The Stolen Election of Lamar Gunn

Guest Post By: Jahi Issa Ph.D This content added at the request of the author …The Democrats maintained their control in part because of the Poll Tax legislation they had enacted in 1873 to prevent Blacks, and anyone else the Democrat assessors didn’t like, from voting. Fraud was rampant throughout Delaware’s voting system… Carol E. Hoffecker, Democracy in Delaware: The Story of the First State General Assembly “After passage of the Fifteenth Amendment, the Democratic Party Declared itself the White Man’s Party…” in the State of Delaware. David P. Peltier, Border State Democracy: A History of Voting in Delaware, 1682-1897 The Beginning of Redemption and the New Post Reconstruction Era in America, Part 1 On November 4, 2014 Candidate for the Republican Party, Mr. Lamar Gunn was democratically elected to the Office of Recorder of Deeds in Kent County, by a majority vote. His opponent was the Democratic incumbent Betty Lou McKenna. Gunn, a Dover based financial advisor who was born and reared in the tough environment of Compton, California received 19,247 votes whereas McKenna, a three-term incumbent, received 19,245 votes. Gunn’s victory, according to the States Elections Commission, was by a slim margin of two votes. Delaware law requires that in any election race that has a difference of one-half of 1 percent automatically triggers a verification of absentee ballots. Before the recount, both Gunn and Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove were positive that a recount result in what the general elections already had resolved–that Gunn, who is Black, would be the first African American Recorder of Deeds for Kent County, Delaware. Intact, before the recount, Commissioner Elaine Manlove is recorded as stating that “all absentee ballots have been reviewed and the mandatory recount will produce the same result.” The Commissioner was so resolute in the efficiency of the counting process that she further stated that she would not attend the Board of Canvass recount based on her confidence in the work already performed by her office to verify the accuracy of the Recorder of Deeds election results. An automatic manual recount of machine ballots and 1,489 absentee ballots proceeded on November 6, 2014 at Kent County Superior Court at 10 a.m. Approximately 30 people who represented the Board of Canvass (ALL-WHITE) consisting of court clerical staff, bank employees, and local attorneys were selected to recount ballots. According to the Chairman of Delaware GOP, Mr. Charlie Copeland, after the first recount, Gunn had won by 3 votes. After the second recount, Gunn had won by 7 votes. The third and final recount Gunn lost by three votes and the presiding Superior court Judge William L. Witham, who oversaw the Board of Canvass, dismissed everyone in the court to allow the Board of Elections (BOE) to review the ballots and determine where the discrepancies existed. Shortly after dismissing everyone, the court hurried the remaining people back into the courthouse as Judge Witham said that he would not be able to honor his previous decision to allow the BOE to review the ballots and had to certify the election for Democratic incumbent Betty Lou McKenna who did not show up for the recount. Many believe that this was voter fraud! The History of voter fraud is profound in Delaware according to historians. As it refers to African Americans it runs even deeper. Several months after passage of the Fifteenth Amendment (The right of citizens of the United States to vote), the Democratic Party of Delaware blatantly professed at its 1870 state convention that it was the “White Man’s Party” and that: The Federal Government and the Government of the State of Delaware were framed by white men for the benefit of white men, and that they are unalterably opposed to any association with Negroes politically or socially, and to any participation by Negroes in the management of the affairs and interests of either general or state government. Although Democratic Party in Delaware during Post Reconstruction often had the upper hand in the disenfranchisement of African Americans in the state, there were times were the Black minority did take the effort to fight back. On October 15, 1880, a few weeks before the national elections, an all-White political club parade represented by the state’s Democratic Party in Wilmington, Delaware was attacked by a well-armed large group (300) of African Americans on Ninth and Walnut Street in front of National Hall (also called Little Africa). Jahi Issa has earned a Ph.D in U.S. history from Howard University and has recently been tried for a minor misdemeanor offense that resulted in a hung jury. The state has decided to retry the case on January 26th. 2015.

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  1. Like it or not — this article was posted in the greater public interest. The integrity of the electronic electoral process will be more closely ensured with hardcopy backup and integrated audit trails.

  2. Yes and after Markell appointed Vaughn to Supreme Court, his Chief Judge’s position of Superior Court is now open. Watch to see if Judge Witham gets a promotion.

  3. Charles Copeland, Chairmen of the State of Delaware’s Republican Party is young white man who has held himself out as a fair and convivial friend of blacks in the State. He comes from an old Delaware elite family. He has a duty to defend his black candidate and to expend any and all resources of his party to see that Justice is done. Let him do anything less and the Republican Party of Delaware will have joined the ranks of the White Man’s party described above and Charlie will have stained his name and destroyed any trust that might have been placed in his character and his name in the African American community.

  4. Tomorrow on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show out of Philadelphia, which we were able to hear as far into Delaware, as Bear, Delaware two weeks ago, we will have the Virginia Voters Alliance. They uncovered illegal aliens in Maryland registered to vote. How? They said so. When called up for jury duty, the registered voters declined jury duty by answering that they were not citizens. It’s right there on their forms.

    But those like Nobody will sputter that voter fraud does not exist.

    I have worked as a bookkeeper. I have a graduate year in accounting, after an undergraduate year in Finance.

    If you don’t get exactly the same mathematical result in 2 runs of the numbers, you MUST find out WHY.

    And when you think you have found out why, you should then run the numbers 3 times getting exactly the same result once the problem is fixed.

    I once ran monthly numbers for the business and was off by 3 cents. Tracking down WHY the numbers were off by 3 cents, I uncovered hundreds of dollars of mistakes that netted out to only 3 cents. But hundreds of dollars of mistakes — including checks recorded for amounts different than the amount shown clearing the bank — were indicated by only the tiniest difference

    I find it peculiar — as is very clear in the history of the Democrat Party going back to 1880 and earlier — that those who believe the USA is a country for White people were so very determined to fill it up with Black people totally against their will. Curious. If they really thought that, perhaps they should not have forced so many Blacks against their will to join the White Man’s country.

    Delaware’s Democrat Party was so extreme in its racism that among the BOURBON DEMOCRATS working to return the South to pre-Civil War slavery,
    that Delaware’s Democrat Senator Saulsbury fought for a national law allowing slaves who had escaped to be seized anywhere in the nation, in slave or free states, and returned to their owners.

    Moreover, Delaware’s Democrat Senator voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1866 because it allowed Blacks to have guns: [CONG. GLOBE, 39th Congress, 1st Session, pt. 1, 474 (29 Jan. 1866)] Senator William Saulsbury (D- Del) added “In my State for many years…there has existed a law…which declares that free negroes shall not have the possession of firearms or ammunition. This bill proposes to take away from the States this police power…” and thus voted against the bill.

    NOTICE how the Bourbon Democrats still run the Democrat Party today?

  5. Wow, the last cited date to “prove” this screed is immediate post-Reconstruction.

    Let’s be clear that indeed the Democratic Party of that era was not the anti-slavery party that the Republican Party was, especially in Delaware.

    Have things changed? Seems like it, with so many black members of the General Assembly being Democrats and the only black Republican was defeated in a primary last September.

    So let’s stop the fulmination about history and get to the facts of this recount. As @Emery Graham wrote above, “Charles Copeland, Chairmen of the State of Delaware’s Republican Party is young white man who has held himself out as a fair and convivial friend of blacks in the State. He comes from an old Delaware elite family. He has a duty to defend his black candidate and to expend any and all resources of his party to see that Justice is done.”


  6. This incident may very well turn out to be a critical turning point in Delaware political history as the First State , with its remnants of plantation politics , has been termed the last bastion of Dixiecrats. If Wisdom and Justice prevail, it will be the last redoubt….

  7. Well, Wolf, I hope you are right. But usually the liberals create change because they fight for it, while traditionalists or conservatives simply shrug and allow ourselves to be treated like doormats.

    Gunn needs to file suit. I don’t know how that is done in Delaware. But Gunn HAS TO pursue every remedy.

    If conservatives make a stink about it, then it could continue the unraveling of minority support for Democrats and bring the death spiral for the Democrat Party to New Castle County.

    But all Republicans too often try to be nicer than Jesus. Jesus was crucified. But we are nicer than Jesus. We will never offend anyone. We act like doormats.

    We often have to remember that when we fight for what is right, WE ARE PLAYING A ROLE. It is not about us. We are simply the champion for right versus wrong.

    We can easily feel it’s not that big of a deal I will just let it go. But we have to remember you are not fighting for yourself alone. You are championing the integrity of the system FOR EVERYONE. It is not just about you.

    But people need to be clear about the argument. A sloppily-presented argument will hurt.

    The fact that the recounts were INCREASING the slim margin for African-American Gunn when they stopped the count, threw everyone out, and declared the White Dixiecrat the winner is the story, in my opinion.

    If the Dixiecrat machine expected to overcome Gunn’s 2 vote margin in a recount, but the recount was going the WRONG WAY they had to shut it down and kick everyone out in a hurry.

    Do the Dixiecrats that run Delaware care that much about Gunn’s race? Well, they don’t want the idea to get out their to the low-information voter than Blacks can be Republicans, too.

  8. Jaded Observer November 12, 2014 at 07:01 “Wow, the last cited date to “prove” this screed is immediate post-Reconstruction.”

    Not at all. The pivotal moment that is seared into the national consciousness about the civil rights struggle is REPUBLICAN President Dwight D. Eisenhower calling out 1,200 soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell, Ky. to forcibly integrate public schools in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    On Sept. 24, 1957 Federal troops escort the nine black students into school for their first full day of classes.. On Sept. 26, DEMOCRAT Governor Faubus appears on TV to tell Arkansans, “We are now an occupied territory.”

    To block Democrats from continuing the opporession of Blacks, REPUBLICAN President Eisenhower calls out the Arkansas National Guard under federal control as Commander in Chief, under Eisenhower’s orders as President.

    The iconic image of a Black girl — one of the Little Rock Nine — being escorted by the Airborne troops into a public school that the day before was segregated is one of the most significant moments in ending the slavery, racism, and bigotry of the Democrat Party.

    Other than REPUBLICAN the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr’.’s “I have a dream speech” — and REPUBLICAN Rev. King’s assassination by a Democrat — no other moment epitomizes the liberation of Black Americans from Democrats than REPUBLICAN President Eisenhower ordering Airborne troops to forcibly desegregate the public schools in the South.

    No moment is seared into the brain of every racist more deeply than REPUBLICAN President Eisenhower using airborne troops to dismantle the discrimination against Blacks throughout the South, in support of REPUBLICAN Reverend Martin Luther King’s “Dream.”

    But when it comes to the racists in the Democrat Party “even the devil himself appears as an angel of light” the Bible warns us.

  9. The history of racism within the Democrat Party in the South is well documented and beyond dispute.

    However, I don’t believe that racism today has any particular party affiliation. For example, quite a few white people in blue-collar neighborhoods in major cities in the Rust Belt and the Northeast vote Democrat mainly because they perceive the Democrats to be more pro-union. Yet, there is a good deal of racism permeating the blue-collar demographic, yet that doesn’t mean their elected representatives are necessarily racist.

    In the South, the Republican Party dominates, yet it would be absurd to claim that there is no racism in the South. Again, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the elected representatives are racist.

    In the inner cities, North and South, black racism is prevelant. Fifty years after the Civil Rights Act of ’64, there is a segment within the black community that openly hates the white man. And these people are bused to the polls to vote for the Democrats.

    Racism is a state of mind, and it pervades all demographics. I am not or never have been concerned about what someone says or thinks about my race. Who cares? What matters most is that people of all ethnicities shall not be denied employment, housing, education and so on based upon their race. Fairness in opportunity can be legislated and enforced; thoughts, ideas and personal opinions cannot.

  10. “They uncovered illegal aliens in Maryland registered to vote. How? They said so. When called up for jury duty, the registered voters declined jury duty by answering that they were not citizens. It’s right there on their forms.”

    Classic Moseley logic.

    The first question should be are they, or are they not, citizens. Simply because a person may have discovered a magic bullet to avoid jury duty does not answer that question. Moseley is assuming that the voter registration form was incorrect, and the jury duty form was correct. There is no basis for that assumption.

    Secondly, the conclusion that someone who is not a citizen is an illegal alien is also unsupported by the facts of the story. Someone may be a permanent resident or otherwise on some sort of visa, and be here perfectly legally.

    Then, the final unsupported conclusion:

    “But those like Nobody will sputter that voter fraud does not exist.”

    Did they vote, Jon? Whether or not they voted is recorded information which can be checked.

    If they are not citizens but did obtain and fill out a voter registration form, not understanding what is required to vote, but did not vote, then you have improperly registered voters, but you do not demonstrate they actually voted.

    However, the jury duty excuse form does not show whether they are or are not citizens. It shows what they put on that form.

  11. “But those like Nobody will sputter that voter fraud does not exist.”

    It exists in very low numbers. STop creating straw men.

  12. Rick: I have never witnessed or found racism in the modern USA in my lifetime, except (1) in the utter condescension and disrespect of liberals in belittling Blacks and other minorities, and (2) in anti-Semitic hate groups that literally (eventually) reveal themselves as neo-Nazis apologizing for Adolf Hitler. The latter groups mainly blame World War 2 on “Jews” Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt (neither of whom were Jewish) and just throw in a topping of racism against Blacks as an extra.

    Other than that, I reject the idea that there is any racism in the USA today. But liberals argue there is racism. Prove it. There is. See, I just proved it. THAT over there is racist. Why? Because America is racist. SO their argument is that America is racist because America is racist. Maybe liberals are just dumb.


    Nobody, you are welcome to tune in at 4:30 PM and find out, at or call on the phone to listen free at (832) 999-1199. (I don’t know if that plays from the beginning while the show is live.)

    But the form you file in response to jury duty is sworn under oath. It is a felony to lie on that form. So if they say they are not citizens, and they are, they committed a felony of perjury.

    Furthermore, the jury pool is drawn from voter registration lists. So they registered to vote, and swore under oath that they are not citizens.

    Then, the kicker: These people were not removed from the voter rolls. People who answered as far back as 2004, and repeatedly every few years, that they were not citizens WERE NOT TAKEN OFF the voter registration list.

    So we know that we have a problem, which Nobody wants to cover up.

    Did they vote? Does that matter? They registered to vote for the very purpose of voting. Why do people register to vote?

    The issue is that the integrity of our elections is insufficient without better controls.

    There are better controls to keep someone from taking $100 out of your account at an ATM machine.

    The fact that a non-citizen could register to vote and stay on the rolls for over a decade, after admitting that he is not a citizen, means (a) he could vote at any time and (b) the system’s controls are not working.

    So let’s be clear: The Democrats are the party of massive widespread fraud and law-breaking. Democrats exist by breaking the rules. And they are so shameless that when we want to clean up the system, they fight tooth and nail for their law-breaking fix….. Give me just one more bottle of breaking the law. Then I will go sober… Tomorrow.

  13. Rick: I have never witnessed or found racism in the modern USA in my lifetime, except…

    Good for you. I have.

  14. Let’s cut out the tangents and get to the heart of the matter:

    A flawed election process with NO independent verification in a special-interest dominated state polical environment is readily emergent.

    Dr. Gunn took a pioneering turn in the 2014 election with his strong consumer advocacy and pledge to protect Kent Countians against land fraud in direct opposition to the Delaware Way.

    Like it or not, Christie — race is a complicating factor. You and your dwindling supporters are way over your head in this discussion…

  15. “I reject the idea that there is any racism in the USA today.”

    And I reject the idea that you’re not a waste of skin. So what? Your blindness is not evidence that there’s no light.

    You’re so ignorant of the law I wonder how you passed the bar. It’s not voter fraud unless someone votes fraudulently. Rolls typically carry the names of people who move away because most states don’t purge the rolls regularly. It’s not fraud unless they vote there.

    The most flagrant of the very few incidents came in Scott Walker’s recall election, when a Republican operative voted in both Illinois and Wisconsin.

    You can always tell what illegal acts Republicans are doing or intend to do, because they always accuse Democrats of doing it.

  16. Yes, Bill, you should listen to Wolf “2.1%” von Baumgart, because he obviously knows how to win elections.

  17. I have also found instutional racism, which Mr. Gunn seems to be a victim of.
    In the case of Jahi Issa’s termination of employment as a history professor, from Delaware State University, and subsequent arbitration hearing, institutional racism is blatantly apparent.

  18. The latter groups mainly blame World War 2 on “Jews” Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt (neither of whom were Jewish)…

    Seriously, Moseley?

    Come on over, let’s debate it. Or there are other forums. Try some of the stuff you post here on Zerohedge, not that I always agree… but seriously.

    It’s low information content here where perceptions and the national mythologies of Team Captain America are reality. That’s going to have to end. (RIP Pat Tillman) Perhaps it will continue. It’s continued this long, where the World Wars were “good” wars. I just do not see how the national myths of America are going to hold up. Could be wrong… because people have a lot of freedumb now, although much less of an excuse for it as the net grows.

  19. Nobody: If people who are not eligible to vote are on the voter registration list, we need to fix it.

    Note that even a voter ID law would not prevent people from showing up to vote.

    As for racism, there are plenty of things that liberals lie about Republicans on: That’s racism. Why? Because it is. How do you know? Because Republicans are racist. Why are Republicans racist? Because they did that. Well, why is that racist? Because Republicans are racist. What’s wrong with you? Can’t you follow us around the circle?

  20. “I reject the idea that there is any racism in the USA today.”

    Shrug. I’ve observed it.

    Plus you just called me a racist the other day and I’m an American. Can you try to tell the truth or follow through on things based on facts, logic and evidence?

    It’s not as scary as it may seem at first to have to change your mind. Then perhaps you could get used to it and go from there.

  21. “If people who are not eligible to vote are on the voter registration list, we need to fix it.

    Note that even a voter ID law would not prevent people from showing up to vote.”

    Yes, precisely. And note that restricting early voting has nothing to do with voter fraud. That push is pure voter suppression.

    Don’t you have a real job? Why do you waste all day typing for an obscure web site that deals with Delaware politics, when you virtually never have anything relevant to say about Delaware politics? It’s nothing but a steady stream of dumber-than-usual propaganda, seeded with the inanity of Biblical literalism.

    @mynym: If he could employ facts, logic and evidence, he’d be a lawyer instead of an obsessed blogger.

  22. Wolf von Baumgart
    “Like it or not, Christie — race is a complicating factor. You and your dwindling supporters are way over your head in this discussion.”

    There’s a reason the IPoD party which you lead hasn’t gone anywhere in this state, you only need to look in the mirror, to find the answer. You can trash talk the 2 parties all you want, I’ve yet to ever see a party chair of either party lower themselves to the unprofessional levels that you do.

  23. Frankly, I believe Dr. Gunn’s defeat had less to do with racism than it did with the corruption prevalent in Delaware due to one party rule.

    When a state is run by one party only, that party gets greedy and has to have it all, including “victory” over an obscure political post.

  24. You’re wrong about that, Fay. Delaware was this way under two-party rule as well. That’s the foundation of the “Delaware Way” — insiders prosper, outsiders can stay outside.

  25. Sort of this mentality:

    “Listen all you people, come gather round
    I gotta get me a game plan, gotta shake you to the ground
    Just give me what I know is mine,
    People do you hear me, just give me the sign,
    It ain’t much I’m asking, if you want the truth
    Here’s to the future for the dreams of youth,
    I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now,
    I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now,

    I’m a man with a one track mind,”

  26. Fay, I think you have a point but the two party system isn’t the Dems and the Repubs. The two party system in Delaware consists of Insiders and Outsiders. Once elected, there is one big fraternity in the General Assembly and for the most part, the people of Delaware are forgotten until next election. Then the rhetoric once again begins and an illusion of honesty is once again foisted upon a naive citizenry. It is all about power.

  27. Okay, “Nobody,” and at what point do you realize that you are playing the good German who is making the Nazi Party possible? At what point do you look in the media and say “I am part of the problem. I am enabling this corrupt group.”

    Maybe Delaware does need a new Party. And maybe it isn’t IPOD. But when do you look in the mirror and realize “I am selling my soul for these miscreants.”

  28. This is not about the IPoD — it’s about apparent election fraud in Kent County and the State of Delaware. The problem is much too important to be derailed by side issues as some of the above irrelevant and/or false comments still indicate.

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