Walker Doubles Down on Drugs

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Scott Walker, 2018 disavowed Republican candidate for U.S. Representative

Disavowed Republican U.S. Representative candidate, Scott Walker has “doubled down” on his position to legalize heroin and other opioids.

In a recent WXDE 105.9 FM radio he viewed America’s opiod epidemic as a threat to national security. “It’s time to get opiods off the streets and into the pharmacies”. he said.

When asked about the conduct of his 2018 campaign, he said “I have to do these outlandish things to get the voters attention … I let the Holy Spirit lead me”.

He added that he is single-handedly campaigning and that his family was “staying out of it because of the controversy” and appealed for volunteers.

He also stressed that he was now back on his previously banned Facebook page , “scottwalkerfordelaware”.

Although on the Delaware GOP ballot, the Delaware Republican Party State Executive Committee has vigorously disavowed his candidacy. In fact, DEGOP State Chairman, Micheal Harrington, Sr. has called upon fellow Republicans to vote for Independent / Republican / Populist alternative write-in candidate, Andrew C. Webb instead of Scott Walker

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