Violence Perpetrated By is not Trumps Responsibility

The radical terrorist organization “” founded and funded by George Soros, and now led by terrorist bomber and far-left anarchist criminal Bill Ayers, is attempting to sway a presidential election using this extremely Left-wing hate group.

Peaceful protests to make a point are one thing but violent attacks on a presidential candidate to stifle free speech and cause physical harm is quite another matter. With the Trump’s presidential campaign taking on a life of its own, by becoming a national movement, extreme anger and hatred has erupted on the part of these left-wing hate groups.

In a typical fashion the far-left now attempts to strap the responsibility for their actions to Donald Trump’s back, in an attempt to force him to carry the burden for their criminal acts. The worst part of this is that the other GOP presidential candidates are also falsely blaming Trump for the oppositions violence.

6 thoughts on “Violence Perpetrated By is not Trumps Responsibility”

  1. It’s ’72 all over again. The sympathetic press joined the anti war movement. The American people were supposedly finally aligned with the hippies. The left shut down Washington.

    And then Nixon carried 49 states.

    “Independents” who might have considered voting for Hillary will be turned-off by violent, cop-hating anarchists. Hillary is joined at the hip to MoveOn and Black Lives Matter. This association will help doom her candidacy.

  2. This time it’s worse than the early 70’s because the dems have enjoyed nearly eight years of total socialist control and groups such as feel super-emboldened to attack a presidential candidate.
    Anarchist Worms like Bill Ayers feel safe to come out of the sewer in an attempt to cause a revolution, using Saul Alinsky’s book,”Rules for Revolution” or as they renamed it, “Rules for Radicals.
    It is Obama’s desire to start as much trouble during this election so he could declare martial law and suspend the election cycle.
    The new Libtard movement led by super far-left anarchist Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn now seeks to start a new wave of violence in a sad attempt to topple our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a Social Dictatorship. These people never went away, they were just in hiding waiting for the right moment to pounce.
    Having been born in 1946, I’ve seen how these animals treat anybody who doesn’t agree with them and with Obama silently sanctioning their behavior and violent actions, they feel even more emboldened.

  3. It’s a set up to label Trump as a racist , and so far Trump is allowing it to happen.
    Like I said before, the Democrats will be using all aspects of the media to give Trump the label of an out of control racist, and the Republican establishment will be content to watch it happen.

    In my opinion Trump is choking by letting his guard down. He is going to have to be flawless in his execution of future appearances, statements, and rallies in order to keep “the machine” from capitalizing.

    One way to help nip this in the bud, would be for the campaign to add Dr. Ben Carson to the ticket right away. “The machine” knows and fears this and they are taking steps to try and rubbish the Ben Carson and Trump connection. They even mocked them on a “Saturday Night Live” skit where Ben Carson got roughed up at a Trump rally and Trump says, “guys what did I say…not this one”.

    “The machine” knows that many black people will embrace Trump in the general election if decisive action is not taken…..this is what we are seeing right now.

  4. Great picture.

    The press will fail, as they have failed since Trump joined the race. He is somehow impervious.

    I don’t know how Trump will do with blacks, but I know Hillary won’t come close to Obama’s numbers. I do believe that Trump will do way better than expected with Hispanics.

    The only people who can stop Trump are the establishment elites- maybe.

  5. @Rick
    The trend has been that the more the GOP elites attempt to eliminate Trump, the mor percentage he gains each time.
    I hope they attack him heavily, then he will win the fight and take the prize for certain.
    Trump will be good for America.

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