The last session of the General Assembly fails to meet the hype

Tax, Spend, Rinse and Spend more

David Anderson, candidate for the 31st Representative seat.

While the ruling Democrat party is congratulating themselves for the last session of the General Assembly as if it was a great success, I see it as a failure in governance. They raised taxes by hundreds of millions then when the national economy brought in more money, they made no effort to cut the tax increases from last year. They went on a spending spree. They did not increase the successful grant in aid that works in the community, they made a big deal about getting back to where it was before the 20% cut. They did not pass the Simpler reforms. They did not even bother to vote on them. They did not pass any fundamental reforms to manage our money better. They did not even discuss them. Fathers in state employee now have 12 weeks paid maternity leave at your expense.

They did suspend the rules 70 times in the House of Representatives alone. The committee process is the only place where you have a voice. Even in Congress, it takes a 2/3 majority, but in Delaware, the ruling majority can make it up as they go along anytime they feel like it. They did have time to vote for late-term abortion, try to ban your guns while making it easier for criminals to avoid punishment. The House got the state in an uproar with HJR 6 which spawned Education Regulation 225. Worrying about math and reading specialists is not on the agenda but 5-year-olds grappling with gender issues without their parents was a priority.

They want us to forget their failures last year, but their lack of willingness to reform state spending continues the streak. 10 years of mismanagement is enough.