The Leadership of the Delaware Democrats

Back on May 13th, the Democrats elected their leadership.  They reelected their chairman John Daniello.  What is interesting is how the Democrats now have a gay activist as a vice chair, Lisa Goodman, the other vice chair is Jim Hussey, a retired union activist from the private sector and Karen Valentine a paid employee of a state employees union is the national committeewoman. Retired Speaker Bob Gilligan reemerged into the political scene as national committeeman bringing a perspective of 40 years in the legislature. The Democrats are not ashamed to be the party of special interests and government.  I say “good for them”.  Every group represented is a legitimate part of our public. Republicans should not be ashamed to be a party for taxpayers, families, business, constitutional civil rights and liberties, those who want to be safe on their streets and in their homes, and those who cannot stand for themselves such as the unborn, the mentally ill, and disabled.  The Republican Party gets scrutiny about its leadership, are they Tea Party, Second Amendment advocates, business people, or Pro-life?  I hope so.  We are citizens too and have the right to representation in our government.    

4 thoughts on “The Leadership of the Delaware Democrats”

  1. That was interesting commentary. My reflection upon your piece was that both parties were actually structurally quite similar in that the brunt of both their heavy lifting, is being done by those who have a special interest in whether their party succeeds or fails. Because they are the only ones willing to put in the time, they matriculate up to the top in these organizations where the real reward is not found in its financial reimbursement, but in the feeling of committing an act of service to make a profound difference.

    The rest of the country is too busy living their own lives and will pay attention about one month every four years. In that regards, both parties are very much alike.

  2. Are you saying a “gay activist”, “a retired union activist from the private sector” and “a paid employee of a state employees union” could not be expected be concerned with “the mentally ill, and disabled,” “taxpayers, families, business, constitutional civil rights and liberties” ?

  3. No, they can be. Will they be? The last group of leaders were not. I noticed you left out the unborn.

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