The Real Fascism is the American Democrat Leadership

Fascism is Governor Malloy of Connecticut using an executive decree to deprive people of their second amendment rights. Even the ACLU is ready to challenge it. Governors can’t rule by decree neither can Presidents. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the New York Times to use the term as quickly as it does for Donald Trump. Democrats want to use everything from Climate Change to crime to deprive you of rights.

People on a terror watch list are on a watch list not a conviction list. If the government wants to use background checks to know if they are buying weapons, that is smart. To use it to ban people when there is not even enough information to arrest them is inconceivable. We know that the watch list has people because they have similar names to people they don’t even know. 70 plus people in Homeland Security who passed background checks are on the list. The government can put you on the list without even notifying you, review by a judge, or any due process because you are related to someone with a name that sounds like a terrorist.

The watchlist is arbitrary and does not even require an active investigation. When President Obama dismantled the homeland security program tracking radical mosques, he made us unsafe. That very program was tracking the mosque with the terrorist in California. They deleted his records because he might be religiously profiled. Political Correctness cost 14 lives. Then he wants to deprive innocent Americans of fundamental rights based upon a fig leaf. Idiotic is a kind word. It is a strange insanity. It is why radical proposals make sense to a lot of people. If you refuse to understand that there is a radical strain of Islam that is growing and widespread, people will say then stop Muslim immigration because we can’t tell who is radical who is not. That is nonsense. We can tell, but if we refuse to admit radical Islam exists then we can’t. President Obama is causing the problem that he condemns. Mass tracking has failed. We need to understand the enemy and focus our resources. America won’t be safer by undermining American’s fundamental rights by anyone whether right or left.

One thought on “The Real Fascism is the American Democrat Leadership”

  1. Harvard has changed the name of some administrative position- “Master Something-or-other”- because the term “master” is “hurtful,” it arouses images of slavery, misoyny, patriarchal hegemony and so on.

    This is how absurd the “liberal” mindset has become.

    So, I guess no more master mechanic, chess grandmaster, master of ceremonies and so on. Pathetic.

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