Webb Campaign Launches Website

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Barely three days after announcing his populist write-in campaign, Delaware congressional candidate, Andrew Webb has added a ‘b’ to the term “website”.

Electweb.com debuted the internet early Sunday morning.

Electwebb.com website header

Developed in-house with volunteer staff, for a fraction of the cost of most political websites, electweb.com is streamlined and to the point, stating his position on major issues. It openly invites citizens to share their concerns and encourages active voter involvement and support.

There is also a page dedicated to voter registration with instructions on how to cast a write-in ballot. Casting a write-in ballot in Delaware is more complicated than pushing a button in a column. Due to the very narrow roll of paper embedded in the state’s obsolescent voting machines it takes some extra effort. However, with a bit of concentration, it is not impossible.

”Running a statewide campaign on a modest budget is a major challenge and we have to very careful on how we spend our money,” said a key campaign staff member.

“Having less resources inspires us to be more economical and creative. We need to get the most bang for the buck. The current level of federal government waste and inefficiency is deplorable and career politicians are a major part of the problem. Andrew Webb offers Delaware voters a clear alternative to politics as usual with its limited ballot choices,” he continued.

Andrew C. Webb announces his write-in campaign for US Representative in the wake of the 2018 Delaware GOP primary. [photo: Elect Webb]

“Delaware voters can expect the same no-nonsense approach to spending the taxpayer’s money in Congress,” he concluded.

Mr. Webb said that he is looking forward to hearing from voters on the website.