What should we do to stop the Terrorists?

What does America need to do about terrorism? I don’t know all of the answers, but I do have some positive suggestions.

I absolutely reject the idea that people should have their rights suspending because they have the wrong name or religion and some bureaucrat put them on some list with a bad sounding name. Terror watchlist means that we have no evidence even to arrest you. Obviously, no rights should be suspended nor can be. Do you want to suspend first amendment rights too? There is room for compromise. If someone is on the list, the FBI should know and have a day to respond before someone on the list (or use up to 3 days available under law if necessary). If you ban them from getting it, you alert them that they are being watched which they may not have known. They may go underground or use alternative weapons. There is no violation of rights or due process to vet someone or be aware of a possible threat. There may be none, but would the FBI have reevaluated the Orlando shooter if they saw that he was buying an AR 15 with lots of Ammo? Of course they dropped him from the list and were not notified. It is reasonable to keep someone under a domestic abuse, terrorism, or in danger of mental health commitment from automatic access to powerful weapons until law enforcement is notified.

We need to give grants under the Voice of America Foundation to promote Islamic Modernists through the web, short wave, and satellite. We are getting eaten alive in the communication side of the struggle. There is plenty of oil money going to the other side, we have nothing to lose by balancing some out. The fear is that the other side will declare them tools, but at this point who cares, at least the message will get out and people will be educated and persuaded.

Increase funding of our counter intelligence and profiling. It is not just Radical Islamic terrorism that is a problem. Radicals exist in all persuasions. We have experienced as much domestic terrorism as radical Islamic terrorism. We need to flag public information so we can track people. We have 2000 people that we believe should be tracked but only have the manpower for 800. That should change.

We need to inhibit the formation of terrorism overseas. We need to destroy the Caliphate. We can do it, but we don’t have the will. It will take a real war. We need to have our allies hold the ground so we are not stuck a decade in Syria. We also need to give Jordan and Egypt the support that they request. We need to support the Kurds and the Christians who want to avoid genocide.

We need to keep Afghanistan from slipping. The Taliban must be stopped. We must give real air support and intelligence to Afghanistan as well as special operations and logistical support.

We need to screen our immigration better and secure our borders. We need to protect the people who we promised to protect and bring in those in Afghanistan and Iraq who worked for us and our under attack. American needs to be seen as a reliable ally that keeps its word so that allies will have confidence that we support us.

We need to win by developing a comprehensive strategy like Reagan, Thatcher, and John Paul II did in the cold war. We have to take a three tier approach, defeat the ideology, defeat them on the battlefield, and stop them from kill us here.

One thought on “What should we do to stop the Terrorists?”

  1. I absolutely reject the idea that people should have their rights suspending because they have the wrong name or religion and some bureaucrat put them on some list with a bad sounding name.

    Then you can forget about preventing further attacks.

    Eventually, Muslim fanatics will use spent nuclear fuel in a fertilizer bomb or polonium in a water supply. And eventually, Middle Easterners will be shot in the streets.

    Historically, wherever Islam goes, terror follows. Islam is a cancer. And cancer- unchecked- kills the host.

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