Washington Post, Honest Journalism – – – Or Biased Liberal Rag?

Washington Post Initiates An Investigation Of enormous proportions Into Trump’s Life.

Donald trump
Donald trump

Washington Post Editor Bob Woodward stated to the National Association of Realtors convention in Washington, “There’s a lot we don’t know. We have 20 people working on Trump, we’re going to do a book, we’re doing articles about every phase of his life.”

New Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and Democratic Party Donor, has built brigade of reporters, ordered to delve into every facet of Trump’s life.

while seeking to intentionally castigate Trump, Woodward has also stated that the Post is trying to get the essence of Hillary Clinton but dismissed suggestions that she used a personal email server to distribute classified information. On Wednesday, the Post released several Trump stories, including information into his alleged “sex talk” on Howard Stern’s radio show.

15 thoughts on “Washington Post, Honest Journalism – – – Or Biased Liberal Rag?”

  1. ” alleged “sex talk” on Howard Stern’s radio show ”

    “Alleged”? As if there aren’t tapes?

  2. Hey Nit:
    If the tapes exist and you’ve heard them, please fill us in instead typing crap!

  3. I heard them (Trump/Stern) on television a couple of nights ago. Typical Stern stuff.

    I read the Post editorial/commentary pages today. Two fairly reasonable, centrist articles.

    Yes, the Post leans left. But not all of the writers do.

  4. Goodness, gracious Don. The forum software often interprets comment postings with links in strange ways. It is not at all difficult to go to YouTube, type in the words “trump stern” and you get several recordings of his various appearances on the show. It’s not at all difficult.

  5. @Nitpicker

    It’s not my responsibility to do your work for you. I sometimes get weary of your sarcastic nature also!

  6. But the main point here seems to be that you object to a newspaper assigning reporters to investigate the history of a person running for president.

    Clinton has been in public life for a long time, and there are certainly a lot of things known about her, her record, her various dealings with the foundation, and so on.

    Is it that you have a problem with reporters investigating political candidates in general, or just this one?

  7. Nitpicker
    You disagree with a large percent of the voters on this issue. Most people I’ve heard speaking on many cable news stations feel that this is the start of a sustained attack and vicious attack on Trump by the Washington Post.

    But then again, you mostly disagree with the majority.

  8. And you believe it is the role of the press to only say good things about politicians?

    And there are certainly other media outlets than this one. If, as you say, the majority of people will see this as unfair, then I imagine the Washington Post is soon to see its end. Once Trump wins, and America starts being great again, then we won’t be hearing much more from the likes of the Washington Post!

  9. @Nitpicker
    “And you believe it is the role of the press to only say good things about politicians?

    There you go Nit, putting words in my mouth again. I never said that. Nice try! That’s what you seem to do best. You picked an unusual name to comment with but it sure fits you.

  10. …this is the start of a sustained attack and vicious attack on Trump by the Washington Post.

    And the left wing press will continue to focus on Trump’s past. But it won’t work, because nobody cares. Everybody knows Trump.

    Too bad the “mainstream” media doesn’t spend as much time on Hillary’s corruption and incompetence. In the long run- assuming she can defeat an elderly nowheresville socialist- it won’t matter either. Everybody knows Hillary.

    If this is indeed a “change” election- and wrong-track polling indicates that it is- then Hillary, a vestige of the 90’s, is in deep trouble.

  11. “I’m waiting for the horde of reporters digging into Criminal Clinton.”

    As if there haven’t been any such reporters for, oh, 30 years.

    Hey, has anyone updated the “Clinton Body Count” email? That one is always fun.

  12. They will all descend on Hillary when she is indicted after the nomination process.

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