What should unite Delawareans

We love to debate issues. It is the American way. We also like to solve the problems that are common to us together. That too is the American way.

I am on the conservative side of the spectrum. That is not a shock to anyone who has spent a couple of weeks around me or reads my social media. I do not change my values for anyone nor do I expect others to do so. I respect others and expect to receive it back. I have found it intriguing that in spite of different approaches that we may have, there is much more common ground between us than most people realize.

Do we care that drug addiction is killed approximately 3 times more Delawareans than auto accidents? I believe it is now the leading cause of death for Delawareans under 40, but current statistics are so hard to obtain that I cannot be sure. The number of overdose deaths last year is equal to the 5 years from 2004 to 2008.

Do we want a government that works for every law-abiding citizen from the business person to the homeless person?

Do we want our basic civil liberties and civil rights that inherent to either our humanity or our American heritage protected?

Do we want an environment where businesses are prospering and jobs expanding?

Do we want an educational system that is focused on maximizing the children’s potential instead of being focused on the bureaucracy’s convenience?

Do we want a healthcare system designed to serve patients and health professionals serving them instead of one designed for insurance companies and government?

Do we want equality under the law?

Do we want to be able to afford to live or have our energy costs artificially hiked?

Do we want unemployment rising or falling, wage levels rising or falling, or business health rising or falling?

Do we want to be safe on our streets or in our homes from crime?

I am amazed at how much we agree. I am even more surprised at few leaders in this state have any strategy to unite us to solve the problems that we agree upon or even worse promote policies contrary to these objectives. Change is coming in 2018. Change is coming, my friends.