What is the Soros Agenda besides paid agitation?

Craigslist has ads offering up to $18 an hour to protest Donald Trump. I considered posting a link but it would probably disappear then be reposted as seems to be the standard operating procedure. They are so easy to find that anyone wanting to see them can. Why pay to protest and disrupt? At least some of these have been traced to George Soros front organizations. What is the purpose of trying to undermine and divide America in this way with astroturf protest? Is it because they are trying to spark more real protests and keep the left angry and afraid?

Trump is the first Republican from a major city. He is proposing an Urban agenda that would put the party on offense and offer a chance to break the next blue wall, the lock on many cities. No wonder they want to hinder and distract. They would rather lives remain broken than Trump take away their power base. Of course, they could always join him, but that seems to be the furthest thing from their minds. There is something evil and bigoted at the core of the hard left.

2 thoughts on “What is the Soros Agenda besides paid agitation?”

  1. Gyorgy Schwartz or George Soros’ agenda is widely known world wide. He would have a socialist world without borders or travel restrictions. His stated goals are to bring America to its knees and bring UN troops in to police the nation. He will do anything within his means to bring his goals into fruition.

    He is great friends with Obama and Hillary Clinton as long as it suits his purposes. If they won’t play his game, he will discard and attempt to destroy them. BTW, Chelsea Clinton is married to George Soros’ nephew! George Soros is one nasty piece of work and he is very powerful and protected.

    Many people know Soros’ intentions for America and the world. We lucked out with Trump as our incoming president, he is not playing Soros’ game. Soros should be arrested and indicted for sedition against America.

  2. I can’t believe he’s still alive. After he tried to break the British pound, the English should have put a million pound bounty on his head, and that would have been it.

    That they did nothing is indicative of their postmodern weakness.

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