Watchout Loony Left, I am BACK.

Delaware is suffering from the ravishes of the Loony left. There has been one voice that has stood up the insanity by calling out the nonsense over the past decade. That voice needs to be reenergized. Therefore I am back with weekly posts or more if I somehow find time while fighting homelessness, the drug epidemic, helping govern a city, family, church, military service as a reservist and full time work. I am also bringing on board a couple of new voices while keeping our beloved favorites Don and Wolf. It is time to take our state back. We do that with information.

The Loony left’s worst nightmare is realized. David Anderson is back with my hard hitting but optimistic, inclusive, and positive conservatism. The values of free markets, family, patriotism, Constitutionalism and individual freedom have a warrior who will champion their cause. We are not merely an alternative to the progressive wave. We are the antidote. Add us to your favorites and enjoy the ride.

David Anderson, Dover City Councilman and Kent Region Republican Outreach director.

6 thoughts on “Watchout Loony Left, I am BACK.”

  1. What is most bothersome about both the left and right wing political extremes is their obsession with power,
    intolerance, willingnes to employ violence, subterfuge and character assasination to achieve their ends and their largely scientifically and economically distorted ideological worldviews and approach to government.

    Politics as usual is a process that is increasingly severely intellectualy limited in an Age of Science.

  2. Glad to see you returning to the digital fray.

    Small but telling point, though: it’s not “ravishes” but “ravages.”

    Now, let’s get back to your elected job. Focus on making Dover a place where crime and homelessness are reduced. How about a 5-point agenda with concrete proposals (you know, things that can actually get done, not blather about “free markets, family, patriotism, Constitutionalism and individual freedom,” with which we all agree. CONCRETE PROPOSALS.

    We know you hate raising taxes. We all do. You voted against a budget that brought Dover new police officers, who would have some impact on the situation. Why? Unless you have found a way to pay for these improvements by cutting some SPECIFIC city programs, you’re just kidding us and, frankly, yourself.

  3. I supported more police and voted for the proposal. I did vote against the budget because it Christmas treed other programs and higher taxes than I believed was needed. My response was to propose spending cuts in other areas. I had an announced level of tax increases that I would support for public safety. It was not reached. I did force cutting the tax hike in half from the original proposal. Some of my spending cuts were approved. Some were voted down. The idea that did not have specific proposals is something NO ONE who is at all informed would say. You are just a shill and an ignorant one at that. Keep playing. I welcome you.

    As for homelessness, we are already implementing 5 specific proposals and when we get some issues ironed out with our task force, we will have more. Homelessness in Dover is falling and will be cut in half in a year. Our comprehensive plan has many proposals in it that I support and some of which I suggested. Now that I do not blame you for not knowing. The report was pulled twice from the agenda.

    The budget stuff shows that you take Lynn’s talking points and do not research. If you looked at even the minutes of the budget hearing and the vote, you would know otherwise. Sure there is a lot more that you do not know with negotiations with staff that ends up in revisions, but a lot of this was out in the open. Part was in the paper. One proposal that I pushed was Lean Government. The staff found inefficiencies and cut spending themselves, which alleviated future increases. I proposed consolidating departments, we did. We went from 32 to 14. We actually spend less today than when I started. Our pensions are much better funded. Now we need to focus on rebuilding more infrastructure. You see I think every day how to make the city run better. You do not. Forgive me if I laugh at the why don’t you do what is already being done.

  4. Looney Left does not adequately describe these new Socialist Democrats. A more correct appellation would be “Libtardus Invertabratus,” translation “Spineless Liberal Retards.”

  5. Quote:
    “Don Ayotte
    November 28, 2018 at 06:57

    Looney Left does not adequately describe these new Socialist Democrats. A more correct appellation would be “Libtardus Invertabratus,” translation “Spineless Liberal Retards.””

    Hey Don – please explain how I am a spineless liberal retard or heaven forbid you were just talking crap and cannot back up your fake tough talk!

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