What the President Missed

We are all Americans. We pray for the victims of the nightclub shooting. Today we are not gay or straight. What do I mean? I mean that we do not tolerate our fellow Americans being targeted for whatever reason. I mean we one against Islamic terrorists who think murder and terror are tools for change. We are at war. It is not a gun control problem. I bet if it were a country bar, the shooter would not have killed as many. It is silly to use this to advance a social agenda. ISIS wants to wipe out homosexuals as their next target. We need to join together and defeat them both there and restore the intelligence sharing between federal and local law enforcement.

This terrorist seemed to hate everyone. We need to love everyone. We need to resist social balkanization. Our nation is growing weaker partially because we no longer value our diversity. We use it as a weapon to gain one up on each other.

The terrorist called 911 and claimed solidarity with ISIS in case we missed the connection. The President said that we can’t be sure of his motivation. That is a problem.

This is why the world is in flames. The President doesn’t have an understanding of radical Islam necessary to confront it. His romanticized version of Islam doesn’t allow for the fact that there is a minority cancer in the body of Islam.

We can’t fix a problem that we won’t acknowledge. Ironically, admitting it is the key to stopping the radicals from ruining Islam. It is not a betrayal of it. CAIR, Obama and Clinton are the ones hurting Islam. The Modernists who are confronting it, sometimes at the cost of their lives, are the heroes. We need to help them win. President Obama is uniquely positioned among Western leaders to do so.

We are on the verge of eight years of squandered opportunity. Sadly, in many areas, that is the legacy of this administration. He is a charismatic leader, decent man and philosophically wrong. Unfortunately, not understanding this particular problem comes with a high cost. The cost of lives both here and abroad. We can pretend not to be at war with them, but they are at war with us.

5 thoughts on “What the President Missed”

  1. Well written David. We are at war with the Islamic State. It doesn’t matter if Obama recognizes it or not. We will defend ourselves until we get his cowardly ass out of office.

  2. It sounded more like one of his, “that’s not who we are” admonishments, rather than someone determined to curtail terrorism…… He was lecturing us.

  3. Anyone who kills fifty people for no reason is insane. Granted, in his mind he had a reason. It’s very hard to stop a dedicated lunatic. And if you think it’s bad now, wait another twenty years- it’s going to get worse. Like expended nuclear fuel in a fertilizer bomb or polonium in a water supply.

  4. The President doesn’t get it. He is a real threat to national security not guns.

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