8 thoughts on “Thomas Retires–Drudge New King of Journalism”

  1. Helen Thomas is a nasty, ugly, Socialist bigot. Why she ever got a job is beyond me. She is a typical dumb liberal idiot and only her position in the front row of the Washington Press Corps, (A position due to her longevity and not any talent) kept her employed.

    I am sure the Associated Press will replace her with an equally bad and disgusting Communist and anti American reporter.

    Maybe Thomas can get a job with Reuters. They love Commie liars.

  2. I agree. I do have to wonder if her remarks should have called for a threatened boycott by the other members of the press corps. It thought they were in the free speech business not the PC speech business. By they way, Hearst has employed her for the last 10 years, just as an aside.

  3. Victor Davis Hanson commented on the creepiness of Helen’s remarks. He said her comment that Jews go back to Poland and Germany immediately evoked the Holocaust, and that it was hard to escape the conclusion she was hinting, approvingly, at yet another holcaust for the Jews.

    I tend to agree with his analysis.

  4. In fairness to her, the quote went on to say Poland, Germany, or America–all over the world. In other words she is just a bigot wanting to scatter the Jews all over the world and deprive them of any type of homeland.

    When I first heard her say go back to Poland and Germany, my first thought was of the Holocaust and does she not remember why they had to flee from those countries, but then she added the rest of the phrase and I concluded she was only likely a bigot not a holocaust denier or worse.

  5. David, I hear you on one level, but she mentioned Germany and Poland first; then seemed to catch herself and add other nations–but it was too late.

    Regardless, her record leaves no doubt she hates the Jews. She’s always been anti-Semitic.

    Here’s the Hanson commentary in full:

    A Macaca Moment [Victor Davis Hanson]

    What has been missing from critiques of Helen Thomas’s anti-Semitic diatribe is any discussion of the precise way in which it trumped the usual slurs we hear from political figures (e.g., Jesse Jackson’s “Hymietown,” Reverend Wright’s “them Jews”). By picking Poland and Germany as the ultimate destinations to which she wishes Israelis would go, Thomas was, deliberately or carelessly, saying that they should be uprooted and sent to places where 6 million of them were liquidated. In other words, Thomas was not voicing the usual prejudice, but something much creepier, a sort of flippant pop blueprint for a repeat of 1939–45, echoing the shout from one of the seaborne “peace” protestors, “Go back to Auschwitz!”

    Of course, Thomas doesn’t care that nearly half the Israelis are of Middle Eastern heritage, that many Israelis can claim a family residence in “Palestine” longer than her own in the United States, that a Jewish presence in Israel dates to the dawn of recorded history, that many of Israel’s older generation were ethnically cleansed from cities like Baghdad and Cairo after the 1967 war, or that her views are in sync with the Hamas charter and Iranian promises. Note also that Thomas is not concerned with occupation in such places as Tibet, Cyprus, or Ossetia; such human-rights violations as Turkey’s treatment of the Kurds; such violence on the high seas as the North Korean attack, Iran’s hijacking of a British ship, or the pirates off Somalia. All these are mere abstractions — unless they involve the Jews.

  6. Helen Thomas is Lebanese American. Her parents were immigrants. I do not expect her to be pro-Israel. I don’t mind the diversity in the dialog. I think this one went over the top when she said go back to Germany and Poland. We are not too far apart, but I did want to be fair to her. She did not leave it there. She went from being anti-Israel to being aligned with Hamas and Iran in policy. Religious and ethnic cleansing is not cool.

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