Webb Visits Apple Scrapple

Andrew Webb greets voters during Apple Scrapple 2018

Independent/Republican/Populist write-in candidate, Andrew C. Webb is greeting voters at today’s 2018 Apple Scrapple festival in Bridgeville, DE shown here with Sussex County Libertarian Party Chairman James Brittingham. The Sussex County LP Organization recently endorsed Mr. Webb at its regular monthly meeting.

Further information about the Delaware Libertarian Party is available at lpdelaware.org .

The official website of the WEBB 2018 campaign is electwebb.com.

2 thoughts on “Webb Visits Apple Scrapple”

  1. Third parties are rising rapidly in popularity this election. Both the independent Party of Delaware and the Libertarian Party are gaining registered voters at a rapid rate.

    The Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) is the fastest growing political party in Delaware. People are showing a new trend that is taking place in America; they are sick and tired of the two-party system fighting with each other over who has the power to control American Citizens.

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