What Became of ‘America the Beautiful’

The America I grew up in had value. It had emerged as a nation 150 years before, from the feudal oppression of England and Europe. People had fled , seeking freedom from religious, economic and physical slavery. They had come to the new America with vision to build communities where families were strong and values meant something. They came from every walk of life but each had the opportunity to succeed according to the vision they held within themselves. Although I was born in 1946, I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s, in a nation that was strong, proud and united.. I grew up in an America that was known for the quality of its manufacturing. Blue collar workers looked forward into a future of a prospering nation where their children could have any future they envisioned. The America I grew up in, we camped out in state parks, having fun sitting around campfires trading humor and stories and talking about our hopes, dreams and visions for the future. In the 1950’s and 60’s, a policeman was a respected member of the community that truly protected and served the neighborhoods they lived in. When I grew up, having fun was not a felony and nobody got hurt. Try camping out now at a state park and sitting around a campfire at the beach, while looking at the stars. What do you think would happen? The police motto is still, “To Protect and Serve,” but now it means to protect their own arses and serve their own interests! What has happened to the America I knew and loved, has it disappeared little by little, without our notice. What has happened to our law enforcement values with the “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality. Why is our elected sheriff’s powers being taken from him. Have we become a de-facto police state? It doesn’t take a genius to answer that question. The only people a “police state” benefits are police who hold absolute power. Without a constitutional sheriff to demand the citizen’s Constitutional rights be enforced, the citizen has no civil rights. Wake up and smell the roses folks, I have watched over the last half century, our Constitutional rights being stripped away with regulations and bureaucracy. I seen a political system go corrupt with no sanity in sight. I’ve seen honest and good men, that would attempt a change framed, for crimes they never even thought of committing. Folks, this is the tip of the iceberg, it is only the beginning of a “new world order,” where you don’t have a Constitution to protect you. If you don’t think it can happen in our wonderful America, then you need to read some history books. Will we go the way of other great civilizations like the Greeks or the Romans or will we stand and make things right. Are American values worth fighting for? Most of the men and women in our armed forces believe so, but is that enough. We have a senate and president that are hell-bent on a “New World Order.” They use the word ‘sustainability’ to justify their restriction of our Constitutional rights. We now have a corrupt two-party system that eats from the same table and drinks from the same trough of corruption. There is a perceived entitlement of corruption in America that is destroying the very foundation of our great nation. In the Revolutionary War, American soil waxed red with the blood of the patriots that provided our freedom. Now it has become an insult by the progressive left (Marxists) to be called a patriot. Have American values changed that much. I think we know the answer to that question. Am I unwilling to move forward into what the Progressive Left have envisioned and what is depicted in Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Revolutionaries,” which was renamed “Rules for Radicals,” because the first was thought far too inflammatory for the common man to accept. Wake up folks, it is happening before your eyes. Our government is changing and the Constitution is NOT included in the next social dictatorship. Do you want foreign troops in America for crowd control because the president fears that American troops will not fire on American Citizens who are protesting? Do you want America’s sovereignty being forfeited, while bowing allegiance to a newly formed United Nations that will have absolute power over life and death. Many say, ‘that can’t happen.’ Oh yeah, hide and watch!

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  1. The subject is state nullification of federal laws. If such states want to leave the union, I’m all for it. If not, they have to put up with the majority.

  2. Nobody
    If a state were to leave the union, the Federal Government would take immediate action. If the state were land-bound, the government could effectively kill the economy of such a state. Even in the case of Texas or any other coastal state, the American Navy could blockade any economic exchange between them and any other sovereign country.

  3. The subject is state nullification of federal laws. If such states want to leave the union, I’m all for it. If not, they have to put up with the majority.

    With respect to framing the issue, one could just as easily pick the American Revolution as the Civil War…. and in that case, then forming local associations and living in a sustainable way with confederates without interference from banksters and the globalists that are only interested in looting your wealth could be framed in a good way instead of in a bad way. The Civil War is an exception where a system created by secret society Zionists/globalists and traders in debt and slavery became bound up in local economies in their colonies but the principles of peasant rebellions and so forth throughout history are sound.

    Same thing these days… it’s just that globalists and Zionists are destroying the world now. If they don’t blow it up in a holocaust/sacrifice directly, their petrodollars will gravitate all the labor and wealth of their peasants into destroying and burning it up in other ways.

    So we’re left with: “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” Etc.etc. But the fact is that the FBI had plans to shoot Occupy leaders on the Left, just as the power structure owned by globalists will come down on the Right as if they’re “terrorists” and so forth too.

    Indeed, we’re probably only a few false flag attacks away from you actually celebrating their freedom of association and freedom of speech at a local level being done away with and so forth. And for some that are content to be owned and operated by globalists, it doesn’t even take that.

    Maybe there’s safety in the fact that no one is really threatening the globalist/bankster power structure, at least for now. That way the FBI doesn’t have to develop more plans to shoot or provoke people here in America just like the CIA does internationally and the NSA/DHS/ADL/SPLC doesn’t have to create memes in the corporate media about how dangerous the Right is and then seek to arrest “right wing” terrorists. But it’s likely that these factions within the globalist’s scheme are going to make a move eventually. After all, there are limits as far as looting the wealth and resources of the planet goes. Infinite amount of paper ponzi and exponential amounts of the banksters debt/money will inevitably collide with the fact that the world is finite. Everyone knows this, yet all anyone is doing is buying ammo and so forth. Real. Dumb.

    Just find some leaders to create money out of nothing and spend it into existence at a local level debt and interest free. There again, given the cultural aspects to it… whatever Delawareans came up with would eventually be “not worth a Delaware” or “not worth a Wilmington.” So… incorporating with banksters and globalists to loot the rest of the planet based on Empire and military might, it is. That always works, until it doesn’t. Plus it doesn’t even really work for the peasants and black slaves, ever…. given that they’re generally the ones fighting the wars or sitting in Corrections Corporation of America making the stuff for the military industrial complex at slave wages. (They can probably buy stuff at the prison store, I suppose.) Last I checked there are now more African American tribe members and “gangsters” in Corrections Corporation of America than ever worked on the plantations at any given time.

    That’s the result of multiculturalism/tribalism and hopium and change for you.

  4. “I bet you think Jane Fonda was correct in her actions during the Vietnam war because she played Barbarella which led to your adolescent nocturnal emissions. I’m aware that Hanoi Jane was honored years ago by Barbara Walters.”

    I just don’t know how far into your ignorance shelter you can go. Jane Fonda sucks, but that had nothing to do with my point. You actively seek out sources that confirm your view, regardless of accuracy. Then, you willingly ignore anything you disagree with regardless of truth. That’s pathetic, and I’d say surprising if it wasn’t so frequent.

    Then again, what can you expect from a person who wants to scare the shit out of people for personal gain? About what we get here.

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