The New State of Southern Delaware?

Or…the State of Sussex? Is it possible aggrieved Sussex Countians could form the State of Southern Delaware? Perhaps—if they follow the example of some counties in Colorado. According to the Denver Post, several counties in Colorado want to separate from the rest of the state and form a 51st state named North Colorado.  Officials in eight northern Colorado counties are increasingly angry at the state’s new gun control laws and the plethora of oil and gas regulations. It’s not impossible to create a new state, though the U.S. Constitution requires that Legislatures must first approve any state that is to be created within its jurisdiction. One state commissioner said that Weld County’s main economic drivers, agriculture and energy, are under attack, even though those sectors contribute significantly to the state’s economy.  In the meantime, the commissioner continued, the county’s return on its financial contributions to the state are minimal, funding for infrastructure is not forthcoming. Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., says: “The people of rural Colorado are mad, and they have every right to be,” Gardner said. “The governor and his Democrat colleagues in the statehouse have assaulted our way of life, and I don’t blame these people one bit for feeling attacked and unrepresented by the leaders of our state.” Hmmm… Are the grievances of Northern Colorado’s citizens reflective of some Sussex County residents, some of whom have felt increasingly alienated from the Northern counties of Kent and New Castle? Is there a potential separatist movement? Could a new state be in the offing? After all, there are great differences in outlook among the three counties. It’s an interesting question—and worthy of discussion.    

11 thoughts on “The New State of Southern Delaware?”

  1. Faye
    I just read the Foxnews article about the new State of North Colorado and posted it on my facebook about a hour ago. One can only hope for a new State of Sussex. Would you be moving to our new state?

  2. Well, Don, I don’t know. I once lived in Sussex, and have particularly fond memories of Rehoboth beaches. But I sense fate will take me elsewhere. Just a hunch.

    My hope is that Delaware will unite; but the way things are going, it doesn’t look hopeful. After all, what are the options for disgruntled people? They move away; they become secret revolutionaries; they foment a separatist movement; or, they work to find commonality.

  3. Why don’t y’all just move to Alabama, where conservatives already hold the majority?

  4. “Actually, people inclined to conservatism are the majority here, but they just aren’t united enough.”

    Well unite them behind the idea of separating, and you’ve got it made!

  5. No kicking required, Fay. All we have to do is cut the bridges over the canal, give the south bank a good push, and y’all can wave goodbye from Summit as you sail off toward the Caribbean.

  6. Every little kid at some point in his life, thinks running away from mommy and daddy is a good idea. Then reality sets in.

  7. Nitpicker

    ” All we have to do is cut the bridges over the canal, give the south bank a good push, and y’all can wave goodbye from Summit as you sail off toward the Caribbean.”

    Make sure you’re on the piece that stays and is connected at the hip to Philly. We’ll sail away and drop anchor in the Caribbean.”

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