Trump’s Early Choices Show Commitment to Promises

President-elect Donald J. Trump has stirred concern on the far left with some of his choices for staff and cabinet officials. They show that he understands that personnel is policy (Morton Blackwell quote). Sessions will enforce laws not write them. He will ensure conservative jurists are appointed to the federal judiciary. Currently, at least 80 vacancies exist.

Governor Niki Haley shows that he is willing to look outside of the foreign policy establishment. She is obviously accomplished, more than most UN Ambassadors, and has experience dealing with foreign interests. As governor, she worked to successfully bring and protect jobs into South Carolina. Many of those were with large foreign companies. The interesting move could make Haley a contender for a 2020 ticket or beyond. The popular governor will now have strong foreign policy credentials, assuming that she does not crash and burn, which is highly unlikely based on her past performance.

The administration will have more billionaires than ever. DeVoss, Ricketts and Ross make the cabinet worth an estimated 35 billion dollars so far.

Lt. General Flynn retired is a strong choice and his deputy, Ms. KT McFarland. Their national security credentials are beyond question. They may be controversial among the Radical Islam Terrorism deniers, but they proved to be correct.

Steve Bannon is extremely controversial and in the opinion of this author, the one skunk at the party. He has been a poisonous divider of the GOP who has launched unfair and untrue attacks on Speaker Ryan, Fox News and others. His insensitivity to minorities is well known. His ability to message to working class whites is why he is in the mix. He is an important part of the Trump messaging coalition. The former Navy Officer from a blue collar family who made his money on Wall Street is a global populist. He is an ardent opponent of the global order which has made him a target. He needs no Senate confirmation.

RNC Chairman Renice Priebus will bring stability and the ability to move the Trump agenda through Congress. He is a strong choice. Donald McCann will help Trump fulfill his campaign promises to undo and redo Obama executive orders. He is an expert at rewriting regulations at the FCC.

The national security team is strong. The soon to be CIA director understands the threat, the National Security Council led by Pence and Flynn are strong advocates for keeping America safe. He has a great list for State and Defense.

The economic team is still being formed. Dr. Ben Carson would signify a serious attention to the cities of America. Trump is one of the few Presidents who is from a major urban center. He seems serious about rebuilding the infrastructure and the urban economy. He is serious about changes to education. He is serious about immigration and trade reform.

While the media would like to alienate Trump supporters from the President-elect by predicting that he will back off from his promises, it is unlikely to happen when you look at what he actually promised. The media puts up many straw men. They claim that he said this when he gave entire speeches saying that. They take a one liner that he took back, like the pause on Muslim immigration (he never wanted a ban), which he withdrew under fire from all sides within days, then claim that he is backing off of it. He campaigned on increased vetting from terror-prone nations. The dishonesty of the media is a national poison. Will people get over their own cynicism and let Trump have a chance to govern?