US Senate Votes 53-46 To Halt US From entering UN Arms Trade Treaty

President Obama’s decision to consider the UN Arms Trade Treaty has been heavily criticized by Republicans and Saturday, Sen. James Inhofe R-Okla, introduced an amendment that would prevent the US from entering into the UN Arms Trade Treaty in order to uphold the Second Amendment. The Amendment passed the Senate with a 53-46 vote. Within hours of President Obama’s re-election, the UN was notified to re-start talks on the UN Arms Trade treaty that had stalled in July of 2012, because the White House feared attacks from the Romney Campaign, if his administration was seen as supporting the treaty, a charge that the White House has denied.

3 thoughts on “US Senate Votes 53-46 To Halt US From entering UN Arms Trade Treaty”

  1. What this tells me it, if Obama is so dishonest with the truth of his intentions with the UN Arms Treaty, doesn’t it make a big statement about his future intention for America’s citizens.

  2. Omaba has and always had a hidden agenda, but with the cooperation of his ‘mainstream’ media quislings and his natural gift for prevarication, those individuals who are susceptible to propaganda, and those with little or no knowledge of civics, clap and cheer. That’s BO’s 27% “mandate.” “Forward!”

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