Trump Rally in Georgetown 9-9-17

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

About 250 people gathered at a Sussex GOP-sponsored rally in support of President Donald Trump, held at North Bedford Park Georgetown, earlier today. WGMD 92.7 FM radio talk show host, Bob Steele, served as master of ceremonies. Sussex County Councilman and Delaware State Trump 2016 Campaign Chairman, Rob Arlett, officially began the rally, with Reverend Jim Dundas, leading the opening prayer.

Catching the spirit of the moment at the 9/9/2017 TRUMP rally in Georgetown,DE

A few silent sign carrying protesters also attended the rally.

Protest sign at Georgetown GOP TRUMP rally
Supporters carrying signs at TRUMP rally
Councilman Arlett made reference to one of the signs by saying that both President Trump and the people at the rally also denounce racism and antisemitism. “No statewide GOP candidate has ever received more votes in Delaware than Donald Trump”, he stated. He said that the Democratic Party’s hold on Delaware politics is slipping and that the First State is now a purple state. We are in touch with the White House and they are listening. They know what’s happening in Delaware” he continued. He called for a strong GOP challenge to Delaware’s current congressional delegation in the 2018 election and supported his political statement with economic statistics. “Delaware’s 2016 GDP growth was only 0.3 per cent, compared with 1.5 percent, nationwide; and real income for Delawareans is actually less than in 2008. “They ought to be ashamed. They should focus on the people. It’s time for a change in Delaware”, he concluded.

Councilman Rob Arlett, TRUMP 2016 State Chairman , opens the rally

Delaware State Republican Party Chairman, Micheal J. Harrington, called upon all party members to work with the newly organized TEAM GOP. “I will continue to speak out and set the record straight”, he said. GOP Sussex Chairman, Billie Caroll, stated that that the party is working towards establishing a Republican majority in Delaware and he highlighted a gain of 3000 new members. He officially credited Election District Chairperson, Lauren Purdy, with registering 1000 GOP voters in two years and thanked her for organizing the rally.

38th District State Representative, Ron Gray(R) also spoke at the rally as did prospective 2018 U.S Senate Candidate, Chuck Boyce and others.

Prospective GOP Delaware U.S. Senate candidate, Chuck Boyce, addresses the people

Their also was a small counter demonstration diagonally across Bedford Street at a private residence, featuring a sign that read “Make America GAY Again”. The rally was peaceful and passed without incident. Two members of the Georgetown PD were on duty during the event.

Photo-op fund raiser at the rally

For a small donation to the Sussex GOP, people had an opportunity to be photographed with life-size cardboard cut-outs of the President and First lady.

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  1. …… I counted the number of people 15 min. before they ended and the count was only 82.

  2. I was there and didn’t count the people, but I did see many coming and going. It would be difficult to have gotten an accurate count of the number of people that actually came.
    The event was well planned and orderly with none of the antics by hate groups of other national Trump rallies.
    I guess it must be nice to know that we are a somewhat forgotten small state.

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