Trumpworld: President Trump scores more victories for middle America

Democrats will have to decide next year of resistance means opposing just because or allows for supporting trade agreements that have everything they claimed for the last 30 years to have wanted in them. Oddly, enough it is Democrats who negotiated the worst trade agreements and betrayed their base. If they oppose President Trump here, we know they are just liars.

President Trump made China blink and come to the table. He obtained real deals with the Europeans. He has been able to keep his campaign promise to replace NAFTA. By the force of his will, he has broken down the Globalist wall of special interest power and championed the cause of ordinary Americans like few others. By all means resist that and we will know who stands with Americans and who stands with the globalists.

25 thoughts on “Trumpworld: President Trump scores more victories for middle America”

  1. “He has been able to keep his campaign promise to replace NAFTA”

    David, perhaps you could summarize for us the key differences in this replacement, as well as the date by which you believe the Senate will ratify it?

  2. Al don’t even bother. Not even Fox & Friends believed Trump about the China deal.

    David is trying to be a very bad imitation of Trump and repeats right wing anti-muslim talking points. The best thing we can do is volunteer and donate to defeat him when he comes up for re-election.

  3. I see that the fifth rate “progressive” anti-Anderson trolls and PC police are out again.

    What a bunch of self-righteous Kool Aid drinking morons.

  4. Hey Marauder – I try and interact with people that disagree with me. And it is true, not even Fox & Friends believed Trump’s BS. I would bet good money that you were a birther so you just make up your own reality.

    As far as PC, what lead you to believe I was PC unless it is PC not to conspire with a hostile foreign power.

  5. So, Marauder doesn’t know what, if anything, was actually changed from NAFTA either. Just as dumb as Anderson.

  6. Hey JimmyfromDelaware you don’t have to worry about “Birthers,” they threw away the baby. You are just the afterbirth.

  7. Moabite
    December 6, 2018 at 19:46

    Hey JimmyfromDelaware you don’t have to worry about “Birthers,” they threw away the baby. You are just the afterbirth.

    More quality interactions from the Delaware right wing.

  8. @JimmyfromDelaware

    You just seem to bring the worst out in people. Do you know why? I’m sure you do. It just must be your winning personality.

  9. Jimmy

    As you dump out more of your BS, you can bet that I was a birther all you want and you would lose big time. You’ d have a better chance of winning the Powerball.

    As for foreign collusion, Hillary Clinton and Uranium One with Russia speaks for itself.

  10. Guess what folks – I am not the one that deleted racists posts from David Anderson and then flamed me. If I bring out the worst from right wingers it’s because they hate reality.

    The truth hurts – doesn’t it?

    See you at the next election.

  11. The odd thing with the sub human species of “Libtardus Invertabratus,” translation: “Spineless Liberal Retard,” is that they believe they are much smarter than everyone else.
    They are unwilling to listen to anyone with a point of view that contradicts their own political ideology. They also claim they have an open mind. LOL

  12. And that is all these geniuses have to offer in response to a simple question to explain the key differences in the cosmetic “change” to NAFTA.

    “They are unwilling to listen to anyone with a point of view that contradicts their own political ideology. ”

    Don, all you do is call people retards.

    My question is not ideological. It is a simple factual question to David to explain how the middle class benefits from anything Trump has done in relation to NAFTA.

    On China, the fact of the matter is that US farmers have had to plow under rotting crops, since this year’s China orders for soybeans went elsewhere. And the tariff war continues. Perhaps David might explain why he thinks there has been a change on that front as well, but we all know why David won’t do that.

    We all know why you have no facts to offer either.

  13. Hey David, are there any retards living in your council district?

    I’ll make sure their families see what you promote here.

  14. @Al Catraz

    It’s nice of you to believe I called innocent disabled people retards, but that is simply not true and you are fully aware of that fact.

    I called Democrat Socialists, Spineless Liberal Retards and you are fully aware of that also. So don’t threaten me, or put words in my mouth, you simpering cockroach and spineless idiot.

    You don’t even have the courage to use your own name when you needlessly threaten people. You Sir, are a craven coward.

    And Don’t blame Councilman Anderson when I write a comment that I am responsible for. I still claim that far left Socialist Democrats who want to destroy our nation’s constitution are “Spineless Liberal Retards.” Libtardus Invertabratus.

  15. Al Catraz,

    Don’t call them names back. We stick to facts and talk policy; not call people juvenile names.

    We also don’t delete anti-muslim comments that reference known false right wing talking points and then have your friends attack the person that called you out.

  16. Government employees, using government computers on government time will be traced and fully prosecuted under the terms of the Hatch Act.

  17. @JimmyfromDelaware

    Al Catraz neither sticks to the facts or follows policy. He is an attack artist extraordinaire and will be treated as such.
    But thanks for giving him advice.

  18. David – Do you still support Trump now that we all know he is an unindicted co-conspirator? Do you still support Trump now that he is spending more money and driving the deficit higher than Obama did; and when asked about it he said it wouldn’t be his problem?

    20 years ago if someone told me Republicans would support a president that screwed multiple porn stars and then paid them off to stay silent while he was married to his third wife I would have laughed. You guys have Mike Pence ready to take over that is a real Christian and not facing multiple criminal indictments – why the slavish devotion to Trump?

  19. Aw c’mon, Jimmie.

    There really was not much choice last presidential election.

    While Donald Trump has his quirks (like most Presidents), Hillary Clinton was and is a real grifter and piece of trash, totally unfit for office.

    Sorry that Gary Johnson had his Aleppo moment.

    It doesn’t look like the Dems are going to give us anyone worth voting for in 2020, judging by the gathering clown show.

  20. Athena,

    I love your name – a goddess of wisdom and war is a very handy skill set.

    I think Steve Schmidt(campaign manager of McCain’s 2008 presidential bid) said it best that there were two unelectable candidates in the last election. With that being said, I don’t blame any working class person who voted for Trump. He ran to the left of Hillary and made a lot of promises about bringing jobs back to the heartland. Hillary never even bothered to visit the rust belt states until she was selling her book and meet & greets @ $500 a pop. Safe to say I did not vote for her.

    I also agree with you that Hillary is a grifter and a piece of trash. However, Trump makes her look like a rank amateur. Did you know he paid cash for his big golf course development in Scotland? I won’t bother going into any more details because Trump is already an unindicted co-conspirator on multiple felonies. And I predict he will be charged with monumental tax evasion, money laundering, and conspiracy to defraud the government and people of the US.

    I would like to know why you don’t think Elizabeth Warren is not worth voting for. Just think what a thumb in the eye of Hillary it will be when she is passed over as the first woman president only to have someone far more qualified obtain it in the next election cycle.

  21. Elizabeth Warren is also not worth voting for, as she was totally delusional or stone-faced lying about her ethnic background until the DNA test results came in . It would have been just a political comedy had she not committed fraud in getting preferential treatment in college admission by claiming major Native American ancestry. That is why she can’t be trusted with the highest office in the land,

    While I agree that Hillary Clinton would be green with envy if another woman would be elected President, there are tens of thousands of women who would be preferable, but most of them are not employed in national politics.

  22. Athena,

    We need to stay in reality here. You seem to be parroting right wing talking points without any critical thought.

    You posted: “Elizabeth Warren is also not worth for, as he was totally delusional or stone-faced lying about her ethnic background until the DNA test results came in ”

    Elizabeth is a she – and you just posted she was lying until it was confirmed she wasn’t lying.

    Lets look at her supposed preferential treatment. This is from The Boston Globe:

    “In the most exhaustive review undertaken of Elizabeth Warren’s professional history, the Globe found clear evidence, in documents and interviews, that her claim to Native American ethnicity was never considered by the Harvard Law faculty, which voted resoundingly to hire her, or by those who hired her to four prior positions at other law schools. At every step of her remarkable rise in the legal profession, the people responsible for hiring her saw her as a white woman.”

    You denigrate yourself when you make up false reasons not to support someone. if you don’t support Warren fine – say the reason and we can go from there. But to be fixated on dubious claims with no consequences seems odd at best and probably disingenuous.

  23. Elizabeth Warren , like most of the cast of possible2020 Democrat presidential candidates, is highly overrated.

    You can vote for her if you want to, but I can’t stand her.

    To liven things up a bit, Delaware’s very own Scott Walker, fresh from his 2018 congressional defeat, will run in the 2020 New Hampshire Democratic primary.

    Never a dull moment with Scotty. LOL.

  24. Athena,

    Can you post 2-3 of Elizabeth Warren’s policies that you disagree with? If you can’t stand her that should be very easy unless it is just cosmetic reasons why you can’t stand her.

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