The Rise of a National Police State

At 68, I’ve lived to view and differentiate the vast change in America that has caused a chasm and paradigm shift in the way the police force is trained and taught. There exists a shift is the way police view the public. The slogan, “To Protect and Serve” has disappeared from the cars of most municipal police forces. Why, you might ask; because that is not longer their objective. I’ll start my remembered journey of police and their mindset in the middle 1950’s when I was about nine years old. I was taught by my parents to respect the authority of “Peace Officers.” In the 1950’s, things were different in America, there was a real sense of country and patriotism. One must understand that WWII had just been won less than a decade earlier and the Korean War was just ending. In my memory, the local police and Sheriffs were there to protect and serve and for the most part, they did. They did not act like para-military units out to suppress the citizens at all cost. I remember the Sheriff in the county where I lived being almost everybody’s friend. What happened in the last sixty years that caused such a paradigm shift in police thinking and training? Each year our civil rights are eroded, just a little at an almost unnoticeable pace as more restrictions are put on the ownership of a gun. People need to ask. Why? The answer can only be, “complete state and national control of every facet of the American Citizen.” It isn’t that the police are bad people, it is simply that they are being trained to shoot first and shoot to kill. If the alleged perpetrator is not dead after a couple of shots, they have been walking up and performing the KILL shot to the head. In fact America’s police forces are actors in a national attempt to force our nation into a police state. They are becoming nothing but a para-military force at war with the nation’s citizens. Although incidents like the standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Clark County Nevada have seemingly faded from media view, this incident has set a dangerous precedent for all constitutional-minded Americans. Many Americans believe that if militia members from many states hadn’t flocked to the Bundy Ranch during the BLM’s (Bureau of Land Management) Siege, that all of the Bundy family would have been massacred. As it was, the family was humiliated, their children tazed and beaten for defending their property from invasion and their livestock rustled and killed. This family is just a hard working family that committed no crime, except angering the federal government. Incidents like the Bundy Ranch and others involving local, state and federal agencies are on the rise. There is only the constitution to stop this country from becoming a Marxist totalitarian regime, where those that are insiders are included in the spoils and those that are outsiders are considered perpetrators. To subjugate a free people might not be quite so easy. First, all weapons must be confiscated, least the citizens shoot back when attacked, while defending their homes and property. The police will absolutely protect their own and the state has proven that they will absolutely not prosecute their own police for any crime, while they are on duty. An example is the shooting of Michael Rogers on Deep Branch Road, just a couple of miles from my house. The incident involved an alleged hit and run. What happened is the plastic frame of a license was cracked allegedly by Mr. Rogers and he drove home. A DSP officer, Matthew Morgan dispatched himself to the home of Mr. Rogers and gained entry past Roger’s 87 year-old mother and started a fight with Rogers in his bedroom while he was getting dressed. Rogers was not armed and offered no deadly force to the officer at all. After the fight was over and Rogers was standing next to his mother, Matthew Morgan drew his service weapon and discharged nine rounds, five striking Rogers, two rounds to the groin. Rogers was never charged with any crime other than fighting off a police officer that came into his home without a warrant. (assault) Rogers was tried for assault and it ended in a hung jury. The AG’s office intends to retry the case. Officer Mathew Morgan was never charged with attempted murder and after an investigation by the Attorney General’s office (LOL), DSP Officer Mathew Morgan was exonerated from any wrongdoing and promoted to Master Cpl. NOW THAT’S JUSTICE! A dangerous precedent is being set in Delaware and the nation. The new para-military police force believe they are heros and the citizens are starting to view them as the perpetrators. What’s the answer?

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  1. What happened in the last sixty years that caused such a paradigm shift in police thinking and training?

    Several things have happened over the past sixty years.

    Our society-at-large has become less civil and more violent. There is less respect for the police, and police work has become more dangerous. Hence, the police are more suspicious of the citizenry they are paid to protect.

    Due to the collapse of the moral order in America, it has become commonplace in court proceeding for defendants to lie and their lawyers to obfuscate; thus, the police reciprocate.

    Today, there are a lot of cops who have no business working in law enforcement. They are either physically or psychologically deficient. Once hired, they subsequently abuse their authority.

    Using the police as a major revenue collector for states and municipalities has helped to create an adversarial relationship between the police and the general public. Many people think that having the police hiding behind a tree looking for “speeders” is petty entrapment and a waste of resources.

    Finally, there is a nefarious plan to have a militarized police force to be used as an army against the people in the (likely) event of revolution or secession. Remember, to the hard left or the dictatorial right, the ideal political end is a police state.

  2. All the more reason to reconstitute the Office of Sheriff as elected Conservator and Chief Law enforcement officer (CLEO) in the county in which he resides and establish an independent Office of Inspector General, contrary to the Schwartkopf Doctrine that police conduct is above citizens review.

  3. Schwartzkopf’s conduct should be reviewed, he is the most unconstitutional Speaker of the House I have seen to date. He took an oath to uphold the US and Delaware Constitutions and violated his oath every chance he got to deprive the citizens of Delaware of one more civil right guaranteed by Delaware’s Constitution. He should be impeached and charged with treason along with Danny Short who started the Sheriff’s debacle in the House of Representatives. Yea, you Danny boy and your new sidekick Steve Smyk, who wants to put cameras on nearly every red light they can, and increase traffic fines, Have at it boys, you keep reelecting these idiots.

  4. Hey Don,

    {Redacted, Sorry Miquel I’m not accepting personal attacks today. If you have a comment with substance, please participate.}

  5. how about today Don.

    What I was making a point of, Rep. Smyk, Leader Short and Speaker Pete all WON their elections, and you did not. By virtue of their victories, they can and will govern in the upcoming General Assembly and YOU won’t be. Not an attack, just reality, something both you and Chairman Wolf seem to not understand. The lack of votes for your candidacy and platform speaks loudly about what the people of the 20th thought. I was surprised at the outcome, as I truly thought you would garner enough to allow the Democrat to win, but again was disappointed in your totals. Winners govern and Losers whine about not being able to govern.

  6. Miguel
    So what!! They still are not governing correctly and your comment is off topic. Please be courteous and stay on topic.
    It is like I said in the campaign. If we keep electing retired police officers to the General Assembly, what we will get is a “police state.”
    Because they won their elections, does not mean they are governing correctly. There is a world of difference in being a police officer and being a representative that lives up to the oath of office they vowed to uphold. The men I mentioned don’t live up to the oath of office they took and they don’t intend to.
    If you comment again, stick to the topic or you will be redacted! The topic is the headline of the post!

  7. Don,

    Since the topic has become your dislike of the way Smyk, et al govern, I will again say that I might not agree with the way they govern, i said that due to the fact that they won their respective elections, THEY get to Govern. You, Ms. Mayor, Ms. Snyder-Hall, Ms. Rappa, Mr. Graham, et al, did not so you do not get to vote and speak at the table. Winning is Winning and Losing is Losing.

    The topic of your post, was that the ones who won are not capable of doing their jobs, but the people spoke in November, and by larger margins than I expected, were returned to office to represent the people. That is the system we have. In the case of Speaker Pete, he won because the GOP drove away their candidate, and the Democrats bought off their primary challenger.

  8. Miguel
    You list me with the democrats, but I must remind you that I am with the Independent Party of Delaware and am not a democrat.
    My returns were less than I expected but my platform was solid and I ran a good campaign and even republicans told me that. I know that the people want a general assembly that will truly represent the people according to the Constitution instead of the system that supports them.
    You want to argue about Smyk and he is just a puppet that is controlled for his vote and I want to have conversation about political ideology and the difficulties of Delaware and America.
    What is the greater conversation? I think the greater conversation is, the conversation that moves the country into a venue that restores the Constitution to America and its people.

  9. Miguel,

    We are not whining but we remain critical.
    We knew that the odds were against us when our candidates entered the fray.This did not, in the slightest, deter us from our path. We fought the good fight and ran clean freedom-based campaigns as an alternative to police statism, bureaucracy and the so-called “Delaware Way” . Furthermore, we stand diametrically opposed to the Weimarization (original coin of term) of our beloved country, the USA – not in the cultural mythological sense but rather the spiritual freedom sense of the Declaration of Independence and the higher aspects of its culture in stark contravention to contemporary decay.

    Accordingly, we oppose dogma, facism, statism, Bolshevism, and overdependence on preconceived idelology — in favor of reality , the scientific method, invention, creativity, innovation and reason in a post-political approach.

    The post 911 erosion of civil liberties is a “Shaodow Over the Land” and is steadily becoming more intolerable to the American People as it undermines the very creativity that is the essence of our culture. Hence, our fundamental raison de etre, Weltanschauung, and paradigm exists and expands.

    Believe it or not, the D and R parties have lost their essence and spiritual roots and are steadily losing their relevance to American society, as they can no longer deliver the goods. Instead, they have led us down the primrose path of false assumptions and pseudosophisticated public relations campaigns. Soon, they will go the way of the Whigs and Federalists, much to the ultimate advancement of the People as increasing numbers of voters grow weary of our national political bipolar disorder and seek viable alternatives.

    The importance if not critically of a strong creative center cannot be underestimated. Extreme ideology killed over 150 million people in the last century and continues its path of insidious destruction, despite the veneer of modernity or postmodernity, depending upon one’s perspective.

    As for our intolerant critics on the dogmatic left and right, we are centrist and expect such blustering opposition from both sides. Ultimately, it means that we are doing our jobs. Like it or not, tomorrow belongs to us, as truth crushed to Earth will rise again.
    We have only to overcome intertia and dearth of resources. The long-term trend is on our side.

    Such is the essence of the IPoD.

  10. “Such is the essence of the IPoD.”

    the essence is conspiracy theories and grandiose ramblings.

  11. Alternate definition of ” rambling “:

    An opinion or viewpoint that another person does not favor or agree with.

    Politics, being highly subjective, relative, polar, volitile and vitriolic, brings forth these tendencies in certain individuals at the expense of intelligent dialogue or discussion. This state of affairs is exaggerated in the blogosphere, given the nature of the medium. Concomitantly, as information expands exponentially, misinformation and disinformation increase in extrimis due to information entropy.

    Politics as usual in a so-called postmodern world is becoming less sustainable as the special interest driven ruling parties continue to diverge progressively from the will of the people.

    Freedom is essential to the long-term advancement of occidental societies, civilizations and cultures as it enables creativity. Given increased bureaucratic mass, and special interest power vis-à-vis individual citizens, freedom itself is at peril via expanding [police] statism and its cultural progeny.

    The wholesale labeling of IPoD membership as conspiracy theorists is itself a blatant rambling lie and is hereby dismissed as being politically motivated, ab initio as the mentality of “security over liberty” breeds tyranny.

  12. Alternate definition of “grandiose” :

    Beyond the conceptual limitions of a given critic.

  13. Miguel, are you saying that you support a camera at every intersection and higher fines?

    I personally believe that both radar and red-light cameras are unconstitutional. A defendant has the right to confront his accuser in court. How does one confront a machine? Can you cross-examine a radar gun or a camera?

    It has become excepted practice to allow a government administrator to “testify” for the machines. But such testimony is heresay. Did the administrator witness the crime? No. Can the defense effectively confront a “witness” who witnessed nothing? No.

    But there is a larger issue here than speeding tickets. Legal procedure and constitutional rights cannot become subservient to machines. Furthermore, it would be a far better policy to have the police patrolling the highways, looking for violations that actually cause accidents, rather than have them hiding in the bushes pointing a radar gun at a group of cars- all of which are speeding- and arbitrarily issuing a citation to the one unlucky member of the group who happened to get pulled-over.

    We the people need to nip this in the bud- now.

  14. Rick
    That’s not the half of it. Smyk passed a “secret compartment bill on the General Assembly’s “Midnight Madness.” Fortunately for us, most of the teeth were taken out of the bill by more sane representatives.
    Rep. Smyk went on the Mike and Jake (Heckle and Jeckle) morning show and said, “we will always have the poor among us, they are a cancer on society.” Every bill he proposes has law enforcement implications that include “Big Brother” watching over us or further violating our civil rights. I don’t believe he has read the US or Delaware Constitutions, or he disregards them in lieu of statutory law that trumps Constitutional law.
    Heckle and Jeckle had him on every Wed. morning on WGMD’s morning show and when I asked the station manager Walt Palmer for equal time according to FCC regulations, he twice refused me. I had to e-mail a copy of FCC Regulation US Code 47 Section 315, and threaten to sue before Palmer relented and gave me equal time. (I’ve got the e-mail trail to prove it plus witnesses) Then Jake called me a liar when I quoted what their golden boy said on the air. At best they minimized it in a vain attempt to make him look good.
    Danny Short, Steve Smyk and Pete Schwartzkopf will make absolutely sure that we have no civil rights left, if they have their way.

  15. Technology itself has sociocultural and political impact. Unfortunately, technological knowledge most often precedes the wisdom of its application, especially in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats. At best, it is a two-edged sword.

    Ask your candidates where they stand before voting for them.

    The choice is ours.

    Techno- democracy (constitutional republic) or techno-tyranny (an extra constitutional totalitarian Orwellian nightmare) ???
    Cultural Liberty or Cultural Slavery?

  16. Our society-at-large has become less civil and more violent. There is less respect for the police, and police work has become more dangerous. Hence, the police are more suspicious of the citizenry they are paid to protect.

    I’m not sure how this is going to play out.

    But lately:

    Over the past few days, officers have been attacked in RI, FL, CA, and NC. Three of those attacks were attempted assassinations.
    Now two Boston police officers, one male and one female, have been hospitalized in a mob attack by a group of black teenage perpetrators. The perpetrators were as young as 13. The two officers were kicked, punched, and choked.
    Like the other four attacks, the media is censoring the race in every article. Two Boston cops hospitalized in apparent racially motivated mob attack

  17. The thing about the surveillance is, what are people going to see? Obama wants all cops to wear cameras, that’s good. What are they going to see?* Also, we’re all going to be under surveillance by each other anyway. Google Glasses, etc. Soon to be followed by Google Contacts, etc. You should go ahead and get ready for even more surveillance, probably sometime within the next few decades.

    *What would they have seen if there were more angles to the Rodney King beating and all the black occupants of the car that were seated safely in police cars (Perhaps because they were not high out of their minds, etc.) were seen? On a side note, I think he wound up high again* and drowned in a swimming pool. Fact is, he could have killed someone on the road also.

    It’s the old media, they love racial incitement and apparently numerous black people love having a sense of tribalism too. The Media Inc. allows a sort of “black privilege” for now. I’m not sure that will last either, as they go out of business.

    Technology > culture.

    *(Police: Rodney King’s ‘accidental drowning’ involved drugs, CNN)

  18. Heckle and Jeckle had him on every Wed. morning on WGMD’s morning show…

    Those two are worthless. They try to be funny and hip, but they’re neither. Since GMD apparently wants a comedy “morning drive” show, they might as well start playing rock n’ roll music, too.

  19. If we keep on electing the same type of politicians, we’ll keep on having the same problems, as it is impossible to solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.

  20. The director and chair of the IPOD claim they don’t support the election of retired law enforcement officers to legislative positions. Odd since they both support the campaign of a former trooper for the Governors office.
    The homeowner Rogers mother allowed the Delaware trooper to enter her home. Rogers disobeyed the troopers lawful orders, and assaulted the trooper, Rogers mother gave testimony to that at the hearing.
    The authors inflammatory misrepresentation of facts and use of inflammatory terms like KILL SHOT does nothing to solve the current situation. Let’s not forget that according to factual statistics just released; police officers killed in the line of duty by gunshot rose 56%, overall there was a 24% increase in line of duty deaths in 2014. There was a 40% rise in felonious incidents resulting in line of duty deaths of police officers in 2014.
    Let the DOSO and the chairperson go spew their vitriol to the families of those fallen officers.

  21. @shut the front door

    Your sidestepping of the actual facts of the case are appalling. I actually interviewed the Mrs. Rogers before the police were able to coerce her. Michael Rogers offered no deadly force and was not armed. when the shooting started, it was from Officer Mathew Morgan without any provocation after the bedroom fighting was over. Rogers was standing immobile next to his mother in the living room of the house when the trooper drew his weapon and discharged nine rounds, striking Rogers five times, twice in the groin. After the trooper drew his gun, but before the firing started, Rogers begged Morgan, “not to shoot his mother.” At that point, Rogers’ knew he probably would be killed. “Shut the Door,” your story is biased and skewed and you didn’t interview anybody,; you are just blowing hot air. I have the notes from my interview with the mother who was present and the only witness, that I typed from my laptop saved as a doc.
    From the Mothers interview, she said the look in the trooper’s eyes was one of maniacal rage, when he drew his weapon. I believed her or I would never have printed it. It sounded like Morgan went crazy and just started shooting.

  22. @Shut the front door

    Your sweeping generalizations re: our position is itself a pack of hateful vitriolic lies and chicken manure akin to Frank Knotts / Delaware Right garbage — not worthy of further comment.

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