Veterans Trust Fund Dinner, A Gala Affair

The Gala Trust Fund Dinner held at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover honored America’s veterans in a formal gala dinner and fundraiser, with all the extras.

Keynote speaker, Major General Francis D. Vavala, who serves as Delaware’s Adjutant General gave a rousing speech in support of our veterans and the Veterans Trust Fund. General Vavala is responsible for mission readiness of all Delaware Army National Guard units to support federal and state missions. General vavala is the longest serving adjutant general in the nation.

Delaware's Adjutant General, Major General Francis D. Vavala speaking at the Veterans Trust Fund Dinner in Dover
Delaware’s Adjutant General, Major General Francis D. Vavala speaking at the Veterans Trust Fund Dinner in Dover

Major General Vavala’s speech:

How can we allow those who have taken up the mantra of defending our nation and our beliefs to live in uncertainty, often times without the necessities of life; You agree with me when I say that it’s inexcusable. It’s a series of life events that sometimes is related to their service that promotes the despair that results in that outcome.

Today, we need to ensure that all in our sphere of influence remember the sacrifices of all who have served or who are serving in the armed forces of our country. From one generation to the next, young men and women have willingly joined the ranks of America’s service components, aware of their obligations as citizens of the greatest nation on earth. They answer its call, they serve and are serving the United States of America, with courage, conviction and commitment.

For more than two centuries, America’s best have preserved the liberties our forefathers earned by their willingness to fight for it, whatever the cost. Our armed forces have a long and very proud history filled with tradition and pivotal moments in service to our nation. They have stood firm against those who would deny basic dignity to others. So today, and certainly this week, a week of veterans day in our country, and really as we should every day, help our veterans, America’s veterans who served so faithfully and honorably.

A law creating the Veterans Trust Fund was signed into law in September 2013, and is administered by the Delaware Commission of Veteran Affairs.

One-Hundred percent of the contributions go to pre-screened honorably discharged Delaware veterans and their families in verified financial emergencies. Money is not handed to the recipients, but the bills are paid directly to the creditors.

To learn more about the fund or to make a contribution, call 302-739-2792 or write a check to Veterans Trust Fund and mail it to Commission of Veterans Affairs, Robbins Bldg. 802 Silver Lake Blvd, Suite 100, Dover DE 19904. You can also visit them at

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  1. The event was terrific and also attended by a cadre of state Reps. and Senators as well as uniformed active duty military personnel. Good food, great company and a great cause!

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