The Shooting of Terrance Fletcher By Dover Police, Justified?

Conflicting Reports By Different News Agencies and The Dover Police Dept. Causes Anger in Dover’s Black Community.

After reading conflicting reports about the shooting of Terrance Fletcher 21, by Dover police on the 100 block of South New Street on August 28, I decided to attend an open meeting of community residents and leaders at 6pm Saturday to get closer to the real story of what happened.

Apostle Marion Lott, "if you can't stand up now, my God, when are you going to stand up."
Apostle Marion Lott, “if you can’t stand up now, my God, when are you going to stand up.”

According of the Dover Police media release Friday afternoon:

At approximately 1:24pm (Friday) Chief Bernat notified the mayor to inform him of shots being fired at 111 South Ne, the details are still coming in however, a perpetrator confronted two Dover officers with a handgun and was told to put the gun down and he did not comply. One of the officers fired several shots. Subject has now been transported to Bayhealth condition is unknown at this time. Chief Bernat, Dep Chief Mailey and the Mayor were all on scene shortly after the event.

There is currently some disorderly conduct taking place, please do not go near the area, so the police department can conduct their duties and responsibilities as necessary. When more details become available we will make you aware.

However, at the community meeting I attended at the Center of Faith, Church of God Led by Apostle Marion Lott, I received much different information from two eye witnesses that spoke of the incident at the open meeting and gave details to me later in interviews that differ from the police report, concerning Mr. Fletcher’s possession of a gun.

New Street resident Regina Seville spoke to the group stating, she was with Mr. Fletcher and he was not is possession of a gun when he started running from Dover police. “He did not have a gun at all,” said Seville adamantly several times. After Seville’s eyewitness account of the incident a man stood up and said the police yelled, “here he comes, shoot him, shoot him. He didn’t even tell him to stop.”

Regina Seville, stating Fletcher did not have a gun
Regina Seville, stating Fletcher did not have a gun

Another New Street resident, Regina Morris, not only stated Mr. Fletcher did not have a gun, while speaking to the crowd but to me later in a brief private interview. I don’t believe either woman was lying and this raises the question of whether this gun the police claimed was thrown down by Fletcher, was an attempt by the police to justify the shooting by looking for a gun one of them had just thrown down.

A thorough investigation needs to be made by an outside agency, not the Dover Police or the Delaware State Police, but a truly unbiased agency with no dog in the race. The Dover police never stated they thought they were in danger of being shot or harmed by Fletcher. As I drove down New Street in Dover, traveling to the meeting the streets were filled with angry non-violent people, with one man standing up with his fist in the air shouting, “yes we’re ready.” This is clearly a powder keg ready for the slightest spark to set it off.

Many residents of the area also bitterly complained that an overwhelming response by many different police forces, filling the streets was totally unnecessary. They believed the size of the police response was unjustified and the arrests for disorderly conduct were out of line.

I would suggest the Dover Police Dept ascertain whether Mr. Flectcher’s fingerprints are on this alleged gun or not. I don’t want what happened in Ferguson MO. to happen in Dover Delaware. This shooting stinks to high heaven with different accounts that don’t add up.

The larger question is, are the Dover Police targeting this area simply because it is in downtown Dover, close to the General Assembly and the seat of Delaware’s power structure? Citizens spoke of, South New Street being a targeted area because of their poverty and ethnicity. They spoke of the same officer coming back night after night, threatening and harassing the neighborhood. There were cries at the meeting to have this officer moved to another patrol area. This is what is called “Institutional Racism.”

This community only wants to form committees to help their people rise above the racism and poverty. It was clear to me that a serious problem exists here in the Dover power structure and in the Dover Police Dept. This problem will not go away and needs to be addressed.

42 thoughts on “The Shooting of Terrance Fletcher By Dover Police, Justified?”

  1. Don,

    People like yourself and that Doug Beatty guy often get accused of inciting and inflammatory behavior. Guilty as charged. When you or I puts out a perspective that varies from the ‘official’ narrative we are indeed upsetting folks. Generally the folks making the official statements and they work for us so they can kiss my ass.

    It is important for me to posit that if individuals such as yourself, me, Dr. Issa, even our good friend The Prophet wanted to incite unrest in Downtown Dover we would have succeeded by now.

    What really inflames the ‘black community’ is lack of a voice whenever an incident like this occurs. The rush to condemn the person the police acted against and people like our good friend Mr. Knotts accusing victims of State violence like Dr. Issa of being paranoid or perhaps not truthful. That is inciting.

    The newspapers not reporting eye witness accounts of the public but only publishing the police statements incites and inflames. Last night you went to one of TWO events held in Dover at the same time for the same purpose. Divide and conquer, that inflames the ‘black community’.

    The fact that police from everywhere were on New Street telling people to shut up and move on .. that inflames people. Do those officers not have writing instruments and notepads? Can they not say “Sir/Ma’am, if you saw something and would like to make a statement to detecitives I’ll pass your name along if you tell me to.” ???? Is that so hard? Such also gives the appearance of an officer actually serving the public. WOW what a concept!!!!!

    We do what we do to prevent riots. Speaking of which, who would unrest in Downtown benefit? Those of us who pay attention already know. The rest of you need to do some research. There is a reason residents responded to those two arrests in the crowd with cell phones taking video instead of violence against the cops or rioting. They know.

    Thanks for not letting me be the lone white guy on this one. It’s good to have company even it if it is ole NOT AYOTTE. 😀

  2. Why did Fletcher run from the cops?

    Why is Fletcher prohibited from owning a gun? Is he a felon? How extensive is his criminal record? Is he employed or a career criminal?

  3. Does it matter? According to witnesses on the scene Fletcher knew he was wanted. Nobody there disputes that it was wrong to arrest the man. Nobody disputes that he fled to evade arrest or that he was rightfully wanted.
    To the best of my knowledge the man was not employed and according the Dover Post was wanted in W. VA for drug and traffic offenses.
    But at the end of the day the only thing that justifies lethal force is a lethal threat and that is very much in question here. Not by police of course, but by the community they are paid to serve.

  4. Some comments from F***YoFlag ‘movement” with some comments from members of BlackLivesMatter.


    An unidentified black man said “when those mother f**kers are by themselves, that’s when when we should start f***ing them up. Like they do us, when a bunch of them ni**ers takin’ one of us out, that’s how we should roll up.” He said, “Cause we already roll up in gangs anyway. There should be six or seven black mother f**ckers, see that white person, and then lynch their ass. Let’s turn the tables.”

    They conspired that if “cops started losing people,” then “there will be a state of emergency.”

    He speculated that one of two things would happen, “a big-ass [R’s?????] war,” or “ni**ers, they are going to start backin’ up.”

    “We are already getting killed out here so what the f**k we got to lose?”

    Sunshine could be heard saying, “Yep, that’s true. That’s so f**king true.”

    He said, “We need to turn the tables on them. Our kids are getting shot out here. Somebody needs to become a sacrifice on their side.

    He said, “Everybody ain’t down for that s**t, or whatever, but like I say, everybody has a different position of war.” He continued, “Because they don’t give a f**k anyway.” He said again, “We might as well utilized them for that s**t and turn the tables on these n**ers.”

    Yes, just fine city black people.

  5. RIck, FYF is NOT BLM number one
    Number two if you are paying attention BLM is now pretty much recognized in the ‘black community’ as being bought out completely by Soros/DNC in serious corners.

    Number three, Sunshine and her FYF crew have nothing to do wtih Dover. Quite the opposite occured Friday. Vastly outnumbered officers were RECORDED not attacked when they decided to arrest and arguably assault a man for ‘profanity’ towards an officer. Well settled case law says that is protected speech. Witnesses say the man who was arrested for shoving an officer was ‘crowded’ by the cop. True? No idea. Other witnesses in the same crowd said the second man simply got too close.

    So what is your point here?

  6. After reading four different stories on this incident, all of them significantly different in details, I decided to get the real story from eyewitnesses to the event.
    There is much more that I can write and probably will but this is a start.
    The facts that I got were right from the eyewitnesses that were on the scene and spending time with Mr. Fletcher before the police showed up and I do believe what they related to the crowd in the Church and to me in private interviews is the truth. The rest of the media were kept outside because they weren’t trusted and that’s what I was told by the person that was talking to them outside the building, while I was allowed inside.

  7. Rick,
    In answer to you question about Mr. Fletcher’s criminal history I’ll provide what I know. The information is known by others commenting as well but they for whatever reason didn’t post it. This is all general public information readily available online.

    February 18, 2015
    Journal News
    Terrance Bryant Fletcher, 20, of Dover, Delaware, and Johnny Regis, 32, of Rivera Beach, Florida, were arrested Monday in Berkeley County on felony charges of possession with intent to deliver heroin, conspiracy to possess with intent to delivery a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine after the drugs were found in a motel room in Martinsburg they were renting.

    Fletcher was also arrested on additional warrants charging him with one count of possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and four counts of distribution of crack cocaine in connection with controlled drug purchases performed by authorities.

    Fletcher was later arraigned and, as of Tuesday, was being held at Eastern Regional Jail on $480,000 bail.

  8. If Fletcher’s fingerprints are in FACT found on the gun what will be written then?
    Will all these people who made the claims Fletcher did not have a gun publicly state they were wrong?
    Will the reporters who made the claims these people spoke the truth publicly apologize?

    Without knowing all the the facts via an investigation I am deeply troubled by the insinuation that there was some conspiracy by other officers to use a throwaway gun. That in and of itself is a serious allegation which IMHO serves no purpose other than to fuel the fires of mistrust of all law enforcement officers in Dover.

  9. I wonder if any of the people within the community who are now making issue with Officer Malley ever brought their concerns up before. Given the egregious nature of the allegations being made against Officer Malley one would think he received some form of disciplinary action, if they had any merit.

  10. Rick:

    Why did Fletcher run from the cops?

    Why is Fletcher prohibited from owning a gun? Is he a felon? How extensive is his criminal record? Is he employed or a career criminal?


    Does it matter?

    Yeah, it does. I have no sympathy for a career hug that gets shot running from the cops.

    Thanks for the info, Bill. Just what I figured. Another “child” felon.

  11. Bill Christy said:
    “Without knowing all the the facts via an investigation I am deeply troubled by the insinuation that there was some conspiracy by other officers to use a throwaway gun.”

    You have always been deeply troubled by the truth Bill and I feel a deep pain in me arse that you believe every truth is a conspiracy theory. Believe me, there big boy, it won’t be the first time a man has been framed by the police and it won’t be the last. If indeed that’s what happened and nobody has absolutely said that it did.
    Nice try Bill, but no cigar!

  12. I read the entire article and I don’t believe those two women are lying about not SEEING him with a gun, but just because they didn’t see the weapon doesn’t mean he wasn’t in possession of one. He could have easily had it concealed and tossed it as he ran, my question is whether or not the police actually saw the gun before shooting him, or if they were just going by the tip.

  13. Jessica
    I attended the meeting and the questions you pose are reasonable. I just interviewed these people and reported what I saw and heard. Thank you for your comment.

  14. Rick you’re welcome.
    I think we can make a reasonable guess what Don will claim if Fletcher’s fingerprints are indeed found on the gun. He will claim the police put the gun in his hand while he was sedated at the hospital.

  15. Bill
    Don’t speculate on what I will think, you don’t have a clue! You are a wannabe at everything you’ve ever attempted!

  16. Funny, the Holder/Omaba DOJ couldn’t find anything in Ferguson despite the claims of da hood “witnesses.” Too late, they already burned the town down.

    Bye-the-way, are black athletes trained to think they can assault and abuse women in “college,” or do they learn that in high school?

  17. For years conservatives have keenly noted that Obama is a divider, so is it a surprise that his DOJ isn’t finding anything on Wilson? But they are weighing in on other cases in a way that inflames the ‘whites’?

    Some people should be forced to play poker, Then they wouldn’t have gas money or internet. 😉

  18. {Nitpicker, your entire comment was redacted for the use of a profane e-mail address. I’m sure we both know what I am talking about. If this behavior continues, you will be dropped from commenting on our site.} DonAyotte, Managing Editor

  19. You are entitled to that opinion but your opinion, much like your rectum is not the law.….anonymouse

    Aw, what a cute way to inject “rectum” into the conversation. Oh well, there’s no accounting for taste.

    But to reiterate, I couldn’t care less when a career criminal gets shot. And I doubt if the people he regularly terrorizes in the neighborhood care much either. Let’s see what the law says about it.

    The newest Black Lives Matter chant, used in a Texas “protest” march yesterday…..

    “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon…”

    So they condone the shooting of a cop- in the back- but they whine when a career criminal gets shot. With such monumental ignorance, it’s no wonder they can’t get a job.

    Maybe Soros is using a shadow organization to pay them?

  20. No matter race or place or criminal history…. the police or no other human has a right to threaten another persons life..the police are hired to protect and serve..not shoot to kill…and if he had no gun displayed there was no reason to shoot..and by reading these comments I clearly see that racism is indeed alive on Delaware… and maybe that’s why black men still get lynched here and it’s no talk about it…Police are human to… they bleed too.

  21. Utlkiliveit

    You are correct, but it’s almost a criminal offense to talk about it in public. Institutional racism is not only alive in Delaware but it has infiltrated nearly every fabric of life. Just think of it, we are the home of Joe Biden, the Vice President under Obama, who is considered a mixed race president. You would think this state would be one of the least racist in America, but instead Delaware is one of the most racist states in America.

  22. Rick quoted:
    “The newest Black Lives Matter chant, used in a Texas “protest” march yesterday…..“Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon…”

    I don’t see the relevance of your quote from black lives matter and the shooting in Dover, unless you are attempting a very cheap intimidation tactic. It’s not going to work Rick!

  23. None of us here were 1st hand witnesses to what happened in Dover. The suspect is a known Felon who has threatened law enforcement in the past. Unfortunately at times a violent response is required when dealing with violent criminals. We have a split second to make a decision when we perceive our lives are in danger when confronted. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. If this had been a white suspect shot by a white officer or a black suspect shot by a black officer this wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. So I have to ask who is really pushing playing the race card?

    I have more numbers of black friends including ones that go back nearly 60 years.

    Where’s the outrage in the community when one of the gang bangers, drug dealers or violent criminal murders an innocent person?

    Where’s the same outrage in the community when a victim is brutally beaten for a pair of sneakers, or a bicycle?

    Where’s the outrage in the community when a woman is brutally raped ?

    Where’s the communities outrage over the violent crime and murders in Dover this year?

    A law enforcement officer is ASSASSINATED, while fueling his cruiser and not a word is written by those who jumped on the rumor mill with this incident on Dover.

    A brutal home invasion resulting in a murder in front of the victims children, and 3 drive by shootings in Milford in the last 3 weeks again NOT ONE word is written.


  24. I don’t see the relevance of your quote from black lives matter and the shooting in Dover…

    Then maybe you need to open your eyes.

  25. Donald you call yourself an investigative reporter and want to talk about who’s a wanna be. Do some Internet research on CK who’s a friend of you Doug and La Mar.
    His license to practice law suspended 14 years ago and never re-instated.
    Misrepresented himself to the NH NAACP to obtain the position of Legal redress Chair
    Indicted on 2 counts of Felony Attempted extortion by a NH Grand Jury
    Charged and found guilty of practicing law without a license in NH.
    Claimed the brutal murder of a NH police officer who was shot in the back 5 times and ran over 3 times by the suspect with his car was justified. Claimed the retired Marine who came to the aid of the officer who was lying defenseless and dying was guilty of murder because he shot and killed the suspect after he warned him twice to put his gun down.
    CK will do everything in his power to put a spin on the events in Dover by using you, Doug and La Mar. he’s already started to inundate the Dover PD with numerous requests for documents, while never disclosing he hos license to practice law is still suspended. CK is an ambulance chaser who tries to make a buck wherever he can when it relates to playing the race card. Its well documented on the Internet, do the research. He’s no friend of the NAACP he wrote a scathing blog article in 2005 after he misrepresented himself to them and tried to extort $65,000.00 by writing a demand letter on the NH NAACP letterhead. He’s been run out of OH, TX, PA, CT, NH, MA now he’s in Washington state playing the same game.

    He tried to use his extortion tactics on me by making a youtube video claiming I called him a racial slur after he threatened to harm my wife on an online discussion site. My voice is not heard on the video at all it’s just his rambling accusations about me and another person he threatened. He stated publicly that he would remove the video if I signed over all rights to one of my songs that I wrote and published.

    You sure align yourself with some great wannabe’s there Don.

  26. Bill

    I refuse to get into your personal war with CK and you are off the subject here! BTW, I don’t know CK and have never met him.

  27. 1. I have NO personal war with CK.

    2. It’s NOT off the subject. The subject is your insinuation the shoot was bad, somehow racially motivated, and the insinuation a throwaway gun was planted. This is the stuff CK thrives on, whether directly or indirectly he has been brought into the issue by you and several others, whom he has mentioned by name.

    3. While you may not “know” him or ever met him he claims to have spoken to you directly as well as several others. You are also fb “friends” with him.

    4. CK has already posted screen shots of letters he sent to the DPD, demanding to see documents concerning this subject as well as other documents that you and at least one other person were denied access to, concerning the alleged lynchings.

  28. Bill
    Don’t you dare call me a liar you filthy SOB. You have been a pain in my arse for a long time.
    I’ve never met this guy and he only knows me because he’s read my writings. As a matter of fact, don’t comment here any more on my posts you shard of dung!

  29. This isn’t your personal site Mr. Ayotte I spoke to the site owner via private message last night, after you blocked me without legitimate reason or cause. I also spoke to him on the phone this morning at great length.
    From the moment I made my first comment you tried to goad me into making this personal.

    I have EVERY right to post my concerns about someone who has interjected himself in the Dover DE situation for the sole purpose of stirring the racial unrest pot until it boils over. The purpose of this site is to bring information to the readers about public issues and how they impact all of us as Delawareans. Informing the public that a suspended attorney who has a documented similar pattern of behavior in at least 3 other states, doesn’t live in this state and has no family this to this state is filing FIOA requests along with Pro Se motions with our courts, wasting taxpayer dollars is indeed relevant since it concerns this case and others that have been written about in this blog site.

  30. Don,

    Bring suit against Bill Christy like you stated you did against Frank Knotts on DR. Take his house too! You will soon need to get a Realtors license.


  31. And your point? Up dating us on current events? We get that from reliable sources. What do we need you for Christy? Trolling Don’s articles for a fight? We all know the past bad blood between you two. So what’s your point for harrassing Don on his own article? Got nothing to do?

  32. @Bill Christy
    I just got home from a day of conferences and work on our new enterprises and called my business partner. You are no longer welcome on my posts or my staff reporters posts, if Mr. Anderson allows you to comment on HIS posts, he certainly has that privilege. Bon Voyage, my friend and have a good life.

  33. (your comment has been redacted because you were warned to not to comment on my posts. BTW, myself and other individuals have indeed sued Frank Knotts and he will be served when those documents are finished and filed. Back off Bill.!) DonAyotte Partner and Managing Editor

  34. “myself and other individuals have indeed sued Frank Knotts and they will be served when those documents are finished and filed.”

    If the documents are “finished and filed”, then you haven’t sued anyone.

  35. “The facts that I got were right from the eyewitnesses that were on the scene and spending time with Mr. Fletcher before the police showed up and I do believe what they related to the crowd in the Church and to me in private interviews is the truth.”

    Well, then I suppose next you are going to tell us that Mr. Fletcher is lying, now that he has confessed to having a gun.

  36. The facts that I got were right from the eyewitnesses that were on the scene and spending time with Mr. Fletcher before the police showed up and I do believe what they related…

    And your precedent for eye witness testimony of that sort is?

    I don’t want what happened in Ferguson MO. to happen in Dover Delaware. This shooting stinks to high heaven…

    Is that your precedent?

    What do you think happened in Ferguson?

  37. Pitlicker Said: If the documents are “finished and filed”, then you haven’t sued anyone.

    As usual, just hide and watch!

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