The New Aberrant Human Species Of “Libtardus Invertabratus”

Libtardus Ivertabratus in action.

I wondered if this new Species of Homo Erectus was here to stay or just a passing new trend that is here today and gone tomorrow. However this new emerging post-modern variant seems to be in America and Europe to stay. One can’t be sure how they reproduce, because they are born much like normal infants. However, there is a consensus that the bacteria “Bacillus Propagandus” might be the cause of this phenomenal change. Layman’s language for “Libtardus Invertabratus” is “Spineless Liberal Retard.”

Although this pathogen seemed to have shown up on the North American Continent about nine years ago, it wasn’t able to spread widely until 2008, when a president was elected that was infected with the new pathogen. The North American continent became a warring faction between the infected population and the bacteria resistant population.

Open warfare of rhetoric have erupted and propaganda, falsehoods and fake news have ensued on the part of the media who have become infected by ‘Bacillus Propagandus,” and have become consumed with anger toward the new president, increasing in their hatred as the months passed. Symptoms of these new phenomena consist of high fever, redness of the facial areas and verbal diarrhea, along with emotional instability and foaming of the mouth.

On a more serious note, I have never seen or encountered such angst or rancor as is being perpetrated against President Trump by “Libtardus Invertabratus,” or the (Spineless Liberal Retards). The goal of the media is so apparent; I can’t see how they believe they are journalists. They print “Fake News” constantly to create havoc and just to see ‘what sticks’. The media’s goal is to create enough doubt, causing a slow-down in the president’s agenda to “make America great again,” while helping the Democrat create an atmosphere of impeachment.

The world watches and laughs at America’s infantile behavior. The Republicans won’t stand together for the sake of the nation. Why this behavior is taking place, is up for grabs, but I do know the stability and future of America is at stake. Why don’t you Republicans work together for once and defeat those who endeavor to destroy the Constitutional Republic. If you can’t do that, maybe you should live in the worthless country your enemies would create for you. In short, get your heads out of your asses.