Webb Files for U.S. Representative

In the aftermath of the 2018 Republican State Primary, a fresh new face is running for Delaware’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Andrew C. Webb (26), an HVAC serviceman, concerned citizen and Del Tech student, majoring in drug and alcohol counseling, has filed as a write-in candidate, yesterday.

Andrew C. Webb announces his write-in campaign for U.S. Representative in the wake of the 2018 Delaware GOP primary. [photo: Elect Webb]

“After considering and seeing our options to represent Delaware in Congress, I have decided to officially run for US House of Representatives as a write-in candidate and clear alternative to Delaware politics as usual. My message is simple: Consistency and Transparency. I will be officially filing on Thursday. Stay tuned!!”, he announced on social media.

Although he is a registered Republican, he is running a highly motivated independent write-in campaign to run for U.S. Representative as a popular alternative candidate.

“Our campaign is intended to represent a broad popular trans-partisan coalition, where the citizens of Delaware can make a true choice of who they want to represent them. There is a rising wave of popular frustration with career politicians and limited choices. I believe that a man of my principles can best represent and serve the People instead of the special interests.”, he elaborated.

Mr. Webb stated that the economy, individual freedom, national security, healthcare, energy

development and public integrity would be some of the issues he will focus on during his campaign. “I am mainly here to listen to people’s concerns”, he said. He also stated that he is steadily gaining support from Republicans dissatisfied with Scott Walker’s candidacy as well as Democrats and Independents tired of Delaware politics as usual.

Wasting no time, he challenged his opponents to a face-to-face discussion of the issues and called out Democrat incumbent US Representative, Lisa Blunt-Rochester for her pro-sanctuary state position.

The flavor of the WEBB 2018 campaign was illustrated in an article on Wilmington radio station, WDEL‘s website.

Mr. Webb emphasized that he is running a popular citizens campaign, aimed at reclaiming Delaware’s congressional seat for the People instead of special interest groups and he actively invites all citizens to take an active role in the campaign and freely express their ideas and concerns.

“I cordially invite all persons tired of politics as usual to actively join us in making a major difference in this election. It’s time that we send Washington insiders a strong message that WE, the People are the government.”, he concluded.

WEBB 2018 campaign sign

For more information, call Elect Webb at 443-614-9712.

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  1. I’m happy Webb stepped up to the plate. At least conservatives and moderates have a viable candidate to vote for. It was looking bleak for a while.

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