What Conservatives Can Learn from Pope Benedict XVI

I will miss His Holiness Benedict XVI because he was a leading light of Christ in darkness of soul decaying secularism, numbing nihilism, and the inhumanity of dehumanization. Benedict taught us to value the dignity of humanity because we are all created in the image of GOD. He taught us the importance of rejecting the dehumanization of one another. He reminded us that GOD is supreme and our purpose for living can only be discovered in recognizing that GOD’s laws are never outmoded. The human wisdom is informed through the divine wisdom. It does not substitute for it. Benedict is a philosopher and a leader. He gave every bit of strength to raising the banner of our Lord. Conservatives can take notes. Benedict stood strong for traditional virtues without compromising his principles, but he was willing to listen. He was not afraid to go after the root of the problem and challenge progressive secularism head on. He would not shy away from consistently defending the dignity of humanity from conception to natural death, of rich and poor, immigrant and generational citizen, young or old. He took on cleaning up the mess of the pedophiles who disgraced the Church by violating its core teachings, but he did not allow the fact that some violated those standards to make him shy away from raising them even under media assault. Too often conservatives run away to the tall grass when one of us comes under attack, instead we need to lock and load and head to the battle (metaphorically speaking for those in la la land). He took his message to the new media and began revitalizing the traditional outreaches. Sophisticated advertisement called people back to the Church. He did not just articulate right and wrong, but why right was better. He specifically courted the young and built more ethnic diversity in the leadership. It is now thought that two of three leading candidates are black including a Nigerian Cardinal. Benedict was smeared as having a Nazi past even though he only attended youth meetings as a teen everyone did because it was required by law and to avoid the beatings by the Brownshirts in the middle of the night. He was drafted into the military and deserted. He and his Father despised the NAZI party. Jewish groups found him to be a great leader with whom to work. Benedict did not hide from critics, he moved to work with anyone on our side of the cultural divide. He kept his message current, clear, and consistent. He tweeted the Gospel to the world. We as conservatives need to stand strong for our principles and communicate the why to the world. We should listen to our critics to pull the good point, but not be afraid to forge our own way. We need to combined 21st century technology with old time personal outreach. We need to broaden the base by reaching out to like minded minorities and other constituent groups. We have all lot of work between us. We must reclaim the ground for absolutes and keep clear of situational ethics. He stood up for truth every day in every venue he could. We must do the same.

2 thoughts on “What Conservatives Can Learn from Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of Pope Benedict, and the need for a moral institution to espouse conservative values, without which only one side of the argument gets spoken.

    But it needs to come from the Church, and not from political parties. The argument can be made that with the Republicans interfering in Church Doctrine and Church business, is has diminished the role all churches have historically played in society. No one takes Churches seriously anymore because they identify it with the Republican Party.

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