Wage Pressures Mount

I received this email from one of our readers. A local union is concerned about an out of state contractor using cut rate labor at a local mall. I think it illustrates the pressure that business is under to cut costs and the pressure that will put on our families. It is a vicious cycle with no winners. I am not taking sides on this one.
Hello, my name is Al Martino I am a representative of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #1 Pa.- De. Whether you are pro union or not everyone should be concerned with what’s happening across the Delaware Valley. The blueprint for attacking local workers is being drawn up at Christiana Mall with their contracting policies. Hiring out of area construction contractors to renovate their mall has devastated local construction workers and their families. It is well within their rights to get the best prices but when the prices come from places like Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Georgia as well as a host of other areas, there is a need for concern. Tax dollars, the commitment to the community that will shop at their stores and just plan common decency is something that GGP and Christiana Mall does not seem to care about. I am talking about a constant battle with mall management to step up to the plate and do what’s right for area families and their shoppers. GGP is going in the tank and they want local construction workers to step aside so they can fatten their pockets before the bottom falls out. This is not happening at just Christiana mall but across Delaware and Pennsylvania, I see it everyday. When will the politicians speak up for labor and put and end to these contracting policies wherever they take place. Area jobs for area workers for area growth. Here is a link to our Black Friday Action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f41nJwXJnxI Thank you, Al Martino B.A.C. Local #1 Pa.-De.

5 thoughts on “Wage Pressures Mount”

  1. Why, as a business owner, should I not be allowed to seek the best and least expensive labor I can?

    What right does the government have to compel me to purchase labor that I might not want to purchase?

    And people wonder why the US is shipping jobs overseas.

  2. Most construction projects at the Christiana Mall are done under union only agreements. Is Mr. Martino crying because one got away from him and was competitvely bid? Every contractor has essentially the same material prices. How high are union bricklaying wages to allow a contractor to bring a crew from Texas and be competitive? They have to travel, lodge, and eat, which are additional costs, as opposed to a local contractor. Protectionism will severely hurt the local Delaware contracting community. The Philadelphia Fed has said that Delaware will lag behind the region in any recovery. If we preclude out of state contractors from coming into Delaware, our contractors will not survive if other states retaliate and those out of state markets are closed to us. Either you support free markets, or you don’t.

  3. I understand the labor position, as many contractors who come from out of state may have undocumented workers and possibly the skill level is not the same. The final dollar total is part of equation we all look at but think for a minute if you give to the United Way would you prefer it help here in this area or to a cause in Texas or Florida?

    The bid process does not include the loss in wages/unemployment costs to the local economy.

    Mike Protack

  4. It appears that the NCCO prevailing wage laws will be safe if Mr. Protack is elected. It’s amazing, following Mr. Protack’s mind-set, that the union craft participation in American construction has fallen from a high of 87% in 1947 to less than 17% today. The undocumented and unskilled work-force of the non-union contracting community has really done a good job of fooling the private sector. Of course, the government sector is a little different. Thanks to the racially motivated Davis-Bacon laws, taxpayers can pay more for the union logo on our public works. The Obamanation has decreed by executive order that union only agreements be utilized on government construction. This precludes over 80% of the tax paying construction work-force from participating. Any outrage over that?

  5. I thought this would spark discussion. I think the mall would rather use local contractors for a host of reasons including community loyalty, someone to follow up afterward, and it is easier to be protected. I think this illustrates the cost pressures we are all under. The money is tight. So what do we do? We have a jobs summit without the major business groups. The Chamber and the NFIB were not welcomed.

    How is this going to get better by piling more taxes, fees, cap and trade costs, and regulations on business? Will we not see more of this?

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