encourage such primary care clinics by giving incentives to those willing to invest part of their time to provide primary care and walk in clinics at an affordable price or a sliding scale.  We should pass a doctor fix for Medicare.  The other savings found in Medicare should be used to secure Medicare not fund new programs.