Trump Comes Out Swinging

Trump’s Common Sense Business Savvy Can Win The Day And Save The Country

Real estate mogul and global business icon, 69 year-old, Donald Trump announced his candidacy today for president of the United States in a press conference from Trump Tower in New York City Today just before noon.

Trump, who has $9.2 billion in assets and a net worth of more than $8.7 billion said that he would file his federally required statements on time, while waving the figures from his accountants in a prepared sheet in his hand for the crowd to see. “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” he said, “I’ll bring back our jobs and I will bring back our money.”

While talking about his astute business acumen, Trump said, “Americans deserve better than what they get from their politicians, who are all talk and no action.” Trump went on to say, “I have built a great company, created thousands of jobs and built a tremendous net worth with some of the finest and most prestigious assets in the world, and very little debt.”

“Our country needs a truly great leader and we need a truly great leader now. We need somebody who can take the brand of the United States and make it great again,” Said Trump. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump said, while introducing Trump to the crowd, “My father is the opposite of politically correct. He says what he thinks and he means what he says.”

Trumps obvious business acumen and knowledge of negotiating trade deals were two of his many selling points. Trump berated President Obama on his hiring of poor trade negotiators and said that he knew the best negotiators in the business and would hire them to renegotiate all of our trade agreements. While mentioning China, Trump said, “They’re killing us,” referring to China’s unfair trade practices toward America.

Trump’s powerful entrance into the 2016 presidential race completely changes the political dynamics for republican frontrunners. His common sense business, ‘take no prisoners’ attitude of getting America back on track will play favorably with republicans, disillusioned democrats and many independents. Trump is the 12th republican to enter the 2016 presidential race.

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  1. Trump expanded his father’s real estate investment/development company with great effectiveness, of that there is no doubt. His business acumen is beyond dispute.

    But Trump is a showman who craves the spotlight, and running for president garners a lot of media attention. And that is what Trump seeks- attention.

    I don’t believe that Trump actually intends to run a campaign to the end of the process; he just needs to refresh his image.

  2. Rick
    Most people that are successful, are showmen that crave the spotlight but the question is: will he do the job that he said he would do yesterday in his speech.
    One thing I do know about Donald Trump, is that he is a driven man who does what he says he will do. I believe he will run his entire campaign, and he has a more than an even chance of succeeding in his goal of becoming commander in chief.
    In any case the presidential race has become extremely interesting. For the first time in a long time, “may the best man win.”

  3. He hasn’t actually filed as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission.

    You guys fall for this act every time.

  4. “His business acumen is beyond dispute.”

    You can tell by the four bankruptcies, and by the fact that he has been caught inflating his supposed net worth by hundreds of millions of dollars.

  5. He’s actively campaigning. He is a candidate that people should watch and listen to.

    He certainly has recovered from bankruptcies very well SOS, I would call his business acumen, “beyond dispute.”

  6. How do you know his finances? He has lied about them frequently in the past, so your opinion of his business acumen is yours alone.

    Four bankruptcies shows clear evasion of personal responsibility.

  7. Why should people listen to him? He made a fool of himself with his kickoff speech. Look up one of the many articles fact-checking his many errors.

    You never let facts get in the way of your opinion, do you?

  8. Why should Don care what a bunch of liberal so-called “fact” checkers say?

    If the president demands a 35% tariff on imports in one phone call, that’s exactly how it works.

    If the president decides to take Iraq’s oil, that’s how it works.

    If the president demands that Mexico pays for a wall, they’ll pay.

    And then we’ll find out what his “investigators in Hawaii” turned up about Obama’s fake birth certificate.

    Don’s not stupid enough to be taken in by a cheap publicity stunt from a media figure who has not actually filed for candidacy. He knows a serious contender when he sees one.

  9. @SOS
    Trump indicated in his speech yesterday that he would file his financial statement on time and without asking for an extension in time.
    I’m sure the progressive liberals as well as every republican candidate will have their accountants go over it with a fine tooth comb. Why don’t you wait until he files to accuse him of malfeasance of this kind. If he files a false finance statement, I will be the first to expose him.
    This will be and interesting race and I can’t wait to see how he does in the first round of debates.

  10. …..he has been caught inflating his supposed net worth by hundreds of millions of dollars.

    His net worth is in the billion$, so what’s a few million here and there? He is extremely wealthy.

    Of course, so is Hillary. She makes her money from foreign governments and by charging student-loan-burdened college students $100k for forty-five minutes of platitudes.

  11. Your right Rick, but that doesn’t matter. Trump is being attacked because he is successful and his message yesterday hit the nail right on the head. He actually proposed solutions to the problems, while stating them. That is very rare in the current world of political rhetoric.
    He is being attacked because he refuses to be the traditional bullshitting candidate.

  12. Nitpicker June 17, 2015 at 12:12 “He hasn’t actually filed as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission. ”

    The filing with the FEC is due 15 days after a candidate raises or spends more than $5,000.

    Money raised or spent in an exploratory campaign role are not counted toward the $5,000…. but later get reported once the person actually becomes a candidate.

    Notice that, surprisingly, one DOES NOT become a “candidate” for the purposes of FEC laws and filing requirements by announcing they are a candidate. One only becomes a candidate after spending or raising $5,000.

    This is where I had a big argument with Christine. Cleta Mitchell (at $600 per hour) and I both agreed, and the FEC and U.S. Senate office for reporting all agreed, that SAYING you are a candidate does not trigger the filing requirements.

    One must BOTH reach a final decision to actually be a candidate (not just exploring the possibility) AND raise or spend at least $5,000.

    I would imagine that Donald Trump raised or spent more than $5,000 his first day, because his operations would include a reasonably large number of people. (Simply standing in front of a podium and letting the news media broadcast what you say doesn’t cost any money except maybe some bunting and the rental of the auditorium, maybe.

    So Donald Trump probably has about 13 more days to file with the Federal Election Commission.

    ALSO, WARNING for those who mindlessly nitpick.

    If Donald Trump filed with the FEC last week, the FEC may take until next week to process it and post it on the internet.

    So Donald Trump may already have filed with the FEC, but the FEC hasn’t processed it yet.

  13. Thanks Don,
    I am working to figure out what the problem is. I’ve been trying to post on a couple of the other threads (such as ‘Hacks Galore’ and ‘Hilary 2.0’) without success, last night and tonight, even though I’ve posted successfully before. Hmmm.

  14. @Rick: He SAYS he is worth billions, but those are his own valuations on things he doesn’t actually “own” free and clear.

    Here’s an article describing why it’s so hard to put an accurate value on his holdings:

    Now someone must explain why the party of personal responsibility is OK with someone who has dodged personal responsibility by declaring corporate bankruptcy four times.

  15. I doubt that Trump has dodged personal responsibility at any time. he has survived as a successful businessman by using the tools at hand. Many other successful businessmen have done the same. No one should have to explain this to you SOS.

  16. Do you understand that bankruptcy leaves creditors empty-handed? Trump has done this four times.

    If you read the link I provided, you will learn that the chief “asset” he claims is the name, and brand, of “Trump.” Yet he takes no personal responsibility for the failure of four businesses that went bankrupt under his personal name.

    Do you not understand that or just don’t care? Do you understand that what you “know” about Donald Trump is mostly untrue PR espoused by Mr. Trump himself? Did you not see this morning’s story that Trump hired actors for $50 apiece to make up the “crowd” at his announcement?

    In other words, do you want to buy a bridge? No? How about if we call it Trump Bridge?

  17. One begins to doubt the journalistic bona fides of people who claim to have them. Actual facts about Donald Trump and his political fortunes are thick on the ground today, but Mr. Ayotte seems not to have read any of them.

    Links make comments hard to post, so I’ll excerpt one here:

    “The Washington Post reports that Trump will release a two-page summary showing assets of about $9 billion. Yet a little caveat here: This two-page summary WILL NOT be the actual financial-disclosure report that candidates are supposed to file to the Federal Election Commission within 30 days of becoming a candidate. (Trump could theoretically delay releasing this information for 120 days from today — by getting two 45-day extensions. And the penalty for submitting false information here is a no more than a year in jail or a $50,000 fine.) But you can’t take Trump’s candidacy seriously until he fills out the GOVERNMENT financial-disclosure form. Remember, we found out about Hillary’s paid speeches and Rubio’s liquidated IRA from their financial disclosures. They didn’t submit a one- or two-page summary. So if Trump is only submitting this summary, it actually is proof he isn’t that serious about this — it’s about trying to get into the debates but keeping up appearances in time for him to start a new season of “The Apprentice” in January. That said, he is one helluva promoter and he will get plenty of folks to bite as we will see over the next 48 hours.”

    What’s the view like from your end of the fishing line?

  18. SOS said:
    “This two-page summary WILL NOT be the actual financial-disclosure report that candidates are supposed to file to the Federal Election Commission within 30 days of becoming a candidate.”

    And the reason you know that Is: He revealed in his speech on Tuesday DUH. He said it was merely a summary of a longer form that was being prepared by his accountants!
    Because a journalist doesn’t agree with SOS on his points of disagreement doesn’t mean he has lost journalist integrity. It simply means that the journalist doesn’t agree with that person.

  19. “One only becomes a candidate after spending or raising $5,000.”

    The actors were paid $50 a head by Extra Mile Casting, a company in New York that specializes in rounding up ‘crowds’ as extras in movies and commercials. Basically, they have a large contact list of actors in the New York area who are available as extras on short notice. Presumably, the actual cost to Trump was more than $50 a head, since Extra Mile Casting has to make something too.

  20. @Nitpicker

    Cool Beans, for $50 in New York City, the actors were able to buy a hamburger, large drink and fries, and probably still went home hungry, if he actually did hire actors. The placed was packed and they had to lock the doors and many people were on the street. If he needed actors, that left less room for the people that couldn’t get in, because the doors were locked.

  21. SOS

    June 18, 2015 at 13:00

    Do you understand that bankruptcy leaves creditors empty-handed?

    That depends. And unfortunately I am not an expert on Donald Trump’s history or all his financial transactions.

    But Chapter 11 bankruptcies for businesses like Chapter 13 bankruptcies for individuals are REORGANIZATIONS which pay off all or most of eh creditors over time.

    If an individual files for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they might end up paying ALL (100%) of the creditors 100% of every dime that is owed.

    But a Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives a person TIME to get over a rough patch and the opportunity to work things out.

    Similarly, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a “work out plan” designed to pay ALL (100%) of the creditors ALL of the money owed, if possible.

    A Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizes a business and avoids a short-term crisis.

    If possible the goal is to pay every creditor everything that is owed.

    Sometimes that can’t be done. But the Trustee works to get as close as possible to that goal, to pay off everyone as much as possible.

    A Trustee is even empowered to take the business away from its leaders and put someone else in charge to run it better for the benefit of creditors.

    But, SoS, the one group that is most likely to lose is the shareholders. The shareholders are LAST in line.

  22. SOS June 17, 2015 at 13:45 “Why should people listen to him? He made a fool of himself with his kickoff speech.”

    Ah, now we see. Trump gave a magnificent conservative speech, that Ronald Reagan would have counted among Reagan’s best if Reagan had given it.

    That’s why the country loved the speech and liberals hate it.

    As for the supposed errors, the errors are that you need to buy some q-tips and clear out your ears.

    Trump was very clear HOW he would accomplish those goals and he did not suggest he would do it without Congress.

    It is traditional, and necessary, for the President to propose an agenda, even if the agenda has to go through Congress.

    Every Democrat candidate for President has spoken in the same way, and everyone understands what it means.

  23. @Don Ayotte: The section quoted was to show readers the importance of the filing. That’s why I chose the part about HIllary Clinton. Why so defensive?

    @Jon Moseley: The details of bankruptcy law are not the point. The point is that Mr. Trump has repeatedly bailed on his creditors. His own statements indicate that his main asset is his name, not his “business acumen.” When running actual businesses, he has failed many times, including bankrupting two Atlantic City casinos back when that was hard to do.

  24. SOS June 18, 2015 at 21:58 “@Jon Moseley: The details of bankruptcy law are not the point. The point is that Mr. Trump has repeatedly bailed on his creditors.”

    Well, I have not looked into any of them and it is not a high water mark. But you shouldn’t assume you know, either.

    It is entirely possible, in fact common, for a business to go through bankruptcy and pay back ever cent to the creditors.

    So I don’t know if Trump “bailed” on his creditors. He may have paid the creditors back 100%.

    Traditionally the one group that gets screwed for sure in bankruptcy is the SHAREHOLDERS of the company. They stand last in line.

    Maybe he didn’t pay his creditors back. I don’t know. But just because you read that a business went into bankruptcy does not automatically mean that the creditors didn’t eventually get paid, sooner or later.

  25. SOS June 18, 2015 at 21:43 “I did not hear the speech. It was poorly received by many Republicans and many conservatives.”

    Wishful thinking.

    Conservatives like the Huffington Post?

    Donald Trump just became the #1 conservative in America with that speech. He will have to give many such strong conservative speeches — bold colors, no pale pastels as Reagan put it — for a large enough number of conservatives to actually hear the speech. Not everyone will hear a speech given in the middle of the day while people are at work, even on replay.

    So it may take a couple of months for the message to reach a large number of American voters and for them to react.

    But by September, if Donald Trump stays the course and implements well in campaigning he will be polling at the head of the Republican field, ahead of Faux Republican Jeb Bush and ahead of the Empty Pantsuit Hillary Clinton.

    Ronald Reagan proved that the American people respond to bold colors, not pale pastels.

    And that is why liberals are so desperate to discourage, distract, or divert conservatives from discovering their true power.

    Also, the fetish of relying on polls is like a person driving a car, stopped at a stop light, who looks down and sees the speed is 0 MPH, then they step on the gas and take their foot off brake. They wonder “Why am I going 0 MPH when the engine is running full speed?” Wait a few minutes and the speedometer will read 60 MPH, no longer 0 MPH.

    The polls measure what happened 2 months ago, not what happened today.

  26. We’ve got a communist sympathizer president who hangs out with a guy who planned to set off bombs (Ayres) in the United States and all the leftists on this blog can come up with is to question Trump’s net worth.

    I couldn’t care less about his net worth. He is the only candidate who isn’t a professional politician and the only candidate will to tell it like it is- we’re being chumped by Mexico, China and Japan, our debt will kill us, we are being invaded by illegals, our government negotiators are idiots, the economy stinks and the tax code is a joke.

    If you listen to the Socialist-Democrats, you’d think that the biggest problems facing America are racism, college rape and global warming. It’s time for the people of the United States to get a reality check.

    I would really love to see a debate between Hillary and Trump. He would annihillate her.

  27. Mr. Moseley: Please learn to read links. The one I provided showed 57% of the Republican respondents have a negative opinion of Mr. Trump.

    What do my political views have to do with any of this? People here presented opinions of Mr. Trump that were based on perceptions that are not accurate. A real journalist would be thankful for the new information. Your lack of curiosity and inability to consider positions other than your own shows the futility of people like you commenting on public issues.

  28. @Rick
    Amen to your last comment. We’re being chumped by those three countries and more because Obama is a CHUMP! That will be the kindest thing I have to say about him.

  29. SOS June 19, 2015 at 11:38 “Mr. Moseley: Please learn to read links. The one I provided showed 57% of the Republican respondents have a negative opinion of Mr. Trump.”

    And as I stated very clearly, the polls pretty much always indicate what happened 2 months ago.

    Polls are irrelevant to what just happened this week.

    Even if we could trust the pollsters, which are mostly left-wing news organizations, polls are looking BACKWARDS in time, and capture what has slowly been sinking in, slowly disseminated as information, and slowly digested over the last 2-3 months or longer.

    The polls showed Hillary Clinton beating Barack Obama for the Democrat Presidential nomination in 2008.

    And yet the person who was behind in the polls ended up winning and the person who was ahead in the polls ended up losing.

    Conservatives do not share the liberal fetish for polls.

    Polls are neither honest nor accurate, and they are certainly useless for reflecting a snapshot of anything that just happened.

    Not everyone is home collecting a welfare check watching the TV when a candidate gives a speech.

    They need time to read the news when they are not earning a living.

    People get the news at different times.

    And then people need to think about, digest, and absorb what they have learned.

    Instant snap polls are very useful for lining your bird cage.

  30. Told ya —


    “The poll of 500 likely GOP presidential primary voters found 14% back Mr. Bush. Mr. Trump is right behind at 11%. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio come next, with 8% and 7%, respectively. The poll tested 19 GOP candidates – a rare survey that included ultra-longshots like Mark Everson and former Govs. Bob Ehrlich and Jim Gilmore.”

  31. Trump will continue to advance. He was a serious candidate the moment he announced and has continued to gain speed ever since. His “no holds barred” speech and telling it like it is approach has gained popularity with Americans throughout the country.

  32. I can understand that many Republican voters have a negative view of Donald Trump because he previously started to run and then fizzled out.

    This led to assumptions that Trump only ran as a publicity stunt, not to actually seek the office.

    I am sure that until Trump demonstrates that he is serious and not just engaging in an ego trip or publicity stunt, a lot of people will be very skeptical or even hostile.

    I would hope that the last 8 years has also educated and informed Trump himself the consequences of allowing bad leadership in the country. If he had not dropped out, this is what might have been avoided.

    But we see the same old tricks, the same old games, the same old tactics.

    Liberals are bent on discrediting conservative policies.


    So any time any conservative pops up who espouses Reaganesque conservativism in bold colors, not pale pastels, the Left * A L W A Y S * cooks up some phony reason to try to discredit the messenger.

    But it is the conservative * M E S S A G E * that the Left is attacking….

    …. not Donald Trump, not Christine O’Donnell, not Newt Gingrich, not Sheriff Mack, not Rick Santorum.

    It is *ALWAYS* a lie.

    The Left is ALWAYS lying.

    Everything the Left does and says is always a lie.

    The Left is *ALWAYS* attacking conservative policies, by pretending to have an issue only with one particular candidate, one at a time.

  33. When something happens “every time,” it’s generally an indication of paranoia, not reality.

    Pointing out that Donald Trump is an a$$ clown is not an attack on conservative principles. The people at this blog have a serious problem in sorting out BS artists from people who actually walk the walk.

  34. When a person’s argument consists of nothing beyond “everything you say is a lie,” we are not operating in intellectual territory.

  35. @SOS
    I can’t take anything the the Washington Posts says seriously about a conservative republican. You’ll have to come up with a more convincing argument.

  36. Sorry, but that’s not a serious answer. Either deal with the content or stand defeated.

  37. I don’t care about Trump but:

    People are agitating for the overthrow of the old order and a new deal for America. For there is a palpable sense that the game is rigged against Middle [implicitly White] America and for the benefit of insiders who grow rich and fat not by making things or building things, but by manipulating money [“bankers”].

    Americans differentiate the wealth of a Henry Ford and a Bill Gates from that of the undeserving rich whose hedge fund fortunes can exceed the GDP of nations.

    Trump says America is becoming a “dumping ground” for mass immigration from the failed states of the Third World, that Mexico is not “sending us her best and finest,” that China is stealing American jobs, that invading Iraq [implicitly… who?] was a blunder.

    Politically incorrect and socially insensitive certainly, but is he entirely wrong?


    At least he knows how to hire actors for this reality show.

    Besides… if the most genteel and aristocratic people in the nation can support Bushes and Clintons while supporting or accepting Joe Biden too… then what’s the problem with adding another clown to the circus act?


  38. The people at this blog have a serious problem in sorting out BS artists from people who actually walk the walk.

    Uh… like who, exactly?

    I have little use for candidates/clowns in this Empire of Entertainment. But seriously, with the troupes of clowns and entertainers already running the show now… who are you comparing Trump to?

    Obama? Joe Biden? Hillary? Jeb Bush? Chris Christie?

    ….sorting out BS artists from people who actually walk the walk.


    People that walk the walk on the streets are usually local, while the entertainers are usually national. That’s why we like to talk about national politics a lot.

    More entertainment!

  39. SOS, here is an example of the scam.

    When Donald Trump throws away the carefully-scripted approach of RINO Republicans, he is portrayed as kooky and scary and dangerous.

    When Bernie Sanders throws away the carefully-scripted approach of most Democrats, he is portrayed as fresh and authentic, bold, and a free-thinker.

    Again, “If liberals didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.” — Chris Plante, WMAL Radio talk show host.

    A liberal who speaks freely is a hero.

    A conservative who speaks freely is scary and kooky.

    That’s because honest reporting and honest analysis has nothing to do with it.

    It’s all about the lying. Liberals promote liberals and attack conservatives.

    THE REASONS THEY GIVE ARE ALWAYS LIES.–but-real–threat-to-hillary-clinton/2015/06/28/feb64a74-1daf-11e5-84d5-eb37ee8eaa61_story.html

  40. And SOS, here is another example of the scams pulled by liberals, which SoS was trying to argue:

    “Donald Trump is probably not worth $9 billion”


    This is reporting these days? This is the Washington Post????
    “We reached out to a coterie of experts on personal wealth to explain the ways in which Trump’s $9 billion MIGHT mean something very different than “Donald Trump is worth $9 billion.””


    THIS IS NEWS ??????

    Something MIGHT be true?

    And that is what the Washington post presents as news ????

    It MIGHT be?

    “And that holds for a lot of Trump’s net worth, too, given that it’s tied up in hotels, housing and office buildings. “A lot of the stuff is illiquid,” Osborne said, so “the value is based on an estimate of what it would sell at on the market.” When it comes to determining those assets, “obviously, there are going to be some differences.””

    Well, duh! Nobody said or suggested that Donald Trump has $9 billion in cash sitting in a bank account. And he’d be foolish to not have his money invested, put to work, earning profit.

  41. mynym June 24, 2015 at 14:02 “For there is a palpable sense that the game is rigged against Middle [implicitly White] America and for the benefit of insiders who grow rich and fat not by making things or building things, but by manipulating money [“bankers”].”

    But the game is rigged far worse against Blacks and even Hispanics.

    Unemployment among Blacks is often 20% to as high as 50% among Black youths.

    So if anyone is getting screwed the most, it is Blacks, especially young Blacks.

    So when Blacks are getting the worst of the bad deal, how do you claim that Whites are being targeted?

    Most Jews do not do much better than other groups, except that both Asians and Jews are * C U L T U R A L L Y * conditioned and dedicated to

    getting a good


    and getting a professional degree that is likely to provide good employment.

    Whereas most young white people are getting degrees in gender studies, poetry, the history of art, or Eskimo studies

    Asians and Jews are * P R E S S U R E D * — i.e., by their CULTURE — to complete a degree that is likely to result in career success and financial success.

    That is the meaning of CULTURE.

    Asian and Jewish culture teach their member stat WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT — even if you hate it — regardless of your feelings, you have a duty to carry your own weight and be ready to take care of yourself. In their culture, you are not “allowed” to get a degree in Rock and Roll or Pet Psychology. You have to get a meaningful professional education likely to lead to success and financial stability. If you then want to get a second degree in the civilizations of ancient Egypt, knock yourself out. But first you build a foundation for success.

    And that is part of what CULTURE means: A set of behaviors and values and ideals passed down from generation to generation.

    And that means that good choices are reinforced by encouragement, teaching, guidance, pressure, guilt, and even shame.

    One value — that has now been lost — is that your feelings don’t matter. You do what has to be done, whether you like it or not.

  42. Donald Trump is worth less every day, but I want to demonstrate with a poll of likely Iowa Republican caucus goers how false the claims are of his supposed popularity. These are the favorability-unfavorability numbers for GOP candidates in Iowa:

    53 – 31 percent for Paul;
    Negative 42 – 47 percent for Trump;
    46 – 42 percent for Bush;
    63 – 7 percent for Carson;
    58 – 19 percent for Cruz;
    60 – 13 percent for Rubio;
    61 – 28 percent for Huckabee
    Negative 25 – 59 percent for Christie.

    Christie is the only other surveyed candidate who is underwater.

  43. Okay, so let’s recap.

    And remember: THIS IS NOT ABOUT TRUMP.

    THIS IS ABOUT A DISHONEST TACTIC that liberals and the news media (but I repeat myself) always use, that we should never fall for.

    I kept saying that our prior discussions were NOT about Christine O’Donnell — but about the tactics routinely used against all conservatives — and you all refused to believe me.

    I do support Donald Trump and I do like and support Christine O’Donnell (though I recognize that human beings are always imperfect, it is the nature of being human).

    But this discussion is not about any particular conservative. This is about the same tactics and patterns I have been watching over and over since the 1980’s, when I first started paying attention.


    Donald Trump gives a strong conservative message, like Ronald Reagan’s prescription for “BOLD COLORS, no pale pastels.”

    And every liberal voice and journalist (but I repeat myself) howls that this is BAAAAAD for conservatives and the Republican Party.

    No, it isn’t.

    When a conservative leader says and does exactly the RIGHT thing, the liberals try to convince us to STOP doing what WORKS.

    Liberals obviously want to convince conservatives and Republicans not to do what works. Got that? It’s pretty simple.

    So “SOS” — by no means alone — tried to convince us that Donald Trump’s announcement speech was a big disaster because he was a plain-spoken, strong conservative.

    Remember: When Bernie Sanders speaks plainly, it’s refreshing and real and positive. When a conservative does, it’s a horrible mistake that is going to damage the GOP.

    Why? Because the consistency is to push the nation’s politics Left.

    So, Donald Trump’s announcement was such a disaster that Donald Trump is now polling #1 in North Carolina and in most polls for the GOP Presidential nomination, and #2 in New Hampshire.

    The power of that is so much greater because it is up against Jeb Bush, presumed to be the prohibitive, unstoppable Heir Apparent that all the GOP money people and Republican insiders — aka “Undocumented Democrats” — want as the nominee.

    So Donald Trump is not just at #1 or #2 in polls of a random collection of candidates, but polling ahead of or even with the GOP insider’s favorite choice, with all the powers and connections and actions of the GOP establishment promoting Jebillary Clinton-Bush.

    So the instant reaction to a strong conservative message is always:

    OOOOHHHHH, BIG MISTAKE! Don’t do that! OHHHH, NOOOO!!!!! Don’t say anything conservative.

    And yet a strong Reaganesque conservative message works every time it is tried….. and pursued. (You can’t do anything haphazardly, and take one approach one day and the opposite the next day. You have to stick with it.)

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