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Hands up, don’t shoot! Too bad Michael Brown didn’t say that. He would still be alive. I would to GOD that he would have taken a knee and put his hands up. Better yet, just shrug his shoulders in the first place and walk on the stupid sidewalk like the intelligent college bound man he was. Instead, he choose to impress the hoodlum, high friend with him and died like a fool. Yeah, I know his co-conspirator in a robbery and later assault on a police officer told us that myth, but the unbiased witnesses, the DNA, the Forensic reports, and three autopsies all show that was not true. Read the hard evidence your self. How do intelligent college students at UMES fall for this fraud? They didn’t do their research. Why should I blame them, 4 members of Congress did the same thing. The fact that the White House sent 3 representatives to Brown’s funeral without knowing any facts, gave legs to this early on. Now we have some new fad movement, if the consequences weren’t so serious, I would ignore it like most others. Students are walking out of classes. A generation of young people are not doing the most basic Google search to read the actual forensic reports, but just depend on 10th hand Facebook posts from people who are basing it on a premeditated lie. This lie is designed to undermine local police and give us an excuse to have more federal involvement in local police. It further alienates many young people, especially minority young people from police. The only way to stop it is to say, the Emperor has no clothes or Santa died hundreds of years ago and never flew. In other words, call out the myth so the knowledge of the truth can set us free.

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  1. ….but the unbiased witnesses, the DNA, the Forensic reports, and three autopsies all show that was not true. Read the hard evidence yourself.

    There’s your problem, right there. I’ve been saying that on numerous issues for years now. Few will read it. Most seem to have the attention span of gnats, etc.

    On this one it seems that Big National News chose the wrong poster boy, the wrong cop and even the wrong family to allow to turn into “the news” and a national conversation.

    I don’t have any problem with the wider point being made. Cops, white and black or pimply and hairy are often shooting everyone and their dog at the drop of a hat. (Or at the reach for the license that they were just ordered to get out, by the cop that started shooting at them.) Any number of cases could be cited.

    But this was the wrong poster boy to turn into an “American Idol,” even for the most simple minded American peasant. It is what it is. You have to get at least some semblance of the facts right first in order to have an actual conversation about anything. (Otherwise all it amounts to is the manipulation of perceptions and other forms of entertainment.)


  2. According to Marx and today’s “liberals,” there can be no “facts,” because all beliefs, observations, societal structures and so on are “social constructs.” Thus, there can be no “facts” and there can be no truth. Everything is political. And eventually, if the left gets their way, the job of the judiciary will be to ensure the “correct” outcome, regardless of matters of fact and law. Just like in the good ‘ol Soviet Union.

    Look at how the political left and their facilitators in the “mainstream” media clamor for “justice” after the grand jury decision. They don’t want justice; they want “social justice,” an ambiguous, subjective determination independent of facts and law but reaching only the desired, pre-determined outcome. But, desired by whom? By the left.

    To prevail, the left must divide the citizenry into groups. Rarely will you hear a Socialist-Democrat address the “American people” with any degree of seriousness. Their constituency is always “people of color,” “the African American community,” “Latinos,” “single mothers,” working families” (as if a stockbroker doesn’t work), the “gay and lesbian community,” and so forth. And let’s not forget a “woman’s right to choose” (another Soviet-style euphemism).

    I’ve said it before, the American left can be stopped one of two ways; either secession of several states or war. The left would survive neither, since (based upon congressional representation) the left holds only 14% of the U.S. land area.

    The left is pushing hard; they know that hey must destroy the culture, and then, implement hard socialism. Eventually, American traditionalists are going to push back. Harder. “Flyover country” is a big place. All that is missing is a leader.

  3. The real problem here is the way the police conduct business and they new way they are trained.
    I was Michael Brown’s age in 1965 and the main objective of the police as I saw it then, was to “protect and Serve.”
    Since then there has been a major paradigm shift in their training and thought process. Now they are trained to protect their own arses and serve their own interests.
    They are the new para-military and believe they can enter citizens’ houses without a warrant based on what they believe to be probable cause and shoot people.
    The new para-military police in America are taught to shoot to kill. Probably because, in most cases, their story will be the only one told. Dead men can’t tell their own story.

    The difference between 1965 and 2014 in the training and mindset of police officers is light years apart. The progression of this difference has been so slow that only old guys like me notice. The same thing is happening with the erosion of our civil rights!

  4. “They are the new para-military and believe they can enter citizens’ houses without a warrant…”

    Don, have you ever entered someone’s house without a warrant?

    Yes, of course you have.

    A police officer has the same right as you to enter a house when the owner of the house allows them to come in, as happened in the circumstances involving Michael Rogers.

    When you went to speak with her, did you have a warrant allowing you in the house? No, you didn’t. She gave you permission to enter, just like she did with the cop.

    Clearly we need to crack down on old ladies who give people permission to enter their house.

    I’m puzzled by David Anderson’s statement- “Too bad Michael Brown didn’t say that.”

    Why? Better to take them out as young inexperienced thugs than as more dangerous older experienced ones.

  5. Don is dead on. Police today have the idea they must crush crime, if innocent get hurt, sorry… Police in Don’s time, had the idea they must keep crime from happening… “Better move along buddies, If I’m gettin’ calls from neighbors, means you all makin’ people uneasy here, And that ain’t good for nobody.” Two completely different roles.

    If high income neighborhoods were patrolled like low income neighborhoods, “Boy, get yo’ punk a$$ over to this window right now, I’m talkin’ to yo. You see this gun, here, How about I rearrange your face with a couple finger pulls. You like them apples, don’t yo’? ‘…. “then accusations of unequal justice would not appropriate.

  6. The police can get out of control, and I am vehemently against the trend toward police militarization.

    However, Brown basically asked to be shot. How many people do you know that would scuffle with a policeman in his squad car simply because he asked you to quit walking in the middle of the street? Well, that’s just what Brown did.

  7. Rick said: “However, Brown basically asked to be shot.”

    I can just see Brown saying, ” Hey yo cracka, please shoot me, I haven’t had my lead injection today.
    C’mon Rick, get real guy. I don’t believe either the witnesses or Wilson’s story, “especially Wilson’s story. I heard him recount his story on TV and actually had a ROTFLMAO MOMENT.
    I don’t believe that Brown was as innocent as the witnesses say either.
    The truth is here, Wilson was supposed to be the responsible intelligent one in this confrontation and he failed pitifully and killed a man that should still be alive to grow and mature.

  8. C’mon Rick, get real guy. I don’t believe either the witnesses or Wilson’s story, “especially Wilson’s story.

    Brown’s blood was found inside the police car. How do you explain that?

  9. The truth is here, Wilson was supposed to be the responsible intelligent one in this confrontation and he failed pitifully and killed a man that should still be alive to grow and mature.

    Wrong poster boy…. that seems to be the extent of this specific case despite the broader issues people want to use it as an example of. Seemingly better example, the man that was choked to death by police in NYC recently.

    But as far as this case goes it’s not only the wrong poster boy (not to mention his family too) on one side, it’s probably also the wrong poster boy for all the “police brutality” that goes into trying to police black crime and black mob violence also:

    Wilson began his career in nearby Jennings before moving to the Ferguson job a few years ago. He had no previous complaints against him and a good career record, according to Police Chief Thomas Jackson, who called Wilson “an excellent police officer.”
    A few months before the shooting, Wilson had received a commendation for detaining a suspect in a drug case. HuffPost

    No complaints.

    And yes, when you punch any police officer in the face then they may kill you. In fact, if you punch anyone in the face then they may kill you and walk. After all, you might have killed them by assaulting them.

    It’s not that hard to understand, despite the liberal idea of establishing a “black privilege” to punch diverse groups of people in the face… including cops. True. If you punch them in the face and then put your hands up and say, “Don’t shoot!” then they’re not supposed to kill you.

    I’ll leave it to Nitpicker to split hairs on the details and then make some huge and idiotic generalization about “white people” that could probably be mistaken for racial incitement later.

    ….Wilson was supposed to be the responsible intelligent one in this confrontation….

    Drivel. Do you have zero standards for young black men and do not expect them to be responsible and intelligent citizens? Choose another case to make your points, you don’t have to go with whatever is Big News in America partially due to agents of the national security state like Al Sharpton on the one side or white provocateurs* on the other all the time. There is often more going on in America than the latest news in the corporate media.

    *I mentioned one to a low information content person recently. “Only you would know that.” 😉 A lot of this stuff is coming in from outside Ferguson, so consider that it could happen in your own neighborhoods too eventually. “They burned down their own neighborhoods!” That’s often a half truth. But when you have this horrible, horrible poster boy’s own stepfather saying “Burn it down!”… well. It’s a bad case. So whether it’s third parties and libertarians trying to focus on their politics against the establishment or blacks trying to focus on their plight through the prism of this case. It’s a bad case, so only the liberal lemming trendies that don’t even need actual evidence or those most blinded by libertarian/third party politics that are going to listen. (Everyone has different levels of epistemic inertia, for one reason or another…) I almost wonder if this poster boy was lifted up to Big National News out of the mere local news partially because it’s such a bad case against the national security state. But supposedly I’m crazy, according to official sources. So there is that.

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