The FBI Letter Reopening the Clinton Probe

Here is a link to the FBI letter which says new information found in an unrelated case has led to a reopening of the email probe.

Polls showed a 3 point race before today’s join body blows to the Clinton campaign. The Wikileaks pay to play and the FBI probe are indeed two devastating October surprises when combined with the Video showing the incitement to violence at Trump rallies.

One thought on “The FBI Letter Reopening the Clinton Probe”

  1. I would like to feel good about this, but I don’t trust it.
    Remember that the FBI is part of the executive branch and we know how that works.

    When the FBI decided not to press charges on Hillary back in July, the polls showed she increased her lead from a 10.2% to 13%.

    If this story dominates the news cycle for the next few days and then the FBI decides to exonerate her again, then she may see another gain.

    Also the media has been exposed recently for colluding with the Clinton campaign, and the negative coverage of the Clintons may be the MSM’s attempt at feigning objectiveness to save face only to return to it’s normal sycophantic ways as the election draws nearer.

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