Tiny Tuesday Big for Cruz, Sanders, and Trump

American voters will not have another Super Tuesday until April 26 when states including Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania vote, but meaningful votes are still occurring. Donald J. Trump won Arizona as expected. Cruz barely finished second to Rubio who banked a lot of early votes. Kasich finished 4th. In Utah, Trump had only his third time with a third place showing. Senator Ted Cruz was TrusTed by approximately 69% of voters which turned the contest from a proportional one to winner take all. Sanders had huge victories in Idaho and Utah with over 75% of the vote. Honesty matters in the mountain states. Clinton won Arizona with approximately 57% as of a recent count.

Trump increased his lead in delegates by 18, but Cruz proved that he can keep pace. At this rate it will be an open convention with no candidate receiving a majority. Kasich will have to prove something in 2 weeks in Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Tuesday Big for Cruz, Sanders, and Trump”

  1. At this rate it will be an open convention with no candidate receiving a majority…

    Not really.

    Trump has a fairly clear path to the nomination. There are a lot of states that haven’t voted yet with winner-take-all or winner-take-most primaries; CA, NJ, PA, MD, CT, NY, WI, IN. The delegate count for these states is 554, and Trump may well win all of these states. In my opinion, CA, NJ, PA, CT and NY are locks for Trump. So, if I am correct, that would put him at 1172. It’s going to be close, but I think he’ll make it; no contested convention.

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