Trump and House Republicans Stand Strong for America; Senate Democrats Oppose Border Security and Disaster Relief at All Costs

House Republicans stood strongly with President Trump giving him leverage to get a compromise 5 billion of his 25 billion dollars for a border wall. Senate Democrats and irrelevant until January House democrats oppose the border security measure. While President Trump lost nearly 40 House seats, he gained 2 Senate seats. This is similar to Reagan’s midterm where he held on to a 53 to 47 majority but lost his working majority in the House of Representatives.

Pelosi staked out an extreme and illogical stand against any physical border security measure. This fact necessitated that the President try to gain whatever leverage he has now. Accepting a short term measure is illogical. It is better to take a full year spending deal than just set up another fight where Republicans are weaker in February. Passage by the House of an appropriation bill that funded border security and included help for disaster relief which the Senate neglected, places the burden of any shutdown on Senate Democrats who say they believe one is irresponsible. If it is so irresponsible to have a shutdown, than why not pass the House bill? There is no logical reason to filibuster over a few billion dollars except to place denying Trump a victory over everything else.

While the President was willing to own a partial shutdown by a veto, it turned out he did not have to. It is all on the Senate now.

4 thoughts on “Trump and House Republicans Stand Strong for America; Senate Democrats Oppose Border Security and Disaster Relief at All Costs”

  1. Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency for the last two years. Yet despite all of this control they did not repeal Obamacare and they did not allocate funds to build a wall.

    This is so ridiculous that as a liberal progressive I must quote a republican regarding this mess, Joe Scarborough.

    “Conservatives used to fight over government shutdowns to push for less spending and less debt. Now Trump Republicans have shutdown the Federal Gov’t to pay for a $5 Billion political punchline. Real conservatives would just say “No” to Trump’s boondoggle. ”

  2. This is a disgraceful post. Also, it’s interesting that we didn’t see a post regarding the Mattis resignation from someone in uniform.

    I mean the Army uniforms suck, but y’all get to (and like to) wear them everywhere.

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