Travel Pause Hysteria

The people who are calling the travel pause from 7 nations a Muslim ban are insulting Muslims. It is a pause to retool our screening to ban extremists and protect the majority. Is it good or bad? We shall see in 90 days.

Everyone needs to take a breath. Turn off fake news CNN and read the actual orders. I have never seen a network be so irresponsible.

Could President Trump’s eventual policy be terrible? Yes. It could also be terrific or anywhere in between. There is nothing evil about 90 days to design new policies. Let’s see the new policies.

I know that the previous administration had been disgraceful. It recognized that Christians in Syria and Iraq were subjected to genocide and did nothing to allow them in. Why protest the guy doing the right thing? They are so misinformed, it is heartbreaking.

The way to stop the disinformation is with real love. To protect Christians, you don’t have to abandon Muslims or the other way around. To protect America, you do not have to abandon our desire to help those in danger, nor do you have to abandon the fundamental duty to protect innocent Americans.

I support human rights. I believe that we love everyone. I don’t believe that means we don’t love ourselves enough to protect us from those who would kill us or follow the very people we all want to protect. My message to Muslims is that Americans love you. We do not feel the same way about radical Islamic extremists who want to use terror and tyranny to establish a caliphate and starting today, we are going to weed them out. They are not welcomed. You are. Have patience while we do what should have been done in the Islamic world 3 decades ago.

I have seen what Islamic Extremism looks like in the real world first hand. I refuse to have it come here. It has killed more people than we can count. It has killed thousands of Americans. It attempted to wipe the Yazidi’s from the face of the earth. It is launching an Islamic civil war. It wants to destroy the Jewish civilization. It wants to launch a war against the Hindus. It is a real and present danger. It is time that we act like it is.

Let’s calm down. We are all in this together.