7 thoughts on “The Case Against Gun Control over Crime Control”

  1. His argument is solely against total confiscation. He does not discuss common sense improvements required by modern society…. where the citizens are responsibly allowed to have firearms with no changes whatsoever…. and criminals can’t just walk into a store in Georgia and buy assault weapons to kill Wilmington Policemen the next day….

    His argument is not reality based.

  2. Wow, that would be interesting, Kavips.

    HOW do you propose to stop criminals from getting guns?

    Now that would be interesting to hear about. HOW exactly do you think you can stop criminals from getting guns?

    By the way, what do you mean by “criminal?” You mean someone who has committed 20 robberies but hasn’t been caught yet? Or only someone who has been convicted?

    And what do you mean by a “criminal?” Should someone convicted of a DWI not be allowed to buy a gun? Someone convicted of possession of Marijuana? How about someone convicted of tax evasion?

    Should someone who started a company without properly registering their stock offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission be prohibited from having a gun because they didn’t fill out the correct paperwork?

    Illegal aliens are criminals. So would you ban all illegal aliens from buying a gun?

  3. We have said it many times before, but for a first reader, the solution is to register every gun to an owner. If your gun gets used in a crime, the investigation has a beginning…. “Jon, your gun was used to kill liberals. We have some questions for you.” We did the same for bad checks… “This check was written, your name is on top… We have some questions for you…”

    Pretty simple. Then require liability insurance on each gun. “Jon, your gun killed this liberal. Whose your insurance agent.” Growing liberals could become a cash crop in Fairfax County…..

  4. An interesting suggestion on a totally different topic, Kavips.

    Now, do you have any ideas on how to keep guns out of the hands of criminals?

    And for starters WHO are “criminals” in this discussion?

    And when we’re done thinking about the USA, if you don’t close the borders, what is going to stop criminals inside the USA from importing guns from Eastern Europe or Afghanistan?

    Kavips, are liberals going to secure the borders so that criminals won’t be able to walk guns across the Mexican or Canadian borders?

  5. Then again, what if criminals file off the serial number of the gun so nobody knows who it was stolen from?

  6. Jon, you are being silly again. Worried about criminals filing off serial numbers… The answer is some may. Many won’t.

    The checkbook analogy works well in this case. A person can just write checks based on a feel without ever looking at or managing his checkbook. If he bounces, he pays the cost, but he chugs along. This is the scenario with today’s guns. No one knows what is happening.

    The alternative, is to manage the checkbook. Enter money coming in, and going out. Now, if someone wants to know how much we have, we can tell them.

    Managing the criminals use of guns is similar. If we have the information, we can manage it more properly.

    Your silly argument, as applied to the checkbook analogy, is… this: What’s the point of doing all that work with logging in ones data!…. CRIMINALS CAN JUST WRITE IN ANY AMOUNT AND CASH IT!…..

    Your side is arguing the gun ruling just like an embezzler would argue against keeping track of a companies finances…

    We don’t have to do that….

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