The Meaning of the Bushweller Retirement

Last week Senator Brian Bushweller of Dover D-17 announced his retirement from the General Assembly by not seeking reelection. Three Republicans were already considering the seat and now three Democrats, Levy Court Commissioner Alan Angel, Councilman Roy Sudler Jr., and State Representative Trey Paradee D-29 are looking hard at the seat. Some have taken their names out of play. Representative Sean Lynn D-31 of Dover and Dover Mayor Robin Christensen both posted on their Facebook pages their lack of interest. Representative Lynn is reported to be deciding between reelection and the Attorney General slot which is also under consideration by Senator Bryan Townsend D-11. Republicans under consideration include Businesswoman, Air Force veteran, wife and mother Donyale Hall of the NAACP Central Delaware Branch and Young Republican of the year, Army War Veteran, husband and father Jason Stewart.

The 17th is a majority Democratic district but was held by Senator John Still for many years before Senator Bushweller. The district is crucial to control of the 11 to 10 Democratically held Senate. Republicans will have only two more chances to gain control before reapportionment with the next one being a harder pull in a Presidential election, which tend to favor Democrats in Delaware. No Republican has won the state’s electoral votes since 1988. The stakes in the race are high and primaries are likely on both sides to the dismay of party officials.

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