Who Says Democrats Look Out for the Little Guy?

It seems the unions are upset that there are no raises for rank and file employees, but the administration is advocating raises for a half a dozen cabinet posts. Story here. Frankly most of the raises are 2% a year if viewed over 4 years or less so the amount is not outrageous, and federal mandates and other changes have increased the job responsibilities of a couple of the posts. The unions though are upset over givebacks forced on them and only 1% raise over the last 4 years and that was fought by the administration. There is no fairness being applied they argue. What is your view?

3 thoughts on “Who Says Democrats Look Out for the Little Guy?”

  1. It seems to me that applying the exact same rules to the collective employee base is a silly way to run a railroad. When any employee, including cabinent secretaries, warrant a raise depends on the purpose of raises and ultimately salaries.

    Raises are used to reward performance, remain competitive for the best employees, or to align compensation with responsibilities or to adjust for changes in the economy (inflation).

    If cabinet secretaries received raises for any of the above reasons, all state employees should receive raises when the same conditions apply.

    What the article communicated was the necessity for a classification change driven by increase duties and responsibilities. Those same drivers should apply to all state employees, where their job has increased duties and responsibilities. And as I understand it, rank and file state employees can also have their jobs reclassified if it is necessary.

    If economic circumstances prevent raises for any employee, it should apply to all employees equally. Apples and oranges comparisons are inappropriate when considering actions of this sort. That state employees may not receive raises as a result of economic circumstances is only germane if and only if folks like cabinet secretaries received raises for the same reasons.

    As an aside, Markell seems to be fulfilling his fiduciary responsibilities constraining budget growth, when he deems it necessary considering economic circumstances. He governs from the center, which of course would appeal to someone like me. Then again, considering the results of the last election, most of the people in Delaware seem to have the same feeling.

  2. DonAyotte-

    No one said life was fair.

    It is, however, reasonable for State employees, who typically earn far less than a private sector worker would earn in a comparable position, to expect their Democrat Governor to behave like an actual Democrat.

    Del DOT is hiring DMV Supervisors for a whopping $31,440/yr.


    In the past, State benefits were the main attraction to State jobs. Today, a typical store manager at a Dukart McDonalds earns at least 2x what the State is paying (for roughly the same responsibility) and they have comparable benefits.

    Payroll and benefits are the 2 largest costs the State has, so the Governor & Legislature (regardless of party) are always trying to balance the budget on the backs of their already underpaid employees.

    FWIW, I’m not a Democrat. I just can’t stand a phony. Markell is a phony, as are Biden & Carper. Carney is just a party hack.

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