The Human Cost of Illegal Immigration in Delaware

Why am I opposed to making Dover a Sanctuary city or Delaware a Sanctuary state? We are holding 78 people with detainers from ICE in our prisons. 23 rapists, 12 murders and so on. At least 16 Delawareans have lot their lives due to these illegal immigrants. Children were abused. Human trafficking was conducted. Child pornography was spread. Women and children were raped. Here is a list of the charges these people were convicted of. Tell me who in their right mind thinks they should be released to stay here instead of being sent on a one way ticket anywhere? Source Delaware Department of Corrections

DUI: 3 Fugitive from another state: 2 Possession of a controlled substance: 2 Drug dealing: 5 Trafficking: 1 Racketeering: 1 Reckless driving: 1 Conspiracy: 1 Manslaughter: 3 Murder 1st: 6 Murder 2nd: 6 Vehicular homicide: 1 PWDCF: 10 PWID: 2 Tier 3 Possession: 1 Assault on a LEO: 1 Assault 1st: 1 Kidnapping: 1 Rape 1st: 4 Rape 2nd: 8 Rape 3rd: 7 Rape 4th: 4 Child abuse: 3 Continual sexual abuse: 3 Burglary 2nd: 1 Child porn: 2 Robbery 1st: 3

32 thoughts on “The Human Cost of Illegal Immigration in Delaware”

  1. Yeah, who in his right mind IS advocating for keeping these people here? Nobody I’ve seen.

    What I HAVE seen is people advocating that non criminally-convicted individuals and their families be treated humanely, under the rule of law.

    You’re making stuff up again, David.

  2. Councilman Anderson, thank you for addressing this increasingly alarming problem of Delaware being an “ad hoc” Sanctuary State. Delawareans have become second class citizens in their own state and nation because of this prevailing problem.

    We feed, clothe, house and school illegal aliens by taxing the honest Delawareans that are here working and living here LEGALLY.

    As you know, I live in Sussex County where most of the Capital Georgetown is now a large percentage Hispanic, which is almost 100% illegal aliens. Georgetown is known as “Ciudad Guatemalita” or “Little Guatemala City.”

  3. Thank you Mr. Ayotte! I would think that regardless of our positions on immigration that all of us would be able to agree on illegal immigration by criminals. Kick the criminals out! Yet you have head in sanders like Faithful Skeptic who ignore SB 60, statements from leading people like our Congresswoman and make statements like he/she did. It seems that the skeptic is a skeptic based in ignorance not facts. The fact that they are here and we have not yet honored the detainers says someone wants them here.

  4. Okay, David, enlighten me. “Our Congresswoman” is Lisa Blunt-Rochester. What is SB60 , enlighten me. Please cite what she allegedly wrote or said, IN FULL PLEASE. And while I respect your views and values, if you want to trade ad hominem invective, I’ll play.

    You might note that I didn’t say anything about allowed convicted persons to stay here.

    Let’s stick to issues, okay?

  5. @Faithful Skeptic
    One small matter you forget; because a very high percentage of these people entering our southern borders did enter illegally, it does make them criminals

    The fact that the State of Delaware fails to acknowledge that fact by giving the “Middle Finger” to federal law, makes them culpable. These people are in our nation and state criminally and illegally and that is a legal fact that cannot be disputed.

    Yet, the one party system of Democratic Socialists have declared Delaware an “ad hoc” sanctuary state and unfairly tax the good and honest citizens to feed, clothe, house and school these criminals.

  6. Wow, David, you’ve caughtthe DJT disease — when you don’t approve of what someone says about your positions, you want to jail them (or, in my case, rename me).

    I don’t research everything that comes through the newspapers (TNJ + State News to name 2), I expect that when someone refers to a proposal that is not common knowledge, they will give a short, coherent explanation about the proposal so that the rest of us will understand the issue. You didn’t.

    As for Hans Riegel’s blast, that was the 2016 election.

    You lost to Lynn. Okay, no shame, it’s a Democratic stronghold. Get over it, get back to work and stop sloshing around in generalities and propose something real, something we can see you actually want to do. [Sound of impatient fingers drumming on table.]

  7. Well, I see you’ve changed my name in one (and only one) of the prior post to Ignorant Skeptic. Sad. Actually pathetic, school-yardish.

    As you don’t seem interested in engaging in policy, I’ll drop off here and let you, Don, and Wolf ramble on.

  8. Kindly direct your concerns to the Delaware congressional delegation.

    THEY are a major part of the problem.

  9. Faithful Skeptic or whatever you are calling yourself, you seem to be too lazy to do your own research.
    Until you can do your research and quit badgering people to do it for you, you should back off and add something substantial to the conversation.
    If your goal is to badger, please just go away!

  10. As a progressive and a liberal I do not support illegal immigration.

    The city and state needs to develop laws that holds businesses accountable that break the law by employing illegal immigrants since the federal government no longer does random I-9 checks. If an illegal immigrant kills someone their employer should be held accountable for luring the criminal to our community by illegally hiring them.

    If the cops enforced drug laws like we do immigration laws they would just arrest drug users and never raid the crack house or the dealers.

    Okay folks – here is a liberal that is willing to work with you on this. What do you say?

  11. OK…

    1) The first step is comprhensive reveiw and analysis of federal immigration law.

    2) Assesment of economic and social impact and costs of illegal immigration to US taxpayers.

    3) Draft remedial federal legislation in Bill form.

    4) Disseminate proposed legislation to all MoCs, the POTUS and VPUS.

    5) Build website to communicate with the general public, develop media contact and establish crowdfunding.

    6) Communicate with existing immigration reform groups, PACs, etc.

    7) Assess opposition and develop appropriate political countermeasures.


    Are you in?

  12. Yes. Based on what you’ve previously said, you left out your commitment to do some of the work.

  13. Faithful Skeptic – Wolf might fall for some of your bullshit but I do not. I have no clue why he wants to appease you and your nonsense, and we are on the same side.

    Criticizing government as a citizen does not necessitate that you do all the work of that government. Without going through all of his history; has he offered suggestions, or provided alternatives? If so then he has done everything he needs and is being birddogged by you.

  14. @Faithfull Bullcrapper

    You’ve just been renamed again, because of your strange ability to not do anything yourself; instead like a spoiled brat, you attempt to bully others into doing your work. You Sir, are full of shit!

  15. @ Faithful Skeptic:

    LOL. Anybody who has ever worked with me knows that I do at least 50% of the work at a bare minimum.

    I am not impressed with or intimidated by any of your BS. 100 to 1 odds are that you could not write a piece of legislation to save your life.

  16. Wolf,

    There is one more thing. Anyone getting on-board should have a thick skin if not armor plate. The sanctuary staters hate your guts and the chicken plants won’t be too happy either.

  17. Maybe if David Anderson didn’t run a blog where people’s idea of arguing is to call other people “full of s——“ then maybe, just maybe, people would think David would be worth trusting with actual leadership.

  18. Boo hoo hoo, Al Catraz. Think you’re tough? You wouldn’t last five minutes on North Sentinal. All of your PC whining is a pile of Gauno.

  19. I love how all you right wingers are engaged in a flame war w/ Al and completely ignore my post that emphasizes the fact that employers are also responsible for bring illegal immigrants into the state when they hire them.

  20. I hear you JimmyfromDelaware, we all want one thing; That is for the GOP and Dems to work together for the good of the nation and the people who are here legally.
    Both sides are getting sick and tired of the complete rhetoric of both sides. It’s a lot like two elementary school kids complaining to the teacher that they don’t like each other.

    Get over it and work together for the good of our nation!!!!!

  21. Okay Don – but what about my point?

    Businesses that hire illegal aliens should be held accountable for breaking the law. Only focusing on the illegals themselves is like the cops only arresting and prosecuting drug users while leaving the crack houses alone.

  22. Unscrupulous employers are at the root of the illegal immigration problem along with other political elements. I do not expect any meaningful reform to come out of the special interest controlled Delaware General Assembly on the state level or the soon to be Democrat / Nancy Pelosi controlled US House of Representatives at the federal level and seriously doubt any initiatives towards a comprehensive solution on the part of the UN.

  23. Wow, Mr von Baumgart, veer right away from the employers’ responsibility to blaming Nancy Pelosi, who’ll be Speaker of only 1 of the 3 bodies needed to pass a law. It’s a move worthy of a swing dancer.

    National legislation already exists to punish employers. One of DJT earliest commutations was Sholom Rubashkin, an employer in the Midwest who was convicted of using illegals (among other things) in 2008 (n.b., Bush era).

    It might be fun to watch you agitate for a state law (which would be unconstitutional anyway) to punish employers against the full weight of the business community in Delaware.

    I want the ticket and popcorn concessions.

  24. Wolf – Illegal immigration is not an accidental accordance and it is completely Bi-Partisan. The federal government stopped doing random I-9 checks with the $1,000 fine for each one that is wrong in the early 1990’s. I went through one in 1991 and those checks were tough and that is the reason they were de-funded and illegal immigration was de-facto legalized. Now we are dealing with adults that were kids when they were brought here as a deliberate act of the government.

    Right now illegal immigration is the business model for our chicken processing plants to name one of many. At least now they don’t advertise in Mexico anymore.

  25. We also have this problem in Germany and it costs the Bundesrepublik hundreds of millionen Euros.

    I am so glad that the arch Politischeschlampe, Angela Merkel is not running again.

    I also hear that she may retire in Delaware.

  26. Siegfried – The Bundesrepublik hasn’t existed since the 1990’s. You are either very poor at googling or it’s been a long time since you cracked a book about Germany.

  27. LOL Jimmy ! Wrong side of the Wall.

    Very amusing… You have confused the BRD with the DDR ( which now mainly is listed on the Internet as Dance Dance Revolution). The Deutsche Demokratische Republik (at least the first part was correct) fortunately ceased to exist on 3 Oktober, 1990.

    Our soon to be former Bundeskanzlerin grew up in East Germany.

  28. Illegal immigration is definitely done by de facto design. The caravans are an organized existential challenge to US sovereignty and border security.

    Unscrupulous employers will continue to exploit illegal immigrants to depress the labor market and lower wages and the special interest controlled Congress will continue to politically exploit the issue for personal and political gain.

    Any constructive citizens initiatives aimed at immigration reform will have major opposition.

    The currently entrenched two-party system is simply not conducive to effective solutions, given current levels of corruption.

    The system is further warped by a maze of ineffective laws, regulations and policies.

    Accordingly, a strong political alternative is essential for reform in the greater public interest.

  29. @ FS:

    I am well aware that existing federal law penalizes employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. ( PC notwithstanding )

    As for your ticket and popcorn concession, knowing you, you would most probably hire illegal aliens to staff it.

    Demanding that I do thousands of man-hours of unpaid work while you would profit from it indicates that you have parasitic tendancies.

    It’s the Delaware Way….

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