Trump World June 3rd

Welcome to a new column that we are introducing. Trump World may have multiple authors. This President has been interesting for news. One of the best ways to deal with it on a local blog may be a new weekly (or more when necessary) summary of the world from the perspective of Presidential policy, tweets, or speeches.

The President had the most meaningful foreign trip of any President’s first-time venture since Teddy Roosevelt. He addressed terrorism, got praise from Muslim leaders, Jewish leaders, and Christians concerned about terrorism. He righted the relationship with Saudi Arabia by preferring it to Iranian hegemony. He put NATO on notice to act like a real partnership, not an American protectorate.

This week Donald Trump proved his worth. He withdrew from the Paris Accord. Seventy-five billion annually in new foreign aid will not happen. One trillion in costs to our economy over the next ten years will not happen. Trump saved us one and half trillion in poor economic allocation. He stopped a massive wealth transfer from Middle America to the International Corporations and foreign regimes. The scam has been exposed. First, climate change is not a crisis and we should not act like it is. Climate change happens. The earth was warmer 700 years ago and it brought better prosperity and health outcomes. Global warming is good, not bad and we should not spend trillions to blunt the good from it while doing little to blunt the problems. The Paris Accord would not have prevented global climate change or even significantly slowed it. It would hurt our economy. The best way to change the world is freedom and prosperity, not regulation.

The never ending saga of the investigation to find evidence of wrongdoing continues. James Comey’s testimony before the Congress is the most anticipated since Ollie North’s. Critics are likely to be disappointed unless he contradicts past testimony. The House is finally looking into the unmasking controversy which is the biggest scandal in a generation because it involves the U.S. government spying on its own citizens for political purposes.

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  1. Exactly… In order to move human prosperity forward and foster meaningful and lasting innovations, and improve technologies in all fields, we can’t hamstring ourselves by denying the use of the best possible resources of the day.

    Government mandates don’t foster innovation.

    Thomas Edison most assuredly worked by the light of oil or gas to help him create the electric light bulb.

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