Why Chivalry is on life support: Male Rape Victim Expelled

John Doe had a girlfriend, he was not looking for another. John was drunk. John was not so drunk that he forgot his chivalry, when his girlfriend’s roommate–Jane Roe, who was at the same party needed someone to walk her back to the dorm, he did it. Sadly for him, he was so drunk that when he sat down in their room, he passed out. The young woman was upset that her guy friend would not come over to have sex. She decided to take advantage of the passed out good guy who was available. In other words, she raped him. She admitted it in texts to two people early that morning. She was horrified at what she had done. He let it go. After all, who would believe him. 10% or more of rape victims are like John Doe, but almost none of the prosecutions are. Slate reported that until 2012, the FBI defined forcible rape as a female who has penetration against her will, which skews many statistics because many localities used the FBI definition. 46% of male victims report a female perpetrator. Many incidents occur in today’s coed dorms which allow binge drinking. Men and women are both victimized in the place that is supposed to be the crucible of civilization.

Two years later, Jane Roe became involved with victim advocates. Her story changed and she accused him of assaulting her. He was expelled from Amherst College in spite of evidence that he was blacked out. The other parties heard and came forward with the text messages from two years ago (mine would be erased after a year unless they are significant). The College refused to reopen the case.

We live in an insane time when victims of sexual assault are blamed for the assault. When men like John Doe become afraid to take a woman back to her apartment, women become more at risk from predators. When the majority of good men are discouraged, the thugs become empowered. Men looking out for women is not demeaning, it is an important part of civilized society. If radical feminism kills chivalry, it will do more to victimize women and children than any movement in the last 200 years.

We need to understand that men and women are not enemies. They are just flavors of humanity. We need both not just biologically but socially to complete each other and society. Conservatism understands this fact. It is one more reason progressivism takes us backward in our long march to civilization and human achievement.