Webb / Walker Showdown

**** UPDATE ****

The WEBB – Walker debate, previously reported has been postponed until further notice.

Andrew Webb welcomes the opportunity to debate his opponents in the Public Interest.

Stay Tuned.


Independent Republican Populist congressional write-in candidate, Andrew C. Webb will take on disawoved GOP candidate, Scott Walker live on the Weller Does Delmarva Show on WXDE Delaware 105.9 FM radio.

Andrew C. Webb announces his write-in campaign for US Representative in the wake of the 2018 Delaware GOP primary. [photo: Elect Webb]

The program airs at 6am on Saturday, October 6 from Smith’s Family Restaurant in Seaford.

Scott Walker, 2018 disavowed Republican candidate for U.S. Representative

Audience questions and participation are cordially invited.

5 thoughts on “Webb / Walker Showdown”

  1. The first question of the debate should be, “Which one of you will lose to LBR by the widest margin, and how wide do you think it will be?”

  2. Who knows??? You don’t.

    Anything can happen.

    Walker and the Dems suck eggs!

    Sissy hacks like you won’t last five minutes in the joint.

  3. Let’s look at the ground game:

    We have a rich incumbent bureaucratic Carper-linked corporate Delaware — now Washington Insider machine Social Democrat who supports Delaware sanctuary statehood on the left v. a wandering bankrupt alcoholic derelict ex-Dem former slumlord on the right who wants to legalize heroin, up against a young green (but uncorrupted) commonsense HVAC tech also studying drug and alcohol addiction councelling in the center.

    Add in the DE RP disavowing its candidate to voters thoroughly disgusted with Carper and all the “Delaware Way” crap they’ve been fed and there won’t be a dull moment in the 2018 congressional campaign.

    I’m voting for Webb.

  4. It should be fun to watch Whackjob Walker screw himself into the ground. Best free show in town.

  5. The federal government is kinda like a broken heat pump, noisy, inefficient and costly, So , who would YOU call to fix it?
    A career insider, a raving drunk who nails his campaign signs to trees or an HVAC guy?

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