The Dignity of the Bidens On Display

Hunter Biden said it best, “My brother was not defined by his extraordinary resume, but he was defined by the quality of his character”.

The outpouring of public sympathy to the Bidens brought Delaware into one community. North and South, Black and White, men and women, old and young stood in line to say bye to Beau Biden. Joe and Jill Biden took time to greet every single one of those of us who took an hour to share mourning. America’s Second Couple showed extraordinary grace as they comforted their family and indeed gave comfort to a state. Has America seen such grace and dignity in the face of heart wrenching tragedy since Jackie Kennedy?

Beau Biden was a man of honor, selfless service, and compassion. He entered politics because he believed in serving people, especially those who cannot serve themselves. He is receiving extraordinary honor in his death. Governors and Senators have not received the honor that he has this week. While it is stunning in some ways, it could not happen to a more deserving person. His family has a special place in Delaware’s history and his time came too soon. May GOD comfort the Biden family. I thank them for showing such grace in a time of such great sorrow. The Biden’s are a public family. Ashley’s heart tugging eulogy was personal and powerful. Hunter first spoke to the family then to us. It was as if all of us were friends in a room with the family. Vice President Biden comforting Hallie Biden and his grandson Hunter was an unforgettable picture. The Bidens have illustrated the power of faith and family for all to see.