Trump Rocks Berlin Maryland

Authored By: Don Ayotte and Wolfgang von Baumgart

Berlin Trump Rally Draws About 350 Protesters

Trump protesters at Berlin rally
Trump protesters at Berlin rally

In a level of intensity and magnitude unknown since the 1960’s and early 70’s, last evening’s TRUMP 2016 Berlin, MD rally drew a relatively large gathering of protesters and counter-demonstrators in a designated area outside of Stephen Decatur High School.

The protest was said to have started after a Salisbury State University students contacted her Facebook friends about the rally and it “went viral“, resulting in a loud but peaceful assembly of about 350 people, chanting slogans , with many waving improvised signs , consonant with First Amendment exercise of Free Speech.

Some of the signs were serious while others were humorous. Scott Parker, 33, a Bernie Sanders supporter, carried a sign that read “WRONG BERLIN, MEIN TRUMP” while another sign read “ Trump and his Assistants Wash the Old Bay off their Crabs” in reference to a famous and popular locally manufactured seasoning associated with the Chesapeake Bay region. Mr. Parker said that he is a first time voter and that he likes to debate issues as he strongly opposes most of Donald Trump’s platform.

On the other side, a local business owner and Trump supporter, speaking on condition of anonymity in reference to the current welfare system, said that she was “tired of supporting people who can work but won’t work”.

A heavy police security line separated the two sides with units of the Berlin Police, Maryland State Police and Worcester County Sheriff’s Deputies working general security and crowd control. Despite the shouting, there were a few exceptional examples of civil dialog between people on opposing factions, in the current environment of domestic political polarization

Inside the school auditorium, packed to capacity, the press had been cordoned off in the rear of the room, like cattle in a holding pen with police and secret service guarding the entrance and exit. Trump’s arrival on the Delmarva Peninsula excited people from every state in the peninsula and filled the room with an exciting electric charge. Trump came in 20 minutes late, but as if on cue, the crowd roared, “Trump Trump Trump”, as music blasted and seemed to vibrate the walls.

Donald Trump addresses crowd in Berlin MD
Donald Trump addresses crowd in Berlin MD

While speaking, Trump stated he had exceeded 50 percent in the Delaware polls, and was rapidly gaining in the other Mid Atlantic Regional polls. The crowd broke into cheers. “This is a Movement going on folks,” stated Trump. “Hannity said, (in a Trump interview), “This is the greatest phenomenon He’s seen in his lifetime. We’re going to take back this country and we’re going to bring “smart” back to this country.”

“We’re going to beat ‘Crooked Hillary,'” Trump said. “She doesn’t have a chance, we’re going to beat her so badly. Frankly, she shouldn’t be allowed to run for president, Right! They’re probably protecting her, they’re going to let her run for president.

Donald Trump, GOP presidential frontrunner
Donald Trump, GOP presidential frontrunner

“Jobs are being moved to Mexico for no reason,” stated Trump, “creating jobs as president, either you have the ability, or not right! Jobs are being moved to Mexico for NO reason, they’re ripping us so badly. Gangs are coming from all over Mexico. We’ve got to stop it.”

*** UPDATE ***

Donald Trump will appear at a rally in Hagerstown, MD on Sunday, April 24th at the Rider Jet Center on 18539 Henson Blvd. The event is scheduled to begin at 4:00 PM.