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  1. Yet look at the money being pulled down down in Delaware by the likes of hacks such as Vince Meconi and Orlando George.

    It is amazing how much personal wealth one can acquire in a lifetime of public employment (see: Castle, Carper, Biden).

  2. Art says: “We have a breed of unnatural aristocrats that was never contemplated by our founding fathers.”

    I agree!

    As any alert and honest observer is forced to conclude, regardless of party affiliation, that our government has been taken over in recent decades by both elected and unelected corporatists whose unbelievable wealth has bribed power from the people to their advantage, creating more wealth and power for them.

    Even Obama has made a secret deal with big Pharma that the government will not negotiate drug prices in exchange for $80 billion lowering of prescription drug costs over the next ten years.

    Worse, we have the Wall Street dominance over our government, bringing ours and the global economy to its collective knees, all while nobody in Washington was looking out for the interests of the people, only for their own.

    And it continues. Where has our borrowed TARP money gone?

  3. People like me sat the election out


    LOL? It’s funny that I sat if out, or you think I’m lying?

    I sat it out for good reason; just like when the Rockefeller wing tried to hijack the Republican Party, McCain and his pathetic ‘cross the aisle’ nonsense was an attempt to marginalize the conservative base. An egregious and unforgivable error. No way I’d vote for that bumbling fool.

    Creation from the ashes of destruction. BO and his Marxist minions will open the eyes of the American people; see BO’s collapsing poll numbers. In ’10, the resurrection will begin; Americans are not Socialist, sissified Europeans, at least not yet.

    This is, essentially, war. Stop the Marxist bastards.

  4. It’s funny – hysterically funny – that you make up stuff about our President being anti-democratic, and you don’t even vote. HA HA HA!!!

  5. Art, now we are finding some common ground. Aristocrats. Half my passion for public public citizen owned health insurance has to do with my family being denied coverage, but the new CEO of the health insurance company gets $744 million in stock. This is new to America. This business of CEO’s controlling vital services and skimming off huge amounts for personal wealth. The other part is the freedom part. Why does our health insurance belong to our boss, not us? Why is individual freedom in America so tied up with where we get health insurance? You want to leave Bank Of America and open a shop? You need $12,000 for rent and $12,000 for family health insurance. Frustrated corporate workers call it prison with a “golden ball and chain”.

    The big surprise in all this is how people who I would think to be allies in the cause of freedom, conservatives, libertarians, have all lined up on the other side with the aristocrats and big corporations. Against the “public option”. I don’t get it. It’s all the little citizens, the individualists, artists and artisans, entrepreneurs, not yet caught up in the Corporate Matrix that are in trouble trying to afford health insurance. Public portable citizen heath insurance would be a tremendous shot in the arm for individual liberty.

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