The Case For the McCabe Firing

I can hardly wait until we see the Inspector General Report on the FBI and Justice. McCabe was fired based upon the recommendation of the Inspector General after a review of the Office of Professional Responsibility. It is a shame that he loses some of his pension, but it was a bigger shame that he violated professional standards before he was eligible. He can still draw a pension, but not until at least age 57 or 62 for full benefits.

This delay in benefits is too much of a hardship for Democrats who wish to reward him for his office conspiracy against a sitting President. Congressman Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) offered McCabe a job on election security for the express purpose of giving him enough federal time for a pension according to the Washington Post. I am waiting for Andrea Mitchell or the Washington Post to find experts to help cash strapped Lt. General Michael Flynn.

He is accused of hiding information and being untruthful to investigators among several other violations. It is interesting that most investigators believed General Flynn was truthful but confused on a timeline and they still accused him of lying. He was bullied into taking a deal. The same people who jumped at condemning Flynn want McCabe to be protected and get an extra 1.8 million in pension. If McCabe feels he is mistreated, he should avail himself of every appeal. This decision looks like notice that the rule of law is back and the corruption in our government that violated the rights of private citizens, including illegal spying, is being cleared out. That is a positive.

This recommendation came down this week by the Office of Professional Responsibility. The timing was dictated by a referral from the inspector general’s office and the ruling of OPR. Both the IG investigation and the OPR review were headed by Obama appointees. Accusations of partisanship are nonsense. The Attorney General had only a few days to decide, it really did not make a difference if it was yesterday or Wednesday contrary to the hand wringing of critics. We cannot have the Deputy Director of the FBI breaking the rules almost or even to the point where people are talking criminal charges without repercussions.

Just because President Donald Trump is happy is not a reason to reflexively think it is the wrong decision. Stop being distracted by the latest shiny tweet or screed from MSNBC. The facts seem to support this move. Let us see what else is wrong. The Inspector General report needs to be released to the public. We all have a right to know.

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  1. Delaware GOP has its own scandal. I woman’s club former leader had a year long affair with her brother in law while she was married to the in law’s brother. Stand by for the name.

    We all have a right to know who is that shameful.

    The Delaware Dems are a crazy lot but they run the state and will for a long long time

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